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The Stuttgart Research Partnership (SRP) "Non-linearities and UPscaling in PoroUS Media" (NUPUS) offers each year

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Miscible flow through porous media - The …

The “Groupe Français de Rhéologie” will host the 10th Annual European Rheology Conference in Nantes, France, from April 14 to April 17, 2015. Durgesh Kawale presented his work on the flow of polymer solutions through porous media.

PhD thesis group Transport in Permeable Media Eindhoven

While porous media theory and volume-averaged permeability relations give a basis to quantify these phenomena, traditional methods of permeability estimation used for random porous media fail to adequately characterize the full relation of microstructural morphology to volume-average permeability.

Theoretical Framework – Thesis Notes

By varying the resin/glass beads weight ratio, porous media of various adsorptive capacities were created.

These include screening of surfactant adsorption onto representative rock surfaces, modeling of foam flow through porous media, and studying the effects of surface wettability and porous media heterogeneity.

These results are significant and contribute to the understanding of chemical transport and adsorption effects, and provide a methodology for laboratory simulation of pollutant transport in granular porous media.

Have scientists discovered the cure for potholes? - The …

(2015)Quasi-analytical modelling of advective-diffusive transport in porous media. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

In conclusion, this thesis provides new findings in surfactant adsorption onto mineral surfaces, in the methodology of estimating foam parameters for reservoir simulation, and in micromodel observations of foam flow through porous media.

In this , Durgesh and Esteban describe how elastic instabilities occur during flow of polymeric fluids in porous media. We find that polymer solution flowing through a model porous media (Wi > 1) shows two distinct elastic instabilities. In the shear-thinning regime, we observe stationary dead zones upstream of the pillars. At higher shear rates (Wi), these dead zones are periodically washed away. Congrats to Durgesh and Esteban for a very nice paper, and thanks to our collaborators and co-authors Pacelli Zitha and Bill Rossen in CITG!

Based on volume-averaging and statistical treatment, the stochastic character of tensoral permeability in porous media is numerically investigated.
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  • Engineering Courses - University of Florida - Acalog …

    (2000) The Characterisation of Porous Media. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) thesis, Physics. (Full text available)

  • Courses for exchange students | University of Bergen

    This thesis details the process taken for the computational modelling of convective heat transfer in porous media

  • Solute - definition of solute by The Free Dictionary

    Ashoori, Siavash (2005) Mechanisms of Asphaltene Deposition in Porous Media Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey.

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Thesis : Thermal and compositional reservoir simulation …

Subject and Proposal

The subject has to be related to "Non-linearities and upscaling in porous media". Applicants are expected to either submit a proposal for a M. Sc. thesis or select one of the .

Non-Newtonian flow in porous media - McKinley - …

This thesis provides an in depth understanding of transport of surfactant and foam through porous media using a combination of laboratory experiments and numerical simulations.

Reactive Transport in Porous Media (PDF Download …

The understanding and modeling of flow through porous media is an important issue in several branches of engineering. In petroleum engineering, for instance, one wishes to model the "enhanced oil recovery" process, whereby water or steam is injected into an oil saturated porous media in an attempt to displace the oil so that it can be collected. In groundwater contaminant studies the transport of dissolved material, such as toxic metals or radioactive waste, and how it affects drinking water supplies, is of interest.

Numerical simulation of these flow are generally difficult. The principal reason for this is the presence of many different length scales in the physical problem, and resolving all these is computationally expensive. To circumvent these difficulties a class of methods known as upscaling methods has been developed where one attempts to solve only for large scale features of interest and model the effect of the small scale features.

In this thesis, we review some of the previous efforts in upscaling and introduce a new scheme that attempts to overcome some of the existing shortcomings of these methods. In our analysis, we consider the flow problem in two distinct stages: the first is the determination of the velocity field which gives rise to an elliptic partial differential equation (PDE) and the second is a transport problem which gives rise to a hyperbolic PDE.

For the elliptic part, we make use of existing upscaling methods for elliptic equations. In particular, we use the multi-scale finite element method of Hou et al. to solve for the velocity field on a coarse grid, and yet still be able to obtain fine scale information through a special means of interpolation.

The analysis of the hyperbolic part forms the main contribution of this thesis. We first analyze the problem by restricting ourselves to the case where the small scales have a periodic structure. With this assumption, we are able to derive a coupled set of equations for the large scale average and the small scale fluctuations about this average. This is done by means of a special averaging, which is done along the fine scale streamlines. This coupled set of equations provides better starting point for both the modeling of the largescale small-scale interactions and the numerical implementation of any scheme. We derive an upscaling scheme from this by tracking only a sub-set of the fluctuations, which are used to approximate the scale interactions. Once this model has been derived, we discuss and present a means to extend it to the case where the fluctuations are more general than periodic.

In the sections that follow we provide the details of the numerical implementation, which is a very significant part of any practical method. Finally, we present numerical results using the new scheme and compare this with both resolved computations and some existing upscaling schemes.

Transport in Porous Media :: Science Publishing Group

The reported results of these experiments include the densities and permeabilities of the porous media, the location of the two-dimensional phreatic surface, the downstream flowrate and the output concentration under transient conditions.

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