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including Synthes ProDisc-L and ..

Manchikanti L (1999) Facet Joint Pain and the Role of Neural Blockade in Its Management. Curr Rev Pain 1999, 3(5): 348-58

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Back pain and sciatica - King's Daughter Medical Center

Burchiel KJ, Anderson VC, Brown FD, Fessler RG, Friedman WA, Pelofsky S, Weiner RL, Oakley J, Shatin D (1996) Prospective, multicenter study of spinal cord stimulation for relief of chronic back and extremity pain. Spine, 21(23): 2786-94.

Roland M, Morris R. A study of the natural history of back pain: Part I. Spine 1983;8:141-144
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Kalichman L, Kim HD, Li L, Guermazi A, Berkin V, Hunter DJ. Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis Prevalence and Association With Low Back Pain in the Adult Community-Based Population. Spine 2009;34:199–205.

1 Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center, ..

Linton SJ. 2000. A review of psychological risk factors in back and neck pain. Spine 25: 1148-1156.
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May 1, 2009 - Volume 34 - Issue 10

Sjolie AN. 2002. Psychosocial correlates of low-back pain in adolescents. Eur Spine J 11: 582-588.
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Ljunggren AE, Weber H, Kogstad O, Thom E, Kirkesola G (1997) Effect of exercise on sick leave due to low back pain. A randomized, comparative, long-term study. Spine, 22(14): 1610-6; discussion 7.

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Ostgaard HC, Andersson GBJ. Low back pain post partum. Spine 1992;17: 53-5.
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    Manchikanti L (1999) Facet Joint Pain and the Role of Neural Blockade in Its Management. Curr Rev Pain, 3(5): 348-58.

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    Burton AK. 1997. Back injury and work loss: Biomechanical and psychosocial influences. Spine 22: 2575-2580.

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    Sjolie AN. 2003. Active or passive journeys and low back pain in adolescents. European Spine Journal 12: 581-588.

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synthesis art in music; synesthesia;

From these 226 references, 186 were excluded as not relevant to this review on the basis of title and abstract. The remaining 40 papers were evaluated. Breaking these down by type and eliminating duplicate studies, the following list was produced:

a best-evidence synthesis was used to summarize the ..

Kepler, Christopher K. MD, MBA; Markova, Dessislava Z. PhD; Hilibrand, Alan S. MD; Vaccaro, Alexander R. MD, PhD; Risbud, Makarand V. PhD; Albert, Todd J. MD; Anderson, D. Greg MD Substance P Stimulates Production of Inflammatory Cytokines in Human Disc Cells. Spine 2013;38:E1291–E1299.

Total disc replacement in the lumbar spine: ..

Tropiano et al. reported on 64 patients undergoing lumbar total disc replacement with the Pro-Disc I (Synthes Inc, Paoli, PA, USA) []. Fifty-five patients (86%) were followed up with a mean duration of 8.7 years. The authors reported significant improvements in back pain, radiculopathy, disability and modified Stauffer–Coventry scores. Thirty-three patients reported an excellent result, eight had a good result and 14 had a poor result. The authors found that gender and multi-level surgery did not appear to affect the outcomes. Radiographs showed no evidence of loosening, migration or mechanical failure. There were five approach-related complications including deep venous thrombosis, iliac vein laceration, retrograde ejaculation and incisional hernias.

utilizing the ProDisc prosthesis

Patients were followed by RSA postoperatively. The insertion of 4–6 radio-opaque tantalum markers in each vertebra is required to determine the geometric characteristics of the vertebral anatomy. Radiostereometric examinations were carried out uniformly in all patients in the supine position using a uniplanar technique. All patients were positioned above the combined reference plate and calibration device with 0.8 mm tantalum indicators, placed at known positions in front of the film plane. The cage markers defined the laboratory coordinate system and were used to calculate the position of the X-ray foci. RSA radiographs were taken directly after surgery and 3, 6, 12 and 24 weeks after the procedure in two positions to induce intervertebral mobility. Mobility provocation was obtained by examining the patient in two different positions of the head versus cervical spine (neutral position of the head and extension with rotation of the head to the right side, Fig. a, b). The patient’s head was passively moved to the different end points by the examiner. At subsequent evaluations, the three-dimensional coordinates of the patient marker were determined at each examination. Intervertebral motion occurring between neutral and extended with right-rotated head was computed. For mathematical evaluation of the radiographs, we used a software package (UmRSA, RSA Biomedical Innovations, Umea, Sweden), mainly based on RSA measurement techniques according to Selvik [, ]. The calculated intervertebral motion allowed visualisation of persisting translation and rotation between the vertebrae. The most distal cervical vertebrae were used as a fixed reference segment. All motion were related to the laboratory co-ordinate system defined by the cage. Raw data were expressed as translation (Table ). The relative translation of the centre of gravity of the markers in the most proximal vertebra was recorded in all cases. Translations were measured as:

Artificial Disc Replacement - Revolvy

Kobayashi S, Kokubo Y, Uchida K, Yayama T, Takeno K, Negoro K, Nakajima H, Baba H, Yoshizawa H. Effect of lumbar nerve root compression on primary sensory neurons and their central branches: changes in the nociceptive neuropeptides substance P and somatostatin. Spine 2005;30(3):276-82

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