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Titanium metal prosthesis positioned between stapes head and cartilage reinforced eardrum.

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Hearing Loss and Prosthesis Simulator

The prosthesis is checked for movement when the first two bones of hearing are moved to insure that sound energy can be easily transmitted through the footplate to the inner ear. The eardrum is returned to its normal position and secured with ear canal packing.

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Dizziness may be due that the inner ear fluid bathes the balance nerve endings in the inner ear. The surgery may cause an irritative response in the nerves of balance. Dizziness may present with quick head turns or getting up quickly during the first few days after surgery. Rarely it can take several weeks for this dizziness associated with quick turns to go away. Vertigo (spinning) is very uncommon. Prolonged dizziness may be due to inner ear fluid leaks, overly long prosthesis, and other causes, some of which may be surgically corrected. Please note that stapedectomy surgery often reduces preoperative dizziness from otosclerosis.

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Patients will be seen in the office one week after surgery for suture removal from behind the ear lobe (from where a very small piece of tissue was taken for sealing off the prosthesis in the stapes footplate) and removal of ear canal packing. Some hearing improvement is usually experienced at this point, but it continues to improve with more healing.

The upper portion of the stapes bone is then vaporized with a Laser). The distance between the fixed stapes footplate and the mobile incus (2nd bone of hearing) is measured to select the properly sized prosthesis. A 0.7mm hole in the fixed stapes footplate is created with the Laser. The prosthesis is then inserted into the footplate hole and then “welded” to the incus with the Laser. A small piece of tissue from the back of the ear lobule is draped around the prosthesis at the footplate hole to seal it.

Researchers develop 3D-printed prosthetic ear …

Auricular (ear) prostheses can be made to mirror the contra lateral ear ..

Frequently patients do not want to resort to hearing aids when successful surgery, called stapedectomy (removal of stapes or part of it) or stapedotomy (a term referring to small hole in stapes footplate), can improve hearing in otosclerosis. This microsurgical operation replaces the immobile stapes bone with a mobile prosthesis – usually made of stainless steel/platinum and/or Teflon, which is not rejected by the body. In properly selected cases, the hearing improvement can reach complete or near complete elimination of the conductive hearing loss in 96% of the operative cases in the hands of experienced ear (otologist) surgeons. Three percent may have no change and up to 1% may have loss of hearing, which would not be helped with a hearing aid. Dizziness may occur following stapedectomy; it is usually transient, just for a few days. Tinnitus is reduced or eliminated in about 50% of the patients who had this symptom before surgery.

While reports of stapes surgery dates back to at least 1876, the era of modern stapes surgery began after 1957, when John Shea, MD, replaced the stapes with a prosthetic artificial stapes. In the 1960s and 1970’s stapes surgery reached its heyday, with experienced surgeons doing incredibly high volumes of this operation due to the backup volume of un-operated cases. Leading surgeons such as Harold F. Schuknecht, MD, at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, performed over 20,000 stapedectomies. Professor Schuknecht taught Dr. Hammerschlag this operation, which he has been performing since his residency. Dr. Hammerschlag is a member of the Otosclerosis Study Group, consisting of 130 members, who are the leading ear surgeons performing this operation. The Otosclerosis Study Group meets each year to review the scientific and therapeutic advances in treatment of otosclerosis. Dr. Hammerschlag performs and teaches this operation to otolaryngology residents and fellows at New York University Langone Medical Center.

Researchers develop 3D-printed prosthetic ear replacements to improve surgical ..
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The Bojrab implant line of ossicular reconstructive prostheses has a long history of excellent performance in middle ear surgery and hearing outcomes. As one of the first adjustable titanium prosthesis to offer a titanium shaft combined with a hydroxylapatite (HA) head, the Bojrab style implants have become the popular choice of medical professionals worldwide. The addition of the titanium malleus arm is a favorite among the proponents for saving and using the malleus. The natural progression of creative ideas led to the addition of an integrated footplate shoe for improved stability in malleus to footplate hearing restoration for conductive hearing loss.

Prosthetic Nose, Ear - Artificial Nose, Ear - Denver, …

Hearing loss can occur due to infection, scar tissue, inflammatory reaction of unknown cause, displaced or improperly sized prosthesis, or unknown cause. Stapes surgery can cause a temporary dip in the hearing, which is why we wait six weeks to get the first hearing test after surgery. Hearing loss occurs about three to five percent of the surgeries. Total irreversible hearing loss is very rare: about one percent of the surgeries. Distorted, squeaky, or fluctuating hearing may be due to a loose prosthesis or inner ear fluid leak, which usually can be corrected with revision surgery.

Ear Prosthesis and the Baha® System David J

That’s why Titanium Prosthesis is very costly in India.

We have been researching on the designing and manufacturing of titanium based middle ear prosthesis in India.

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