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Prosthetic Eye (Ocular Prosthesis): Surgery, Care, Types

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Ocular Prosthesis (Artificial Eye) in Victoria, Malta

Keratoprosthesis implantation is a procedure that involves full-thickness removal of the cornea and replacement by an artificial cornea. The Boston Type I Keratoprosthesis is currently the most commonly used keratoprosthesis device in the US. It consists of a clear plastic polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) optic and back plate sandwiched around a corneal graft and secured with a titanium locking ring (Figure 15). After the device is assembled, a partial-thickness trephination is performed on the host cornea. Full-thickness resection of the patient's cornea is then completed using curved corneal scissors. The keratoprosthesis is then secured to host tissue using interrupted or running sutures. Generally, patients who have a history of multiple failed PKs are candidates for a keratoprosthesis transplant. Other indications include severe keratitis or ocular surface disease resulting from limbal stem cell failure, such as (Figure 16), , (Figure 17) and chemical injury (, ). The Boston Type II Keratoprosthesis is a similar device with a longer optic designed to extend through an opening made in the upper eyelid (Figure 19). It is indicated for the most severe cicatrizing ocular surface diseases.

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Dr. Walrath has worked closely with local ocularists, such as , to optimize the care for patients who have lost their eye and need to wear a prosthesis. Sockets with false eyes intermittently require surgery for:

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The first step is to approach the loss of an eye and the fitting of a new prosthetic eye with facial aesthetics in mind. We do this with cosmetic surgery all the time, therefore we can absolutely also do it with anophthalmia surgery. However, our primary goal is of course first, and foremost, for the prosthetic eye and eyelids to be restored to normal function.

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In a lot of cases children are born with a condition called Microphthalmia. Microphthalmia is a congenital condition found in infants, who suffer from an abnormally formed eye or the eye does not form to the full size. The in most of these cases are basically the same as that of an adult. However in some cases the socket is not large enough and the child must go through several stages of increases. By increasing conformers every so many months (the exact length between changes will be determined by your ocularist) , we are careful to stretch the socket and thereby stimulate a natural growth rate, so that the area affected on the child will thereby grow at a normal rate. Once the eye gains to an acceptable size then a prosthetic eye is made to fit it. Most conformers are made from clear plastic but if the socket size has adequate volume, an actual plastic eye prosthesis can be made to match the companion eye. This is very important to children, especially in their formative years, because of the immeasurable benefit that a well crafted prosthetic eye can add to their self image and the comfort of the child's parents.

The shape of the eye is individually fitted to each patient to the shape of your eye socket for the best possible comfort, eye movement and life-like appearance. The iris is colored to match your opposing eye exactly, also adding veins to the sclera (the white of the eye) will add realism to the life like appearance. Each custom artificial eye is made individually for that patient, each prosthesis is a unique work of art.

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17/11/2012 · the left eye is an acrylic prosthesis..

Patients who come to visit us at The Center for Custom Prosthetics are looking for a quality custom artificial eye, ocular prosthesis. A custom artificial eye is made of the finest quality of acrylic plastic which is the same material used in the dental industry since 1939.

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Traditionally, surgeons who work with these problems have concentrated primarily on restoring function (how the lids and false eye function). Prosthetic eye surgery is a form of reconstructive ophthalmic plastic surgery. Attaining a good outcome in this regard can be quite challenging for the surgeon, and frustrating for both the surgeon and patient.

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However, once the surgical procedures have been completed, an ocular prosthesis can be made in just the same way as you would make artificial eye prosthesis for a normally fitted enucleated socket.

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Dr. Massry has extensive experience in these types of eyelid and orbital surgeries, which allows him to create a functional and aesthetic outcome for his prosthetic eye (false eye) patients.

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Dr. Massry works incredibly hard to make sure his patients look as much like themselves as possible after anophthalmia surgery. To achive this, he uses the same surgical techniques and aesthetic principles he uses for his cosmetic patients. First, he makes the side that has lost an eye appear as symmetrical as possible to the normal side. Creating symmetry for each patients is different, but most commonly requires Dr. Massry to adjust the brow, upper eyelid, and/or lower eyelid positions so that they mirror the normal brow or eyelids as closely as possible.

During your prosthetic eye surgery consultation with Dr. Massry, he will examine your eyelids and eye sockets in order to determine the best treatment plan for you. At this point he will discuss realistically what aesthetic goals can be achieved so that both of you agree on the expected outcome of the surgery.

Because of this comprehensive approach, Dr. Massry is truly the best anophthalmia and prosthetic eye surgeon. The anophthalmia patients he has treated always tell Dr. Massry how much happier and confident they are after their aesthetic prosthetic eye surgery. Learn more in depth about .

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