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The amino acids are joined to produce the protein.

The cell contains large numbers of ribosomes that are used for protein synthesis.

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Protein folding is driven by the aqueous environment.

Denaturation may be effectively treated as an increased solubility of the unfolded form in a manner similar to that given in the treatment of the . Thus, protein aggregates and amyloid fibrils (such as are found in prion and Alzheimer's diseases) may be dissolved on cooling or under high pressure [].

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Although indicated as such in the cartoons, there is no one 'minimum' structure but a collection of substates with small energetic differences. Jumps between these substates, eased by hydration, allows and determines the flexibility that the protein needs for its biological actions.

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Similar effects may be seen on the activity of enzymes with hydration [] although complete hydration is unnecessary for some activity to be evident. Under physiological conditions inside cells, the water is known to be more ordered (see ). Such water promotes both the folding rate and stability of the protein [] even further.

Although the native state of a protein resides at a minimum on the potential energy surface, there is no reason to suppose that this structure is the global minimum free energy structure as its folding route is a guided, rather than random, process. It is clear that other structures with lower minima exist, such as those often irreversibly produced on denaturation, for example on heating followed by cooling, which utilizes other intermolecular interactions [].

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The stroma contains the chloroplast DNA as well as components of the protein synthesizing machinery specific for the chloroplast, namely the ribosomes, tRNAs, and specific proteins and enzymes.

Compatible solutes (, for example, betaine), that stabilize the surface low-density water and increase the surface tension, will also stabilize the protein's structure (see also the and the ).

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  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies

    The nuclear DNA is complexed with proteins to form chromatin, which is organized as a number of linear chromosomes.

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    The various proteins embedded in the phospholipid bilayer penetrate into and through the bilayer three-dimensionally.

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    It is the proteins of the membrane that are responsible for the specific functions of the plasma membrane.

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The proteins move through the endomembrane system and are dispatched from the trans face of the Golgi apparatus in transport vesicles that move through the cytoplasm and then fuse with the plasma membrane releasing the protein to the outside of the cell.

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(In a similar way, proteins destined for a particular cell organelle move to the organelle in transport vesicles that deposit their contents in the organelle by membrane fusion.)

Like secretory proteins and some other proteins, proteins destined for lysosomes are made on ribosomes bound to the RER and move through the endomembrane system.

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The latter proteins are inserted into the lumen of the RER, carbohydrates are added to them to produce glycoproteins, and they are then moved to cis face of the Golgi apparatus in transport vesicles that bud from the ER membrane.

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Proteins may form crystals when slowly from an aqueous solution (e.g. of ammonium sulfate). Slow precipitation is required to produce small numbers of larger crystals rather than very large numbers of small crystals. Crystals of undenatured proteins for structural analysis are best formed with water molecules retained within the crystal lattice. Crystallization of native proteins appears to have a three-step mechanism involving nucleation, in which mesoscopic metastable protein clusters of dense liquid serve as precursors to the ordered crystal nuclei followed by crystal growth []. This process seems to involve an and fits nicely with the , where the crystallization takes place within the dense phase.

cell each process associated with protein synthesis takes place

For example, while many proteins are made on ribosomes that are free in the cytoplasm and remain in the cytoplasm, other proteins are made on ribosomes bound to the rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER).

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The graph is meant to be indicative only. Denaturation is only allowed when is negative; its rate is then dependent circumstances and may be fast or immeasurably slow. On heat denaturation, and are generally both positive but on cold denaturation, they are both negative. The extra thermal stability of globular proteins from thermophilic microorganisms, relative to proteins from mesophilic microorganisms, is likely due to the protein structure being such that it decreases the conformational entropy gain associated with denaturation [].

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