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Buller's criticism that evolutionary psychologists assume thatevolution is finished for the traits that they are interested inconnects worries about the understanding of evolutionary theory withworries about the testing of evolutionary hypotheses. Here isTooby and Cosmides clear statement of the assumption that Buller isworried about: “evolutionary psychologists primarily explore thedesign of the universal, evolved psychological and neuralarchitecture that we all share by virtue of being human. Evolutionarypsychologists are usually less interested in human characteristics thatvary due to genetic differences because they recognize that thesedifferences are unlikely to be evolved adaptations central to humannature. Of the three kinds of characteristics that are found inthe design of organisms – adaptations, by-products, and noise– traits caused by genetic variants are predominantlyevolutionary noise, with little adaptive significance, while complexadaptations are likely to be universal in the species” (Tooby andCosmides 2005, 39). This line of thinking also capturesevolutionary psychologists' view of human nature: human nature isour collection of universally shared adaptations. (See Downes and Machery 2013 for more discussion of this and other, contrasting biologically based accounts of human nature.) The problemhere is that it is false to assume that adaptations cannot be subject tovariation. The underlying problem is the constrained notion ofadaptation. Adaptations are traits that arise as a result ofnatural selection and not traits that exhibit design and are universalin a given species (cf. Seger and Stubblefield 1996). As a result, it is quite consistent to argue,as Buller does, that many human traits may still be under selection andyet reasonably be called adaptations. Finally, philosophers of biologyhave articulated several different types of adaptationism (seee.g. Godfrey-Smith 2001; Lewens 2009; Sober 2000). While some of thesetypes of adaptationism can be reasonably seen placing constraints onhow evolutionary research is carried out, Godfrey-Smith's "explanatoryadaptationism" is different in character (Godfrey-Smith2001). Explanatory adaptationism is the view that apparent design isone of the big questions we face in explaining our natural world andnatural selection is the big (and only supportable) answer to such abig question. Explanatory adaptationism is often adopted by those whowant to distinguish evolutionary thinking from creationism orintelligent design and is the way evolutionary psychologists oftencouch their work to distinguish it from their colleagues in thebroader social sciences. While explanatory adaptationism does serve todistinguish evolutionary psychology from such markedly differentapproaches to accounting for design in nature, it does not place manyclear constraints on the way in which evolutionary explanations shouldbe sought (cf. Downes forthcoming). So far these are disagreementsthat are located in differing views about the nature and scope ofevolutionary explanation but they have ramifications in the discussionabout hypothesis testing.

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Student writes senior thesis on a topic of psychology with guidance from a three-member committee comprised of Cognitive Sciences faculty. Senior thesis includes the following: research statement, literature review, experimental design, data collection and analysis, and a written final thesis.

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This is my thesis statement: The Battle of Shiloh was a significant conflict during the Civil War because it enabled General Ulysses S.

Potential graduate students should apply by January 15 to receive fullest consideration for financial aid. Applicants should indicate the title of the degree sought (Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Social Science), and the academic area of concentration (see above). All applicants are required to submit Graduate Record Examination General Test scores. Letters of recommendation and the applicant’s statement of interest are important factors in the admission decision.

By definition, a feminist criticism consist of scrutinizing “the ways in which literature reinforces the economic, political, social, and psychological oppression of women.” (Tyson) In Gail Godwins’s A Sorrowful Woman, the leading female character is concentrated in her efforts in distancing from her structured lifestyle....

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  • For example: men make money, and women make babies

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  • Evolutionary Psychology | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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