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The Elements of Psychosynthesis.

Dalal (ed.), A Greater Psychology : An Introduction to the Psychological Thought of Sri Aurobindo (Tarcher, 2000)

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Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond.

Many of the modern psychosynthesists lay emphasis on integrating body work as part of the therapeutic process and they also work with the act of will. In regard to Wilber’s three bodies, Hardy is the only writer who according to my research is showing a direct knowledge of two of the bodies through this earlier presented diagram. Every body and the state of consciousness it carries is a step closer to the Self. This drawing shows the holonic and vertical dimension of Psychosynthesis. Hardy doesn’t mention the inclusion of body work in her presentation.

A Study of the Self-Esteem of the Children of Roman Catholic Deacons in the Archdiocese of Chicago

The middle unconscious (2) is the pre-conscious, and the psychic elements are similar to those of the waking consciousness, so the exact nature of this content depends on the of the particular individual. It is, however, composed of the ordinary psychological functions of mind, emotions and imagination and to the corresponding .

Copsey, The Spiritual aspects of Illuminism, March 2014

Assagioli, Roberto, 1965, (Some Suggested Lines of Research), Psychosynthesis Research Foundation, Issue No. 16

Maggie Kerr is very healing in her use of Astrology and describes her course as a blending of Esoteric or Soul Centered Astrology with the Psychotherapies. She works with many tools and techniques for healing and repositioning your unconscious psychological makeup. There are four main units in the course and each of these has over 30 tapes. The number of tapes is considerable because she discusses many other areas in Metaphysics and all kinds of healing related modalities. It is more than a basic astrology course and suits people who are interested in healing and growing through the use of your own horoscope, to eventually reach a point of greater conscious awareness and in turn, empowerment. She suggests that you might like to buy the set of books (800 pages) and enjoy them, and then take on the whole course which includes 140 tapes that run 90 minutes. Maggie brings over 20 years of experience to her work, and since the publication the books have met with wide spread approval and enjoyment.

Basic Business Astrology:
A 6-hour tape or CD set covering the basics of planets, houses and cycles (transits, rogressions, solar arcs and eclipses) for businesses. When and how organizations are “born,” and the basics of what the planets and houses mean in a company chart. The various types of company charts is also covered. One company (a manufacturer) is used for examples throughout the entire course, applying the information on each planet, house and cycle. This class assumes a basic understanding of planets, houses, and aspects, as well as knowledge of progressions and transits. 6-Hour Tape or CD Set: $90, includes binder, plus copies of handouts.

Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond - People's …

This course is extensively researched and documented with a reference list of resources for the serious student of astrology and it’s associated fields. This is a foundation course for both the beginning student and for those that wish to understand the underlying theory of sacred geometry that is hidden within the design of astrology that few have fully understood.

Now on DVD is a remarkable 8 hour course by Naomi Bennett as she lectures to a group of students on the integrating theory of astrology as it relates to sacred geometry and current scientific thought. She progresses you through the meaning of the signs, the houses, planets and aspects that were discovered by Carl Payne Tobey. Since that time, she has deepened and expanded on CPT’s discoveries to current thought since his writings in the 1950’s. She has added her own research to cross relate these concepts with recent research and related fields of study.

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  • Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond – The Will …

    (2007) The Power of Kindness.

  • Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond by Will …

    A. A sorting-out process -- some elements are gathered, and some discarded. (Could be a test of your discrimination.)

  • Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond

    Assagioli, Roberto, 1965, (Some Suggested Lines of Research), Psychosynthesis Research Foundation, Issue No. 16

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Beyond Elements Psychosynthesis

They do use levels but it seems not in any ontological understanding of the word. There is no natural unfolding of stages through a hierarchy and this also cancels out Wilber’s concept of lines. In their version, the higher and lower states are caused by repression of the initial unity, so they neither have any Integral conception of states and I have not found any mention of types in their writings.

"Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond" by …

Firman/Gila seem to be the most innovative among the modern Psychosynthesis writers. They have suggested many new theories to the field, but they also in some respect seem to be in direct opposition to Assagioli’s original version. I find that there is good reason to assume that they have created a new developmental theory for Psychosynthesis as has been argued for. There is no natural stage progression through hierarchical levels; a fact that causes many incompatibilities with Assagioli’s version, especially in relation to the nature of the Self’s development. It also cancels out Wilber’s concept of lines.

revised edition of Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond takes …

International Academy of Astrology aspires to be the leader in online astrological education, dedicated to instilling our students with a commitment to a lifetime of learning, while empowering them to become professional astrologers of the utmost competence, integrity, and compassion.

Elements of Good Therapy; Ethics in ..

Another danger we encounter, according to Assagioli, when we fail to discriminate between the transcendent reality of pure spirit and the more relative level we as human beings inhabit, is moral nihilism. Assagioli points out (1993: 160) that some immoralists claim that good and evil are relative for the realised human being, because in the eye of the Spirit all action is indifferent. Spirit justifies everything. So if we or our clients believe we are gods, which we are in potential but not in reality, then we can argue that no moral principles apply to me. Wilber has written extensively on the tendency in our culture towards a dangerous narcissism, which he calls Boomeritis because of the post-modernistic notion of moral relativism and its egalitarian worldview that claims that “nobody’s truth is better than mine.” Both writers seem to be in agreement here.

a drastic transmutation of the ‘normal’ elements of the ..

The Integral potential in relation to levels does exist, but it is weak. Some of them seem to argue for a lost childhood spirituality but do not embrace Firman/Gila’s model of development. The development of the weak functions is also mentioned, but almost none of them describe any hierarchical stage development for the lines. I find the Integral potential existing but very weak.

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