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Dump MBS if there are buyers, by all means, why dump High coupon Treasury’s before maturity ? Throwing return away.

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There is no single yield curve describing the cost of money for everybody. The most important factor in determining a yield curve is the currency in which the securities are denominated. The economic position of the countries and companies using each currency is a primary factor in determining the yield curve. Different institutions borrow money at different rates, depending on their . The yield curves corresponding to the bonds issued by governments in their own currency are called the government bond yield curve (government curve). Banks with high (Aa/AA or above) borrow money from each other at the rates. These yield curves are typically a little higher than government curves. They are the most important and widely used in the financial markets, and are known variously as the LIBOR curve or the curve. The construction of the swap curve is described below.

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Yield curves continually move all the time that the markets are open, reflecting the market's reaction to news. A further "" is that yield curves tend to move in parallel (i.e., the yield curve shifts up and down as interest rate levels rise and fall).

Click for an old Yield Curve Homework Updated - very nice!

A list of standard instruments used to build a money market yield curve.

An inverted yield curve occurs when long-term yields fall below short-term yields. Under unusual circumstances, long-term investors will settle for lower yields now if they think the economy will slow or even decline in the future. An inverted curve has indicated a worsening economic situation in the future 6 out of 7 times since 1970.[citation needed] The New York Federal Reserve regards it as a valuable forecasting tool in predicting recessions two to six quarters ahead. In addition to potentially signaling an economic decline, inverted yield curves also imply that the market believes inflation will remain low. This is because, even if there is a recession, a low bond yield will still be offset by low inflation. However, technical factors, such as a or global economic or currency situations, may cause an increase in demand for bonds on the long end of the yield curve, causing long-term rates to fall. This was seen in 1998 during the failure when there was a slight inversion on part of the curve.

A flat yield curve is observed when all maturities have similar yields, whereas a humped curve results when short-term and long-term yields are equal and medium-term yields are higher than those of the short-term and long-term. A flat curve sends signals of uncertainty in the economy. This mixed signal can revert to a normal curve or could later result into an inverted curve. It cannot be explained by the Segmented Market theory discussed below.

Click for an old Yield Curve Homework Updated - very nice!

Click  for Estrella 2006 - predicting recessions with slope of yield curve

QE is also part of its monetary policy. And there are various “monetary transmission mechanisms,” the ECB calls it, by which its monetary policy has become the dominating power in the market. That’s why many government bonds in Europe have a negative yield.

The Bank of Japan, with its massive JGB purchases, along with the government institutions and their massive JGB holdings totally control the JGB market all the way up the yield curve (“Yield Curve Targeting” is what the BOJ calls this), and they totally strangled the market, yes, they strangled your “Mr. Market,” and his corpse is lying out in the back.

Click  for Estrella 2006 - predicting recessions with slope of yield curve
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  • Click for Yield Curve worksheet

    Click for Estrella 2006 - predicting recessions with slope of yield curve

  • Click for and old Yield Curve Homework Updated - very nice!

    Otherwise, it will take 20 or 30 years for long term Treasuries to “roll” off the Fed’s balance sheet.

  • Bankers love chairman who invert the yield curve!

    I think it started with the notion that the Fed would roll Treasuries off their balance sheet once they mature.

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Just as the Fed accelerates its QE Unwind. Treasuries reacted.

Besides the government curve and the LIBOR curve, there are (company) curves. These are constructed from the yields of bonds issued by corporations. Since corporations have less than most governments and most large banks, these yields are typically higher. Corporate yield curves are often quoted in terms of a "credit spread" over the relevant swap curve. For instance the five-year yield curve point for might be quoted as LIBOR +0.25%, where 0.25% (often written as 25 or 25bps) is the credit spread.

Dissecting the yield curve: a central bank perspective

So neither Fitch nor Yellen see the flattening yield curve as an ominous sign of anything other than exasperated NIRP refugees looking for a somewhat less gruesome alternative. And folks hoping the Fed will use the flattening yield curve as an excuse to back off from further rate hikes will likely be disappointed.

The yield curve and forecasting recession in South Africa: ..

From the post- era to the present, the yield curve has usually been "normal" meaning that yields rise as maturity lengthens (i.e., the slope of the yield curve is positive). This positive slope reflects investor expectations for the economy to grow in the future and, importantly, for this growth to be associated with a greater expectation that inflation will rise in the future rather than fall. This expectation of higher inflation leads to expectations that the will tighten monetary policy by raising short term interest rates in the future to slow economic growth and dampen inflationary pressure. It also creates a need for a risk premium associated with the uncertainty about the future rate of inflation and the risk this poses to the future value of cash flows. Investors price these risks into the yield curve by demanding higher yields for maturities further into the future.

Riding the Yield Curve: Diversification of Strategies

However, a positively sloped yield curve has not always been the norm. Through much of the 19th century and early 20th century the US economy experienced trend growth with persistent , not inflation. During this period the yield curve was typically inverted, reflecting the fact that deflation made current cash flows less valuable than future cash flows. During this period of persistent deflation, a 'normal' yield curve was negatively sloped.

you observe the following yield curve ..

With short-term yields rising and longer-term yields stuck at low levels, the yield curve has flattened, and the spread between the two-year and the 10-year yield has narrowed to levels not seen since before the Financial Crisis. And this phenomenon is occurring “despite the fact that US GDP growth has exhibited strong momentum and outperformance in 2017, similar to the Eurozone,” Fitch says.

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