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Average by itself is not a good indication of quality.

On the other hand, a large measure of dispersion indicates that the mean is not a good representative of the data set.

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Example: Given a lot with 21 good units and four defective.

In other words: The symmetric property of Tchebysheff's inequality is useful; e.g., in constructing control limits in the quality control process.

The following numerical example illustrates how good the approximation could be.

For the goodness-of-fit sample test, we formulate the null and alternative hypothesis as H : fY(y) = fo(y)
H : fY(y) fo(y) At the level of significance, H will be rejected in favor of H if is greater than However, it is possible that in a goodness-of-fit test, one or more of the parameters of fo(y) are unknown.

For example, using Z-test of hypothesis in the following Figure.

You might like to use  to perform your computations, and  to perform the goodness-of-fit test.

The widely used estimator of the population mean is = x/n, where n is the size of the sample and x, x, x,......., x are the values of the sample that have all of the above good properties.

Unbiasedness is a good quality for an estimate, since, in such a case, using weighted average of several estimates provides a better estimate than each one of those estimates.

What are the Qualities of a Good Hypothesis?

You might like to use  to perform your computation, and  to perform the goodness-of-fit test.

15, No.3, 131-135, 1988.
Good Ph.., , Springer Verlag, 1999.
A p-value is a measure of how much evidence you have against the null hypothesis.

Knowing that the null hypothesis is always in"equality" form then, the alternative hypothesis has one of the three possible forms:"greater-than","less-than", or"not equal to".

A"Good" estimator is the one which provides an estimate with the following qualities:
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  • What are the main characteristics of a good hypothesis

    The mean absolute deviation is widely used as a performance measure to assess the quality of the modeling, such .

  • A good hypothesis can lead to theorems that ..

    Type-I error is often called that consumers reject a good product or service indicated by the null hypothesis.

  • characteristics-qualities-of-a-good-hypothesis.

    In this example, for illustration purposes, the lot represents a null hypothesis.

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In the configuration shown in this Figure, falls to the left of the critical value (and below the statistic's density (or probability) function under the alternative hypothesis H).

What are the qualities of a good hypothesis? - Quora

Given that there is a relevant profit (which could be negative) for the outcome of your decision, and a prior probability (before testing) for the null hypothesis to be true, the objective is to make a good decision.

Qualities of a good hypothesis by Brook Martinez - issuu

To take a larger sample than is needed to achieve the desired results is wasteful of resources, whereas very small samples often lead to what are no practical use of making good decisions.

The hypotheses should not be normative

For example, we accept the alternative hypothesis H and reject the null H, if an event is observed which is at least a-times greater under H than under H.

A second desirable attribute of a good hypothesis is generality.

Provides the pros and cons on the bootstrap methods.
Yatracos Y., Assessing the quality of bootstrap samples and of the bootstrap estimates obtained with finite resampling, , 59, 281-292, 2002.
In many application of business statistics, such as forecasting, we are interested in construction of a statistical interval for , rather than a parameter of a population distribution.

Characteristics of a Good Research Hypothesis - …

Following the first publication of the general technique (and the bootstrap) in 1969 by Julian Simon and subsequent independent development by Bradley Efron, resampling has become an alternative approach for testing hypotheses.

Qualities of a Good Question - Survey Software - …

Given that both populations are normally distributed, then one must performing two more tests, namely the test for equality of the two means and the test for equality of the two variances.

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