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Quantum Hall Effect - [PDF Document]

Investigation of local breakdown of the Quantum Hall effect in graphene probed with invasive metal contacts.

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paper on the anomalous quantum hall effect

In the first part of this thesis, we use the generalized Landau-levelrepresen- tation to study the effect of screening on the properties ofthe graphene quantum Hall states with integer filling factors.

Lett. , 056802 (2012).(4) Origin of the Planar Hall Effect in Nanocrystalline Co60Fe20B20,K.M.

An approach was developed for modeling of the processes of ice and ice cover fracture at interaction with icebreakers and ice resistant structures. A model of ridge formation under the action of ice cover compression was suggested and a quantitative measure of ice cover resistance to ridge formation was introduced. A classification of the fracture forms of ice cover at combined action of wind compressive loads and the loads caused by the icebreaker – ice cover interaction were developed. Modeling and evaluation of ice loads on ice-resistant structures in deep water region were performed. Structures of fracture of ice cover under the action of natural loads were analyzed and classified from the fracture mechanics point of view.

Thesis on Quantum Hall Effect Ahmer

Lett. , 086603 (2011).(3) Anisotropic intrinsic anomalous Hall effect in ordered 3dPt alloys,H.

To fundamentally understand the origin of the half-integer quantum Hall effect we look at its temperature dependence and experimentally map out the underlying Landau level structure.

This last observation is not only of major importance for the understanding of quantum phenomena but it also paves the way for high temperature applications of quantum physics in solid state materials, such as the high temperature quantum resistance metrology shown in this thesis.

Mele- Quantum Spin Hall Effect in Graphene.

B , 024401 (2011).(2) Role of Spin-Flip Transitions in theAnomalous Hall Effect of FePt alloy, H.

(4) Anisotropic anomalous Hall effect in Pt alloys

We demonstrate that the anomalous Hall conductivity for these Ptalloys is anisotropic with respect to the magnetization direction.

The quantum Hall effect observed in this two-dimensional (2D) system displays plateaus at half-integer values, in contrast to the integer quantum Hall effect in conventional 2D systems, and remains visible up to room temperature.

the second Chern number. We realize a dynamical version of the 4D quantum Hall effect by implementing a 2D topological charge pump
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  • Scaling in the quantum Hall regime of graphene Corbino ..

    » ~ Elegant application of the Hall Effect produces power, rectification & amplification with Earth's magnetic field.

  • Magnetotransport in graphene : a study of quantum Hall breakdown, ..

    A simple introduction to the Hall effect and how it's used in movement and speed sensors.

  • Our new paper on the quantum spin Hall effect in graphene, ..

    The quantum Hall effect - a prominent example for topological states of matter in 2D - can be generalized to 4D systems

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MeleQuantum spin hall effect in graphene.

Particular strain geometry in graphene could lead to a uniform pseudomagnetic field of order 10 and might open up interesting applications in graphene nanoelectronics. Through quantum transport calculations of realistic strained graphene flakes of sizes of 100 nm, we examine possible means of exploiting this effect for practical electronics and valleytronics devices. First, we found that elastic backscattering at rough edges leads to the formation of well-defined transport gaps of order 100 meV under moderate maximum strain of 10%. Second, the application of a real magnetic field induced a separation, in space and energy, of the states arising from different valleys, leading to a way of inducing bulk valley polarization which is insensitive to short-range scattering.

Quantum Hall effect in graphene decorated with …

Here the goal is to research on the interactions between the electrons from graphene and the Cooper pairs from the superconductor in the quantum Hall regime.

experimentally via the integer quantum Hall effect ..

Topological charge pumping, a dynamic version of the quantum Hall effect, enables a robust and quantized transport of charge through an adiabatic cyclic evolution of the underlying Hamiltonian. We have realized such a pump with ultracold bosonic atoms forming a Mott insulator in a dynamically controlled optical superlattice. We observed a quantized deflection per pump cycle for groundstate particles as well as a counterintuitive reversed deflection for atoms in the first excited band, illustrating the pump’s genuine quantum nature.

Andreev reflection, quantum Hall effect:

B , 205132 (2013).

(9) Temperature and Co thickness dependent sign change of the anomalousHall effect in Co/Pd multilayers: An experimental and theoreticalstudy, V.

quantum Hall effect in epitaxial graphene on stepped ..

Chern numbers are topological invariants characterizing Bloch bands. A striking manifestation of non-zero Chern numbers is the quantization of the Hall conductivity revealed by the quantum Hall effect. Here, we report on the first non-electronic Chern-number measurement with ultracold bosonic atoms that were loaded into an optical lattice potential subjected to artificial gauge fields. By applying a linear force to the atoms they experience a transverse motion proportional to the Chern number of the occupied band. By analyzing the in-situ evolution of the cloud we determined an experimental value of the Chern number νexp=0.99(5) in agreement with theory.

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