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"His name is Echod": say the Rabbins.

The Vulgate Latin, Syriac, Arabic, and Persic versions, leave out the words, "the young men".

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The Rabbis regard the numbers 10, 6, and 5 as the most sacred of all.

It may even resurrecta man or an animal whose astral "vital body" has not been irreparably separated from the physical body by the severance of the magnetic or odic chord.

The only remaining occurrence of the word Hades is in the parable of Dives and Lazarus:
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It may have been recorded to show that the conspirators had instructions to take the "apostles" as well as Jesus, and supposing him to be one of them, they laid hold of him to take him before the high priest; or it "may" have been recorded in order to place his conduct in strong and honorable contrast with the timidity and fear of the disciples, who had all fled.

The latter is Brahmâ as differentiated from Brahma or Parabrahm.

With them, Parabrahmam is a passive because an Absolute Cause, the unconditionedMukta.
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The scientific possibilities of various discoveries, that must inexorably lead exact Science into the acceptation of Eastern Occult views, which contain all the requisite material for the filling of those "gaps," are, so far, at the mercy of modern materialism.

Descartes'plenum of matter differentiated into particles; Leibnitz's Ethereal Fluid and Kant's "primitive fluid" dissolved into its elements; Kepler's Solar Vortex and Systemic Vortices; in short, from the Elemental Vortices inaugurated by the universal mind—through Anaxagoras, down to Galileo, Torricelli, and Swedenborg, and after them to the latest speculations by European mystics—all this is found in the Hindu hymns and Mantras to the "Gods, Monads, and Atoms," in their fulness, for they are inseparable.

His ideas are admirably synthesized by Dr.

The two are the garment, or body, or rather attribute (Sarira) of Parabrahmam.
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So are the "Force and Matter, as Potencies of Space, inseparable, and the Unknown revealers of the Unknown." They are all found in Aryan philosophy personified by Visvakarman, Indra, Vishnu, etc., etc.

The author of the Four Lectures on the Bhagavad Gita, says, in speaking of Mulaprakriti:"From its (the Logos') objective standpoint, Parabrahmam appears to it as Mulaprakriti.

For a considerable time they tried to outvie Œdipus and reconcile the two statements.
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  • A substitute was created for it in the century preceding our era.

    Franck, quoting from the Babylonian Talmud, names two other thaumaturgists, Rabbis Chanina and Oshoi.

  • (This is the Cosmical Aditi and Sephira.) 5.

    It seems ridiculous to argue that because a thing is imponderable to Science, therefore it cannot be called matter.

  • Parabrahmam cannot be known except through the luminous Point (the

    * The query is unanswerable.

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Here are two elements in the Universe, the one is ponderable matter .

Some physicists have even identified the ether of space with those "imponderables." Then came their Kinetic theories; and from the date of the dynamical theory of heat, it was chosen in optics as a substratum for luminous undulations.

The contrast of extended thinking substances was unbearable to him.

Those physicists who hold the view that the atomic constitution of matter is consistent with its penetrability, need not go far out of their way to be able to account for the greatest phenomena of Occultism, now so derided by physical scientists and materialists.

Rabble definition, a disorderly crowd; mob. See more.

But we see, whenever the Occultists are bold enough to raise their diminished heads, that materialistic, physical science is honey-combed with metaphysics;* that its most fundamental principles, while inseparably wedded to transcendentalism, are nevertheless, in order to show modern science divorced from such "dreams," tortured and often ignored in the maze of contradictory theories and hypotheses.

The word "rabble" means a disorderly crowd; a mob

A great number of names referring to chemical substances and other compounds, which have now ceased to combine together, and are therefore unknown to the later offshoots of our Fifth Race, occupy a considerable space.

What is the definition of rabble

The ancients knew these powers so well, that, while concealing their true nature under various allegories, for the benefit (or to the detriment) of the uneducated rabble, they never departed from the multiple object in view, while inverting them.

the history of rabble hypothesis Edit

For, disposing of that property of matter which they call impenetrability by simply regarding the atoms as "material points exerting on each other attractions and repulsions which vary with the distances that separate them"—the French theorist explains that: "From this it follows that, if it pleased the author of nature ‡ simply to modifythe laws according to which the atoms attract or repel each other, we might instantly see the hardest bodies penetrating each other, the smallest particles of matter occupying immense spaces, orthe largest masses reducing themselves to the smallest volumes, the entire universe concentrating itself, as it were, in a single point." (Sept lecons de physique Generale, p.

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