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G., "Reflections on the Efficient Market Hypothesis…

Efficient Market Hypothesis ..

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“Reflections on the Efficient Market Hypothesis- 30 Years Later.

The aim of this course is to develop a thorough understanding of financial markets. We explore how investors make decisions about risk and return, how financial markets price risky assets in equilibrium, and how financial markets can sometimes malfunction. The course puts particular emphasis on the role of real-world imperfections that are absent from the standard textbook view of financial markets. For example, we explore the role of illiquidity: Why are there liquid markets for some types of assets but not for others? Why does liquidity often disappear in times of market turmoil? We will also study recent insights from behavioral finance about investor psychology and market inefficiencies. Moreover, we will look at financial innovations such as credit-default swaps, securitization, and hedge funds that play important roles in financial markets these days. We use cases to develop these topics in the context of practical decision-problems in the areas of asset allocation, risk management, and financing.

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Many political philosophers take (some of) the criticisms raisedagainst markets (cf. 3.2 above) seriously. They therefore argue thatmarkets can only be justified if they coexist with other institutionsthat supplement or correct their outcomes. These institutions can besubdivided into different categories. Economists typically use theconcept of “market failure” to describe cases where one ormore conditions for efficient market outcomes are not met, e.g., whenthere are externalities or public goods (see e.g., Bator 1958; Cowen1988). To improve outcomes in such cases can require the regulation ofmarkets (e.g., by prohibiting negative externalities such as theemission of harmful pollutants) or the provision of public goods bystate institutions. Rules and regulations might also be needed –and can be justified from the point of view of Pareto efficiency– in cases of what Basu (2007) has called the “largenumber problem”: some form of behavior, although harmless initself, may have a negative impact if committed by a large number ofpeople. The same can be true when there is more than one equilibriumin a market and it is desirable to move to one of them rather thananother, e.g., from an equilibrium with child labor to one without(Basu / Van 1998). One might also argue that the macro-economicstabilization of markets, for example through the central bank orthrough measures that raise demand in recessions (cf. Keynes 1936),belongs into the category of provision of public goods. Theeffectiveness of such measures, however, is deeply contested amongeconomists.

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The efficient market hypothesis and ..

To compete successfully in today's market place, companies need to manage effectively the efficiency of activities to design, manufacture, distribute, service and recycle their products or services to their customers. Supply chain management deals with the management of materials, information and financial flows in a network consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers. The coordination and integration of these flows within and across companies are critical in effective supply chain management. nnnIn parallel to the development of new practices and concepts in industry, there have been emerging research that are based on (1) structuring new processes and supply chain networks with the new technologies; (2) exploring ways to do planning and make decisions consequently; (3) quantifying the benefits as a result; and (4) aligning the incentives of multiple players in a supply chain when the costs and benefits to these players are different. nnnThis course will examine evolutionary research that focuses on the above themes. We will explore how such problems can be formulated, models can be structured, and analysis can be performed to address information-based supply chain management issues. You are all challenged to think, discuss, share, and debate on the issues brought up. The end result of this course is, hopefully, that we can start defining new, interesting and exciting research paths, and maybe even beginning to pursue some of the research ideas generated.

The Efficient Market Hypothesis ..

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    Efficient market hypothesis ..

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    Efficient market hypothesis

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    Summary. The author defends the efficient market hypothesis, which has been blamed for the present financial crisis.

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