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For this reason we want to do a research on factors affecting photosynthesis.

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Through the initiative, among other things, PNNL researchers isolate and measure Argonne 39 to date waters from aquifers in an effort to forecast the impact of changing weather patterns or changing climate.

 - Hawaiian Volcanoes research papers studies the formation and the following stages of a volcano.

- Hottest Year on Record research papers examine the year 2010 and how the weather patterns have changed not only during this year but in the past decade.

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This conference series is intended to run every four years, two years after the International Congress on Photosynthesis Research.

Researchers com bined genomics and proteomics with an automated computational tool, known as RiPPquest, to help translate the chemical language of microbes into biological function.

New research will help determine the conditions that photosynthetic cyanobacteria - a potential energy source - need to thrive in industrial settings, such as such as biofuel refineries.

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In the second project you will research the effect of different parts of the light spectrum in photosynthesis.

Chemical bonds in hydrogen gas can be harnessed to power fuel cells or internal combustion engines. Researchers have now reported the fastest synthetic catalyst for hydrogen gas production to date, using a natural bacterial catalyst as inspiration.

In collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researchers provided molecular-level insights into how alpha-pinene, a compound emitted in large quantities by pine trees, helps form new atmospheric aerosols. The findings can help improve the accuracy of models that simulate the effect of certain aerosols on climate and air quality.

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  • carbon dioxide is taken in from the air C

    - The North American Megafauna research papers explore two theories that study the mystery of their extinction.

  • water is transported from the roots D

    Welcome to the 1st European Congress on Photosynthesis Research ePS-1. Date: June 25-28, 2018 Place: Uppsala, Sweden

  • 27th Western Photosynthesis Conference

    This is the annual regional meeting of photosynthesis researchers from the Western US & Canada.

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ICARP2014 - Artificial Photosynthesis

Oil and gas wells and even cattle release methane gas into the atmosphere, and researchers are working on ways to not only capture this gas but convert it into something useful and less polluting.

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Technetium-99 is long-lived, highly mobile and a significant risk for environmental cleanup at legacy nuclear waste sites. Researchers may have an answer in a promising technique that would use metal organic frameworks to safely remove the substance.

Research Paper | Photosynthesis | Plants

Researchers accidently created nanorods that could lead to real-world applications, including low-energy water harvesting and purification for the developing world and fabric that automatically pulls sweat away from the body and releases it as a vapor.

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Research indicates Western North America and Canada can expect a 28 percent increase in the number of extreme precipitation days, thanks to global climate warming.

How do corn plants react to full, little and no amount of sunlight

Researchers are looking for ways for humans and machines to work more intelligently together so that analysts can make correct, useful, and timely interpretations of data.

ISPR awards - Photosynthesis Research

A 17-year-long experiment shows that climate shifts change how well the underworld of soil bacteria functions. Researchers believe that a study of this length of time will be extremely useful in calibrating climate models with real-world data.

Speakers – Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research …

A 17-year-long experiment shows that climate shifts change how well the underworld of soil bacteria functions. Researchers believe that a study of this length of time will be extremely useful in calibrating climate models with real-world data.

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