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Riemann's paper includes the celebrated Riemann Hypothesis.

Garcés Doz, (2013)[abstract:] "This paper presents a possible elementary proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

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The Riemann Hypothesis lINDASHELP - ORIGINAL …

Picard refutes Madrecki's proof

Jinzhu Han, Zaizhu Han, (06/2007)[abstract:] "In this paper, a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis is given.

He had outstanding intuition and originality, and prepared hisbooks and papers with great care.

We also discuss whether the proof strategy in this paper has any promise for proving that the Riemann Hypothesis is also unprovable."
"Gödel's result was a major body blow to mathematicians everywhere.

containing the original statement of the Riemann hypothesis , ..

Riemann´s original paper:

I've expanded my original List of Thirty to an even Hundred, but you may prefer toreduce it to a Top Seventy, Top Sixty, Top Fifty, Top Forty orTop Thirty list, or even Top Twenty, Top Fifteen or Top Ten List.

Müller's comments on why this 'proof' is flawed.]

Xian-Shun Luo, (12/2008) [abstract:] "In this paper we will give a simple proof of Riemann Hypothesis, considered to be one of the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics, related to inverse scattering problem and radom matrices.

( in translation) of Riemann's original classic paper.

In the same year a brief mathematical paper of breathtaking originality was delivered by  relating to the distribution of prime numbers.

Elhadj, (09/2012)[abstract:] "In this paper, a positive answer to the Riemann hypothesis is given by using a new result that predict the exact location of zeros of the alternating zeta function on the critical strip."


Most of the historical references mentioned in this introduction can be integrated by simple web searches. Other comprehensive books on digital signal processing include S. K. Mitra’s (McGraw Hill, 2006) and , by J. G. Proakis and D. K. Manolakis (Prentis Hall 2006). For a fascinating excursus on the origin of calculus, see D. Hairer and G. Wanner, (Springer-Verlag, 1996). A more than compelling epistemological essay on the continuum is , by David Foster Wallace (Norton, 2003), which manages to be both profound and hilarious in an unprecedented way.

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  • It is also the paper with the Riemann hypothesis…

    Riemann´s original paper:

  • Riemann's 1859 Manuscript | Clay Mathematics Institute

    By using preceding works, in this paper we present comprehensive disproofs of the Riemann hypothesis.

  • — Riemann's statement of the Riemann hypothesis, ..

    Riemann's original paper ..

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which he published in his 1859 paper ..

Numerous papers have been written on the distribution of primes,but Riemann's contribution is incomparable, despite thathis Berlin Academy lecture was his only paper ever on the topic,and number theory was far from his specialty.

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