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Riemann Hypothesis: Mathematical Proof

Garcés Doz, (2013)[abstract:] "This paper presents a possible elementary proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

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Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis

Aizenberg, (12/2007)[abstract:] "We present an elementary, short and simple proof of the validity of the Lindelöf hypothesis about the Riemann zeta-function.

17/12/2010 · An explanation of the true nature of the Riemann Hypothesis by ..
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It's a gaping hole in our understanding..." Finally Hugh Montgomery [3]:

"Sometimes I think that we essentially have a complete proof of the Riemann Hypothesis except for a gap.

Proposed (dis)proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis

@MISC{Cheng10proofof, author = {Yuan-you Fu-rui Cheng}, title = {PROOF OF THE RIEMANN HYPOTHESIS}, year = }
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Deninger'sapproach to the RH and a talk of his which "gave...the impression that a proof of the Riemann hypothesis is just around the corner..."
his "proof" of the Riemann Hypothesis"...explains the mathematical motivation forhis Riemann Hypothesis proof and reveals that he proved the Bieberbach conjecture sothat he could get funding to work on the Riemann Hypothesis."In June 2004, Louis de Branges of the .

We also discuss whether the proof strategy in this paper has any promise for proving that the Riemann Hypothesis is also unprovable."
"Gödel's result was a major body blow to mathematicians everywhere.

Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis? | Not Even Wrong

By using preceding works, in this paper we present comprehensive disproofs of the Riemann hypothesis.
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Picard refutes Madrecki's proof

Jinzhu Han, Zaizhu Han, (06/2007)[abstract:] "In this paper, a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis is given.

Delille, who in 2004 began makingand retracting claims that he had a proof of the Riemann hypothesis,provided this , whichinvolves the analytic continuation of (August 2004).

this case it’s not a real proof of the Riemann Hypothesis, ..
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  • most simple statement of Riemann Hypothesis and proofs #703 ..

    Riemann Hypothesis: 2010

  • Jon Breslaw: a Riemann Hypothesis proof speed contest

    One of the fundamental implications which the Riemann Hypothesis has for Mathematics relates to the nature of proof.

  • A Proof of Riemann Hypothesis Using the Growth of …

    A Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis using Hyperfunctions & spectral analysis

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18 May 2015
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The Greatest Unsolved Problem of Mathematics
$1,000,000 reward for successful proof offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute
Bernard Riemann
Riemann's Hypothesis: What is it?
The calculations used in the Riemann Zeta Function rely heavily on summation and limits.

Relation to this Class
The Riemann Hypothesis
Ashton Hammond and Jonathan Haroldsen
Remains unsolved for over 156 years
Riemann was born on September 17, 1826 in Breselenz in the Kingdom on Hanover.

Title: A new criterion and a proof of the Riemann hypothesis

Müller's comments on why this 'proof' is flawed.]

Xian-Shun Luo, (12/2008) [abstract:] "In this paper we will give a simple proof of Riemann Hypothesis, considered to be one of the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics, related to inverse scattering problem and radom matrices.

A New Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis - The World of …

Zerbini, (abstract) "We comment on some apparently weak points in the novel strategies recently developed by various authors aiming at a proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

have a complete proof of the Riemann Hypothesis except ..

A proof then of the Riemann hypothesis is obtained with a set of algebraic paradoxes that unmanageably occur for the single incident of any non-trivial real part greater or less than a rational one half."


Riemann hypothesis proof - CORE

The proof is so simple that we suspect that there could be an error thatwe are unable to find."

, , 23 September 2013"Yessenbek Ushtenov, a mechanical engineer from Saryagash town, Kazakhstan, claims to to have solved one of the seven problems of the millennium, the Riemann hypothesis, Alau-Kazakhstan public-political magazine writes..."


Another attempted proof of the Riemann hypothesis | …

Huang, (purports to contain a sort of philosophical/psychological 'proof' of the RH)

The respected French economist Henri Berliocchi (who also seems to have extensive interests in homeopathy and mathematics) has brought out a book called (Economica, Paris, 2001: ISBN 2-7178342-6) in which he claimsto have disproved the Riemann Hypothesis.

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