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Would a proof to the Riemann Hypothesis affect security?

As was made obvious in the episode, the Riemann Hypothesis is one of the most famous conjectures in mathematics.

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Proving the Riemann Hypothesis and Impact on Cryptography

Introduction and brief history; mathematics background; symmetric cryptography: one-time pad, stream ciphers, block ciphers, hash functions, message authentication codes, authenticated encryption; information security vs. computational security: random function/permutation, pseudorandom function/permutation, integer factorization and discrete logarithm problems; asymmetric/public key cryptography: RSA and El Gamal based encryption and signature schemes; secret sharing; key distribution: Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol, Kerberos; an advanced topic: Bitcoin-the first crypto-currency.

I mentioned that my "favorite" problem is the Riemann Hypothesis; ..

It is important in mathematics because it has many deep connectionsto prime numbers and especially to the distribution of the prime numbers(how often they occur), and there are many interesting results which have been proved to be true assuming that the Riemann hypothesis is true.

Riemann Hypothesis and Millenium ..

Riemann hypothesis and its Impact on RSA | Prime …

For moreinformation about various connections between other parts of math,look up the Wikipedia page about it.As was also mentioned in the episode, the Riemann hypothesis is one of the.

On a less technical note, let me just make two more comments relating to this episode: (1) It is not reasonable to think that Charlie Eppes, who has not given any indication of being a number theorist, would immediately recognize a brilliant proof of the Riemann Hypothesis after just a moment's glance. (His brother was right to be skeptical.) I'd be willing to believe he could recognize that it was an attempt to prove RH, but the supposed evaluation of its quality would require greater expertise than I think he would have. (2) Although I know that mathematician's have a reputation for being workaholics, the idea that he could not spare an hour for his daughter's birthday party because of a problem he'd been working on for 15 years is pretty ridiculous.

Riemann hypothesis and its Impact on RSA ..

Claimed Proof of Riemann Hypothesis - Slashdot

MAT 806: Advanced Number Theory (3)
Basic concepts from analytic and algebraic number theory including the Prime Number Theorem, Dirichlet’s Theorem, the Riemann Hypothesis, algebraic integers, ideals and factorization in algebraic number fields. Additional topics as time permits. It is strongly recommended that students have completed courses in number theory, abstract algebra, and real analysis or differential equations.

One of the main plot points of the episode is that the bad guys wanted themath professor to give them his solution to the Riemann hypothesis so thatthey could crack the encryption on major financial data.

Claimed Proof of Riemann Hypothesis
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