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I felt like Russ was not critical enough in attacking the presentation and interpretation of the correlation of the maps presented in Philip Auerswald's blog article. I think these 3 maps are correlated, but only loosely, and the author's statements fail to present convincing causality. These regions that people are leaving are the areas with little job growth and few highly desirable jobs. The most talented people from those regions are able to get relocated to the best jobs, while the rest are left behind. If you're left behind, and are chronically unemployed, I think it's reasonable you're more likely to be involved with drugs or suicide. The firearm suicide map I think can't be treated as evidence for anything unless it had the average number of owned guns factored in, and we should instead consider the overall suicide rate. The important point there is that people chose to commit suicide, not whether they chose a firearm to do so. The overdose rate map is roughly the unemployment prone areas of the US.

2014 Thesis Statement: Food Allergies are on the rise around the world, ..

Fascinating discussion. More intellectual sparks flying in the exchange even than usual. Bring him back and slow him down. I think Russ Roberts is right about the speed of change as critical to whats going on and just the gravity pull of big cities. Mancur Olsen has insights on the process as well. Old industries and sectors and places have formed distributional coalitions, accumulations of restrictions on innovation, entrepreneurial behavior, risk taking that give new technologies an edge as they've not yet had to capture a regulatory apparatus. Moreover, the cultural accretions that attend old established technologies and industries erode with change giving rise to entropy, the entropy that caused the accumulations to emerge in the first place. The natural order of things is to fall apart, to suffer entropy and controls, natural glues emerge to deal with this tendency. So when things change too fast we come apart because these cultural accretions were emergent selective sanctions and rewards. Like guild rules and culture, but far more complex and interrelated. I don't like the use of the term populism for what's going on but don't know what else to call it. Cities absorb change more easily because it's inherent, part of the landscape and those who exercise controls live there. This latter is harder to see in the US. but was and is a feature in many countries I've lived in where the elite are more obvious in their exercise of control and do indeed live in the one or two dominate cities.

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The only role of philosophy is the clarificationof the meaning of statements and their logical interrelationships. There is no distinct "philosophical knowledge" over and above the analyticknowledge provided by the formal disciplines of logic and mathematics andthe empirical knowledge provided by the sciences.

Schlick, 'Die Wende der Philosophie' in , 1, 1930).A scientific theory is an axiomatic system that obtains an empirical interpretationthrough appropriate statements called rules of correspondence, which establisha correlation between real objects (or real processes) and the abstractconcepts of the theory.

Composition I: Eng-101 Syllabus - Brian T. Murphy

Only two possibilities are allowed: an analytic statement is alogical-mathematical theorem (thus it has no empirical significance) orit is a convention that defines the meaning of theoretical terms.

Moreover, neopositivism wasnot interested in the real process of discovering, but it was concernedwith the of scientific knowledge, that isit dealt with (formal) relationships between statementsin a given theory. According to logical positivism, there is notany method of discovering a hypothesis prior to its test by deducing empiricalconsequences, and therefore a scientist can propose any hypothesis he prefers;only logical relationships between the hypothesis and the given empiricalevidence are relevant.

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Several great hypotheses for why the pace of innovation and success is greater in cities. Personally, I think the fact of being able to switch jobs without changing your home (moving) is the greatest. A local is more likely to be able to hear about, interview for, and take that job than someone across the country. Much less risk than a cross-country move. More likely for the firm to be able to hire talented people when they don't have to move their home as well. The reported high level of mobility between firms in Silicon Valley supports the associated hypothesis that this job shuffling enables firms and people to achieve their highest utility where this is possible. People with drive and ambition are more likely to realize their dreams in a city with lots of varied opportunities within driving distance.
The rise of the garment industry in New York City at the turn of the century might be instructive. How did proximity help that industry to develop?
And a related clue to the mechanism in play is to explore why these urban centers are often industry specific. In other words, regardless of the dynamism of Silicon Valley, there is arguably more going on in the LA area in terms of the movie industry. You move to LA if you want to work in that industry. And Seattle has somewhat different industries than either of the other two.
One measure that is highly sensitive to the number of available professionals in a given industry in a region is the quality and experience of adjunct professors in a city. Much harder to find an adjunct with experience in software development in Dayton than Palo Alto. Therefore in rural areas the classes people take from those adjunct faculty, are less likely to be stepping stones to greater success.
The development of Walmart in Bentonville would be an interesting case study as to what was needed to achieve success there as opposed to being in a city. Although didn't Walmart's initial success come from serving unmet needs in rural communities where there was no competition, so perhaps it couldn't have even evolved in cities?

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