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What is the role of pigments in photosynthesis

science What role do plant pigments play in the process of photosynthesis

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of accessory pigments in photosynthesis

Light absorbed by other, accessory pigments (chlorophyll b and c, the phycobilins, and the carotenoids) can contribute to photosynthesis with an efficiency which is either lower, or, at best, equal to that of the light absorbed by chlorophyll a.

What role do plant pigments play in the process of photosynthesis

Chloroplast structure
Chloroplast is a plant subcellular organelle where photosynthesis takes place. Outer membrane of chloroplast is permeable. Inner membrane encloses stroma. Thylakoid is flattened membrane surrounded vesicle. This is the place where light reaction occurs. In stroma, fluid surrounding the thylakoids is the place where the dark reaction occurs. Chlorophylls are the green pigments; they are present in the thylakoid membrane of chloroplast. They absorb deep blue and red light. Secondary light absorbing pigments are called accessory pigments. They are carotenoids and phycobilins. Photosystems are the light absorbing pigments of thylakoid membrane arranged in functional sets.

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Carotenoids; are a class of accessory pigments that occur in all photosynthetic organisms such as algae and some types of fungus and bacteria, Xanthophylls; are another class of accessory pigments.

They serve as accessory light harvesting pigments,extending the range of wavelengths over which light can drivephotosynthesis, and they act to protect the chlorophyllous pigments fromthe harmful photodestructive reaction which occurs in the presence ofoxygen.

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The efficiency of accessory pigments in sensitizing photosynthesis closely parallels their efficiency in sensitizing the fluorescence of chlorophyll a.

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