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final theory is the rotten apple hypothesis.

The Rotten Apple hypothesis

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Structural or Affiliation Hypothesis; Rotten Apple Hypothesis;

Explain in detail the “slippery slope” and its relationship to
gratuities, using examples. Discuss each of the theories regarding
public corruption that Delattre writes about in the textbook:
Society-at-Large Hypothesis Structural or Affiliation Hypothesis
Rotten Apple Hypothesis Provide examples of each theory. Use at
least two credible outside research sources, including academic
journals, to support your view. The paper should be 3–5 pages,
excluding cover page and references page. Click the Directions icon
below for additional criteria to follow for a successful paper.

and the rotten apple hypothesis.

The affiliation or structural hypothesis asserts that public officials may become corrupt because their seniors are corrupt. This means that corruption can trickle down from the seniors down to the lower level staff. For example, if a high ranking police officer is given extra money by a local gang in order to protect them or prevent any attack from the police officers, the lower ranking officers will take the path and take gratuities from the citizens in the name of “if the senior is accepting, we will also accept” (Cheney, 2010).

Structural or Affiliation Hypothesis and the Rotten Apple Hypothesis.

Structural or affiliation hypothesis and the rotten apple hypothesis all point from BUSINESS BUS101 at University of Texas japanese culture essay Rio Grande Valley.

Many corruption cases have been related to the Rotten-Apple hypothesis because of the socialization between the qualified non corrupted members and the non qualified who are always corruption oriented because of their ignorance of the enforcement law.

The Rotten-Apple hypothesis continued its course because of the increase in number of crimes; consequently, bringing in more rookies with little knowledge about the work requirement.
There are many hypotheses put forward to explain the prevalent of corruption especially among the cops.

Battery Explodes at Turkish Airport After Passenger …

Explain each of the following theories regarding public corruption Society-at-Large Hypothesis Structural or Affiliation Hypothesis Rotten Apple Hypothesis.

The three theories of corruption; the society at large hypothesis, the affiliation or the structural hypothesis and the rotten apple hypothesis can all be related to the slippery slope argument. The society-at-large hypothesis asserts that the public is sometimes responsible for corruption in the public offices and departments. For example, if the public gives the people in the immigration department for the first processing of their documents or the retrieval of any documents, then these public servants will always expect gratuities from the public before or after they perform these tasks even though it is part of their job description.

The rotten apple hypothesis asserts that some people are simply corrupt to the core due to a number of reasons. They might have been influenced by their upbringing, their environment, friends or their personal issues. In most cases, it seems as if corruption is in ‘their blood’. It is hard to make them stop this unethical behavior. For example, if a man is in the customer care department in the immigration department, and is accused of taking gratuities from the public, he is reprimanded and transferred to the customer service in the banking industry. He will still find ways of receiving gratuities from the customers. The main challenge occurring due to the behavior in this people is that they can be of great influence to the rest of the public servants.

Rotten Apple Hypothesis;
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1) where he expected to find at least some of his colony

According to this theory, corruption mainly grows due to the socialization between the corrupted individuals and the newcomers.
The Rotten Apple hypothesis
It is third theory and the last one, which proposes that corruption, emerges from the hired officials (Delattre, 2011).

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