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What information from the targeted fpga device is required in RTL ?

@MISC{Y97rtlsynthesis, author = {Min Xu Y and Fadi J. Kurdahi Z}, title = {RTL Synthesis with. . .}, year = }

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RTL Synthesis and Test - Synopsys

As far as I understand it, the design is a subset of intensity interferometer that uses the frequency error between multiple 11 GHz satellite TV "low noise downconverter block" (LNBF) clocks to create a beat frequency in the total power integrated. I am basically copying the MIT (VSRT) but replacing the discrete component integrator and USB video input device with an rtlsdr dongle. The idea is to spend as little on hardware as possible.

RTL object name in backward RTL SAIF file or RTL VCD file may change after synthesis.

Simulation is the process of verifying the functional characteristics of models at any level of abstraction. We use simulators to simulate the Hardware models. To test if the RTL code meets the functional requirements of the specification, we must see if all the RTL blocks are functionally correct. To achieve this we need to write a testbench, which generates clk, reset and the required test vectors. A sample testbench for a counter is shown below. Normally we spend 60-70% of time in design verification.

Register-transfer level - Wikipedia

The designwas implemented using Active-HDL and Synopsys Design Compiler.

I consulted with patchvonbraun a lot for the software/gnuradio side. He gave me an example of how to use the WX GUI Stripchart and I would not have guessed I needed to square the values from the beat frequency bins after the first squaring for taking total power. He made a generic simulator for dual free running clocks LNBF intensity interferometers. You don't even need to have an rtlsdr device to run it; only an up to date install of gnuradio. It is an easy way to understand how to do interferometry without a distributed clock signal.

I have used the "" matplotlib graphical spectrogram generator that came with pyrtlsdr as a seed from which to conglomerate my own program for spectrum observation and logging. Since I am not very good with python I had to pull a lot of the logic out into a perl script. So everything is modular. As of now the python script generates the spectrogram pngs and records signal strength (and metadata) in frequency named logs. It is passed lots of arguments.

In digital circuit design, register-transfer level (RTL) ..

What kind of sanity checks are good to look for in rtl synthesis logs?

I realize that this is not yet a standard, but I thought that
> even in its pre approved state, it might give some good insight into the
> do's and don't of RTL synthesis design.

>First, I assume that the "Standard VHDL Register Transfer Level (RTL)
>Synthesis Project Authorization Request (PAR)" is the same as IEEE

Dump 1090 is a Mode S decoder specifically designed for RTLSDR devices.
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  • RTL Logic Synthesis Tutorial_janus | Hardware …

    RTL Synthesis

  • Yosys is a framework for Verilog RTL synthesis

    It is called "Standard VHDL Register Transfer Level (RTL) Synthesis Project Authorization Request (PAR)".

  • ASIC RTL Synthesis | SpringerLink

    Lastly, I had the impression that this was to standardize RTL synthesis to a specific subset of VHDL.

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rtl synthesis - Logic Design - Cadence Technology …

The gate_name is the
new gate-level name of the RTL object after synthesis.

Specifies that the signal in the RTL activity file should be
inverted when mapped to the gate-level design.

RTL Synthesis for Advanced Nodes with Oasys-RTL - …

The Visual Verification Environment enables Analyze RTL™ users to debug design issues quickly using intelligent sorting and message filtering. The key features include low Noise, check customization for specific design style, easy setup, and waiver migration.

RTL synthesis support is downloadable | EE Times

It is important to find as early as possible RTL coding that prevents the design from getting desired speed. When designing FPGA’s, because their fabric is more constrained than an ASIC, certain types of structures causes slow downs. Rather than wait for synthesis or static timing analysis results, Analyze RTL™ users can easily identify high fanout nets, deeply nested “if-then-else” statements, excessively long logic paths, and poor reset methodology.

ISQED Keynote: How RTL Synthesis Must Change for …

Blue Pearl’s Analyze RTL™ combines the ease-of-use methodology and extensive analysis of super-lint tools with the power of formal verification into a single high performance, high capacity design checking solution. With Blue Pearl, you get a unique combination of powerful built-in checks and formal analysis that gives you the most comprehensive and powerful static design checking capability available. Deploy Blue Pearl early and eliminate complex design errors at all stages of your design implementation cycle and drastically reduce the amount of effort you spend finding bugs later using time-consuming traditional test-bench methods.

We will concentrate on RTL synthesis, which is by far the most common

These RTL object appears in the back-
ward RTL SAIF file or RTL VCD file.

-gate gate_name
This option provides the name of gate-level object, for the cor-
responding RTL object.

VHDL5 Rtl Synthesis Basics | Vhdl | Logic Synthesis

Finite State Machine (FSM) Analysis
The Analyze RTL system includes FSM analysis capabilities. FSMs will automatically be extracted from the RTL design, the FSM states analyzed for dead and/or terminal states and a visual representation of each FSM generated which includes the states and transitions.

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