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Her undergraduate thesis focused on the "Honest…

Our Department ranked in the Top 10 Psychology departments in Canada in research productivity and impact.

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(Ryerson, 2014) in the Psychology and Law lab.

Alexandra Ruddy
Alexandra completed her undergraduate honours thesis "Depressive Symptoms and Emotion Regulation Difficulties as Predictors of Risk-Taking Behaviour and Perception in Adolescence" in 2013.

The department does not offer Psychology as an Area of Concentration in the General BA Program.

Master of Arts in Education StudiesOur programs are designed to help students to succeed in their areas of interest by supporting them with top-tier researchers and academics, extensive library services, and helpful administrative support. Our master's students become teachers, administrators, and counsellors who influence the lives of young people. Many graduates from this program hold important roles in various sectors of education at the provincial, national and international levels.Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Undergraduate Thesis Project Proposal

For more information on Ryerson’s Undergraduate Thesis Stream, click here. ‘

After university, Kim assisted with the research, writing and editing of the Arts 2000 at Sotheby’s catalogue. She then joined a “golden circle” legal firm (as they are called in the industry), an experience which proved to be anything other than golden. While she was there, however, Kim found time to produce short films and theatre and sit on the boards of two incorporated associations: one in Australia and one in Germany.

Kathy Kortes-Miller thinks about dying and death a lot! She is an unconventional death educator with a passion for palliative care and improving the end of life care for all. Kathy has been teaching and researching at Lakehead University for over a decade inspiring and challenging the future healthcare providers of tomorrow to be prepared to care for individuals who are dying and their families in all healthcare settings. She leverages her experiences as a cancer survivor and as a palliative care provider to challenge us to have the important conversations about dying, death and life. Kathy strives to make an impact with her teaching, research, writing and speaking to discover, share and communicate the information that we are all “dying to know.” She is presently writing her first book Dying Matters intended to transform the perception of dying and death from being the elephant in the room to an integral part of life that deserves and demands acknowledgement, respect, and even a bit of lightheartedness (when called for).

Undergraduate Curriculum - Psychology - Ryerson …

A doctoral candidate must give two publicly announced research seminars on his/her thesis research.

He joined the faculty of Western University in 2001, where heis currently Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Undergraduate) inthe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Professorin the Department of Medical Biophysics, and an Associate Scientist ofRobarts Research Institute.

Preclinical applications present challenging designconstraints related to positioning accuracy, the size of the physicalworkspace, and impact on research workflow that differ from the designrequirements for a clinical system.

During the MSc he did research at INRIA inFrance, as part of a Mitacs-Globalink research award.
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  • Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student at ..

    Subsequently he began a computer science undergraduate degree atRyerson, where he was awarded the NSERC USRA.

  • Psychology in the “Child Self-Regulation Lab" at Ryerson ..

    He researches the application of machine learning techniques to epigenomic data.

  • Undergraduate Psychology Thesis Poster Session (April …

    His research lies at the intersection of machine learning and computer vision.

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Undergraduate Honours Thesis; Graduate

David Forrest works with businesses, governments, and communities challenged by problems that can only be resolved by collaborating across traditional boundaries. His Integral Strategy™ approach has helped to create new partnerships in the innovation system, health care, education, transportation, energy, environment, resource management, community development, and economic development. Challenges have been as diverse as creating age-friendly communities, increasing local food security, enhancing the effectiveness of the health system, defining cancer research programs, improving the delivery of post-secondary professional education, implementing open government, expanding regional economic opportunities, and innovating in response to climate change.

Undergraduate Thesis Student at Ryerson ..

Ron Frey is the co-founder with Cindy Stulberg of the original institute dedicated exclusively to interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)—the first of its kind around the world. Since 2001, they have trained more than 2,250 clinicians in this simple and powerful therapeutic model. Ron completed his PhD in psychology in 1997 and four years later established an Ottawa-based consulting business that today includes such notable clients as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (where he held the position of chief psychologist), the Canadian Police College, Canadian Coast Guard, Canada Border Services, Public Safety Canada, the Department of National Defense, Transportation Safety Board of Canada, multiple police agencies and safety critical companies. His work has taken him into correctional facilities, cockpits, and onto the rail lines of Europe. He has ridden ‘shot-gun’ on snowmobiles and cruisers high above the Arctic Circle, and parachuted into courtroom battlefields of dangerous offenders and volatile marriages. Ron was recently recognized for his efforts in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of occupationally related stress injuries by the Senate of Canada.

Annual Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis ..

Erin Falligant has written more than 30 books for children. Her books include the American Girl Beforever middle grade novel, THE LILAC TUNNEL (American Girl, 2014), and the INNERSTAR UNIVERSITY as well as eight series fiction titles for Sky Pony Press (under the pseudonyms Kenley Shay and Alex Polan). Erin also writes advice books on topics such as standing up to bullies, changing bodies, surviving homework, and protecting the earth. Erin was a children’s book editor for over 15 years, creating books and parent content for lines such as Angelina Ballerina, Matchbox, and Fisher-Price. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and has a master’s degree in Child Clinical Psychology. Erin is currently working on the DK AMERICAN GIRL ULTIMATE VISUAL GUIDE (Dorling Kindersley/PRH). Erin’s full portfolio of fiction and nonfiction books can be found at .

the PhD program in Clinical Psychology at Lakehead University

Now, Hana has launched herself into the cookbook world with a bang. Her self-published book, Let’s Cooking, celebrated a , raising more than $14,000 for printing and production. After selling out in only three months, the success of Let’s Cooking and her subsequent media appearances caught the attention of television broadcasters. hired her to host a cooking show celebrating the diversity of Canadian cuisine. She has spoken at a number of lectures, sharing her love and knowledge of Japanese food, and continues to develop recipes and do more research on Japanese food, recipes, and food history.

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