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It gets worse with improper exercise as a child

The premise underlying the diathesis-stress model is that a person is more likely to suffer an illness if he or she has a particular (i.e., vulnerability or susceptibility) and is under a high level of stress. Diathesis factors that have been studied include family history of substance abuse or mental illness; individual psychological characteristics such as hostility or impulsivity; biological characteristics (e.g., cardiovascular reactivity, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal responsivity); and environmental characteristics such as childhood maltreatment or low socioeconomic status. Diathesis factors are generally assumed to be relatively stable but not necessarily permanent.

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Question: Why is my belly button an outie?
Right smack in the middle of the connective tissue is your belly button which is a weak spot in the connective tissue. When the connective tissue stretches sideways and becomes thinner and weaker, your belly button loses its support and then becomes an outie. An outie belly button puts you at risk for an umbilical hernia. When you strengthen the connective tissue with this program your belly button will go back in.

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Question: When I check myself for a diastasis what am I checking for?
: When you check for a diastasis you are checking for two things. The first is the “distance” between the two muscles. You want to see how many fingers fit between the two separated muscles. If you have a protruding belly button, feel a pulsing or have the half-football like bulge you will need to use two hands. The second thing you are checking is the “condition” of the connective tissue. The deeper your fingers go, the weaker the connective tissue. The pulsing, protruding belly button and half football like bulge are all signs of weak connective tissue.

Question: What are some signs of a diastasis?
Signs of a diastasis are a bulging belly, an outie belly button, a half football bulge when bringing the shoulders off the floor, a belly that gets bigger after eating and at the end of the day.

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Question: When I check myself for a diastasis why does it hurt?
This is a sign that your connective tissue is very weak. Please remember to only check yourself in week one, three, six, and week eighteen of the program.

Question: What is the “pulsing” that I feel when I am checking myself for a diastasis?
This pulsing you are feeling is coming from your organs. This is a sign of very weak connective tissue.

Question: What are the effects of a diastasis on the body?
Back pain, abdominal hernias, poor posture, pelvic floor problems, gastro- intestinal disturbances like constipation and bloating are all effects of a diastasis. They occur when the support system for the back and organs are the weak connective tissue instead of the muscles. Most women who have had a baby do have diastasis recti.

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    What is Dupuytren’s Diathesis

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Diathesis is a medical term meaning tendency toward a condition

Question: Should I use mesh to repair it?
The FDA is now investigating the mesh. Here is a link so you can read more about it.

Many people are allergic to the mesh. There is no test to perform before the surgery to find out if you are. Mesh is usually absorbable which means it co-mingles with your connective tissue. Once it does this there is no way to take it out. If you are allergic to it your body will keep trying to reject it. This rejection process is very painful and there is no solution other than medication. Make sure you are an informed consumer before using mesh.

Diathesis–stress model - Wikipedia

Question: Is an umbilical hernia related to a diastasis?
Yes. An umbilical hernia is a side effect of a diastasis recti. When the connective tissue stretches sideways it becomes thinner and your belly button is not supported so it will become an “outie”.

Question: Should I surgically repair my umbilical hernia?
Unless you are having extreme pain from your umbilical hernia it is best to wait with your surgery and do the Tupler Technique® program first to see if it will help. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you repair it with the Tupler Technique® then surgery is not necessary. If the program does not work, you are still ahead of the game as you will be prepared for the surgery. Strengthening your abdominal muscles and learning how to use them in the recovery process will make your recovery faster and also maintains the integrity of the sutures. This is very important as without this preparation many umbilical hernia surgeries come undone. An umbilical hernia is a side effect of a diastasis. When surgically repairing the hernia, the diastasis is not repaired at the same time. So, if you are separated above and below the umbilical hernia and you repair just the hernia the surgery will come undone easily with intra-abdominal pressure. The
Tupler Technique® will teach you how to avoid intra-abdominal pressure after surgery.

diathesis stress model | Custom Essay Masters Services

Question: When is surgery necessary?
Surgery is necessary when the connective tissue has torn away from the muscle with abdominal trauma and the organs are exposed. It is also necessary when the organs associated with the abdominal hernia becomes “strangulated.” This means there is no blood to them. Surgery is also the only way to help very stretched out skin.

Discuss the case with respect to diathesis-stress

Question: Can a diastasis come apart once it is closed?
Yes. There is a weak spot in the middle of the connective tissue that joins the outermost abdominal muscles. This weak spot is your belly button. Continuous intra-abdominal force and pressure on this weak spot will create a diastasis again.

Question: Can a diastasis get worse from doing incorrect exercises?
Yes. Exercises that stretch the connective tissue either in a forward or sideways direction can create a diastasis or make it worse. Examples of exercises and sporting activities that do this are crunches, Pilates100, swimming, golf, tennis and softball.

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