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Raymond Dart, who helped the savannah ideas …

the hypothesis first came to prominence with the discovery of Australopithecus africanus by Raymond Dart in 1924.

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Raymond Dart discovered the first Australopithecine ..

In the late 1960s, as the liberal civil rights, antinuclear and Vietnam War movements, reached a crescendo, conservative ideologists seized on this hypothesis, which seemed to point in a welcome direction. Just as Siegmund Freud had stirred resonances in the century's first half by revealing the child who lives within us, so the "killer ape" hypothesis beckoned in the second half, suggesting that such a child, if it survived at all, rode on a wild animal's back.

Australopithecus africanus o Southern Ape of Africa o 1924 o Discovered by Raymond Dart ..
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It was a guy called Dr Raymond Dart, however, who was the father of this line of inquiry. Before World War II, as a professor of anatomy at South Africa's Witwatersrand University, he became renown for bringing to the public's attention a string of 3m-year-old Australopithecus finds - a so-called "missing link" genus he named (It's Latin for "southern ape"). And it was he who forged the now-commonplace assumption that the reason why we evolved from our tree-swinging cousins was our forebears' relentless violence.

Going Ape: The death of the "Savannah Hypothesis"?

The position of the foramen magnum on the Australopithecine discovered by Raymond Dart ..
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Raymond Dart, discoverer of the first australopithecine fossil some thirty yearsearlier, was also developing a different view of our earliest ancestors. At first Dartbelieved that australopithecines were scavengers barely eking out an existence in theharsh savanna environment. But from the fragmented and damaged bones found with theaustralopithecines, together with dents and holes in these early hominid skulls, Darteventually concluded that this species had used bone, tooth and antler tools to kill,butcher and eat their prey, as well as to kill one another. This hunting hypothesis(Cartmill 1997:511) "was linked from the beginning with a bleak, pessimistic view ofhuman beings and their ancestors as instinctively bloodthirsty and savage." To Dart,the australopithecines were:

The death of the "Savannah Hypothesis"

The killer ape theory or killer ape hypothesis is the theory that war and interpersonal aggression was the driving force behind human evolution.
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The idea of a savannah-based origin was already implicitly present in the article in which Raymond Dart
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