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schiller media managers thesis

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...d for and against the premises of the media imperialism thesis (Galtung, 1971; Schiller, 1976; McQuail, 1983, 2002; Tunstall, 1977; Dorfman & Mattelart, 1984; Tomlinson, 1991; Boyd-Barrett, 1998; and =-=Rantanen, 2005-=-a), the genesis of which dates back to the 1970s when the world was overwhelmed by the unfolding of the New World Information and Communication Order (NWICO). The remainder of this chapter discusses t...

Wasn’t Herbert Irving Schiller quite right when he called the media “the Mind Managers ..

"Chile has a long history of political inference relayed through 'independent' media. During the 1960s the newspaper El Mercurio received a helping hand from covert CIA funding to assist in the destabilization of the democratically elected Allende government, whose leadership was abruptly terminated when President Allende was assassinated in 1973 by a CIA-led coup. With Allende's government deposed, the following Pinochet dictatorship heavily censored the media, an action ignored by the U.S. However, in the late 1980s when the U.S. decided that it was time to replace Pinochet, the NED was used to provide aid to politically favoured groups -- like the Christian Democrats -- who in 1987, were able to break through the communicative barriers erected by Pinochet with their newly established newspaper, La Epoca, 'which quickly became one of the country's main dailies'. Later on in 1990, to support a US bid to oust the incumbent party, the NED provided Demokratzia (the newspaper of the opposition party -- Union of Democratic Forces) with 'US$233,000 worth of newsprint, to allow it to increase its size and circulation for the period leading up to the national elections'." See Michael Barker, (PDF), Referred paper presented to the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association International Conference, University of Adelaide, July 4-7, 2006.

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The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (also known as the ), is a major supporter of seemingly "independent" media projects, and was created in 1940 with monies generated from the Akron Beacon Journal. Since 2005, the president and CEO of the foundation has been , the former publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. Ibarguen maintains impressive democracy-manipulating credentials, as he is a US member of the Inter-American Dialogue, board member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and has held high-level appointments within a number of media-manipulating groups like the Freedom Forum's Newseum, and the Inter American Press Association. Ibarguen, however, is a board member of the newly formed and ostensibly progressive investigative journalism project, Pro Publica -- for a critique of this organization's work see "."

Returning to Internews, strong criticisms of their ambitions to promote US foreign policy interests in the global war of words have come from foreign governments all over the world. It is correctly argued that Internews, along with other foreign NGOs, are operating illegally by manipulating their political systems in the same way that the U.S. would cry foul if China or Venezuela were bankrolling independent media outlets in the U.S. Following on from this point, some leaders have fittingly restricted the ability of foreign-financed NGOs to operate within their countries, as such selectively backed NGOs are considered to play an important role in what have been referred to as post-modern coups, for example Eastern Europe's "colour revolutions." Thus resistance from foreign governments towards US media interventions formed a major rationale for CIMA to publish the "Soft Censorship" report.

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short article does not critique the content of CIMA's latest report; however, it is necessary to point out that almost all of the "independent" media groups referred to within the report have secured support from the National Endowment for Democracy at some point of their operations. Instead this article scrutinizes a number of rarely mentioned democracy-manipulators whose work can be indirectly connected to Don Podesta, the author of the CIMA report. The point of this scrutiny is to demonstrate how deeply such media manipulators have insinuated themselves into global civil society, so that concerned activists can more effectively resist their hegemonic influence.

presently serves as consultant to CIMA. Prior to his engagement as consultant he served as a board member of the Inter American Press Association, and acted as "an assistant managing editor/copy desks at The Washington Post, where he worked for 27 years." His ties to the Inter American Press Association help explain his current role as consultant, as in earlier years this association had formed an alliance with the corporate media to help oust the Allende government in Chile in 1973. More recently the Inter American Press Association has acted in a against President Chávez in Venezuela. An understanding of this background makes it relevant that The Washington Post's deputy managing editor, , served alongside Podesta, until recently, on the board of the Inter American Press Association -- a group that might be considered to be just one of many CIMA precursors.

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Cultural imperialism comprises the ..

Although a number of authors have written about Herbert Schiller's contributions and influence,including in two special journal issues honouring him after his death in January 2000, ProfessorMaxwell's contribution is so far the only book devoted entirely to an examination of Schiller'slife and work. Maxwell begins with a brief preface that frames the book as an effort to "synthesizeSchiller's work for a new generation of media and communications students" (p. x). The main textcomprises an introduction, six thematically structured main chapters, and a conclusion. Maxwellincludes an extensive, though admittedly not necessarily exhaustive, bibliography of Schiller's 200or so publications in English; as the author notes, not even "Schiller kept a complete record ofhis achievements . . . [a] catalogue and archive of his own work seemed to hold little fascinationfor him" (p. xi).

American media critic Herbert Schiller ..

The book's first paragraph outlines Schiller's own conceptualization of his contributions to thestudy of media and communication as a historical project, in which he aimed:

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In this contribution to Andrew Calabrese's Critical Media Studies series, Richard Maxwell, aformer student of Schiller and a Professor of Media Studies at Queens College, City University ofNew York, offers both a brilliant account of Schiller's intellectual legacy and a compellingargument for why his ideas are of continuing importance in analyzing our current historicaljuncture. If Schiller's work had a profound impact on the development of critical communicationstudies, the contribution of this single volume on Schiller may also be significant to thereinvigoration of the field.

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Along the way, Maxwell carefully and persuasively debunks a number of misconceptions aboutSchiller's work, including criticisms that Schiller assumed a passive media audience, that he was atechnophobe, that his method was lightweight and lacking theoretical rigour and formal discipline,and finally, that his critiques were entirely negative and failed to propose practicalalternatives. In making his case, Maxwell avoids the heavy-handed style of argumentation andpolemical language that have characterized some of Schiller's critics. His purpose here is notsimply to defend Schiller, nor to eulogize him, but to contextualize, elaborate, synthesize, andextend Schiller's ideas and to offer constructive guidance for future research and policydevelopment. For example, by systematically dissecting Schiller's theoretical constructs -including the crucial concepts of "complex" and "the system" - and detailing what Maxwell calls the"Schillerian" interpretative empirical methods, a consistent set of procedures for "listening in"on power structures, Maxwell exposes the limits of mainstream communication research anddemonstrates the power of the Schillerian analytics and rules of evidence in the study of power,noting that Schiller's radical eclecticism shared an affinity with that of C. Wright Mills andothers. Throughout this process, Maxwell's aim is to make "useful procedures available forpresent-day power structure analysis of the political economy" (p. 29).

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