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The Myth That Schools ShortchangeGirls

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Neither girls nor boys nor the nation itself are served by politicizedresearch and "noble lies." Major assertions in the AAUW report are basedon research by David and Myra Sadker that has mysteriouslydisappeared. Evidence which contradicts their thesis that the schoolsshortchange girls is buried in supplemental tables obtainable only at greatdifficulty and expense. Such shady practices undermine publicconfidence in social science research. This damage done by the AAUWreport will have repercussions that last far beyond the immediate issue ofwhether either girls or boys are shortchanged in the school.

Contains the sentence in schools shortchange boys and without a weak thesis.

When exposed to threat and confrontation, blood goes to their guts, leaving them feeling nervous or anxious."

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!
Many believe that feminists and mothers are at fault.

No Child Left Behind

The Insurance Industry
"What boys need turns out to be pretty much what girls be loved, get sex, and and not be hurt"(298).

Boys do not need to be rescued.
Place a check mark under either often, sometimes, or seldom for each of the questions.

Once you are finished, complete the "Scoring Procedures" section to determine your learning style.
Teachers especially in elementary school should:
Use plenty of hands on activities

Challenge their students (boys get bored quicker than girls)

Allow them to move around (stimulating and giving oxygen to the brain)

Using more visual aids
In general, females tend to be auditory learners, and males tend to be more visual and kinesthetic (there, of course, being exceptions).

of women and the experience of girls and boys in schools.

My views are the following:
• I felt boys were treated different back when I was going school
• The girls always received better treatment than the boys
• I feel today though both genders tend to be equal whether they are good are bad
• Boys tended to be laid back in regards to doing school work

In the hectic, crowded world of the classroom, teachers have limited time, attention and energy. Teachers are concentrating on the problems ofgirls, but they are dismissing the problems of boys and neglecting theproblem of how to educate the most gifted students. The focus onpromoting female success gives the schools an excuse for ignoring theirgravest failure with minority boys. The "noble lie" that the schoolsshortchange girls is not so noble, after all.

Boys and girls first enter the school system concerned with ..

In a coup de grace to the AAUW's much publicized findings about the lowself-esteem of adolescent girls, the 1997 Metropolitan Life Survey comesto the opposite conclusions. The Met-Life report on gender issues is oneof a series of reports with the policy goal of bringing understanding tocurrent issues that affect the nation's schools. As previously discussed,this survey sought the opinions of a nationally representative sample of1,306 students from grades 7-12 and 1,035 teachers in grades 6-12 on girls'and boys' experiences in the schools and aspirations for the future. Theconclusions flatly contradict the message that the schools shortchangegirls:

(Emphasis in original, p. 3)

The Met-Life study is based on teachers' and students' beliefs, notobjective measures of actual school achievement. But the wealth ofevidence reviewed in this paper shows that objective measures ofachievement support these beliefs. Girls surpass boys in reading andwriting skills. Girls are more apt to go to college and graduate withbaccalaureate and masters' degrees. Girls have higher aspirations forprofessional degrees and have made dramatic progress in attaining bothprofessional and doctoral degrees. Far from shortchanging girls, theschools encourage and favor girls.

What this survey actually shows is remarkably similar levels of selfconfidence among boys and girls. Boys are more apt to give extremeresponses. This could indicate higher self-esteem but it could also indicatea lack of verbal subtlety or what some might consider an unfortunate lackof modesty. The following table presents the actual responses of boys andgirls to these questions phrased in a straightforward, positive way:
Table 15: Adolescent Boys and Girls Both Express High Levels of SelfEsteem
Source: From ,by C. Schoen, K. Davis, K. S. Collins, L. Greenberg, C. Des Roches, and M. Abrams,1997, New York: The Commonwealth Fund. Data Tabulations provided by theCommonwealth Fund.

Virtually no important difference between adolescent boys and girlsappears, and both sexes express virtually the same positive opinions ofthemselves when the "strongly agree" and "somewhat agree" categoriesare added together. Yet, these findings are sent to the media as moreproof of the gender gap in self-confidence.In terms of academic self-confidence, the type of self-esteem thatdepends on what happens in schools, teachers boost girls' academic selfconfidence far more than they do that of boys.

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    and we pointed out in How Schools Shortchange Girls, that boys also have problems in schools.

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    Evidence which contradicts their thesis that the schools shortchange girls is buried in supplemental ..

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    claimed these behaviors begin in elementary schools where many boys tend to dominate ..

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Gender Inequalities in Education | Annual Review of …

As this paper documents, girls surpass boys in some academic areas andboys surpass girls in other areas. Indeed, a far stronger case could bemade for the view that "the schools shortchange boys" than the other wayaround. After all, it is boys who get consistently lower grades in schooleven though they score just as high or higher than girls on manystandardized tests of achievement. This is strong evidence of bias againstboys. It is boys who end up far more often than girls in special educationclasses for students with serious learning problems. It is males who arefalling behind in college attendance. As recent survey research shows, it isboys , especially minority boys, who believe that teachers are not as apt toencourage them to achieve their goals or do their best (Harris, 1997, pp.10, 13).

Search the history of over 310 billion web pages on the Internet.

To find out what is actually going on, how boys and girls do fare in theschools, I review the best available information on a wide variety ofstrong measures: school grades, class rank, honors and prizes inacademic competitions, scores on standardized achievement tests, collegeentrance and graduation rates, and attainment of professional anddoctoral degrees. To locate this information, I often had to do newanalyses of government reports, which also emphasize the "women asvictims" viewpoint---showcasing the problems but not the progress. Iexamine as well charges that the schools shortchange girls based on weakmeasures, the view that girls are silenced in the classroom and suffer adramatic loss of self-confidence at adolescence. I show that the researchon which these charges are based have in some instances disappeared andin other instances have been distorted to make a political point. Researchon gender differences in class participation, school climate, and selfconfidence provides a welter of conflicting findings, sometimes favoringgirls, sometimes favoring boys, and sometimes showing no genderdifferences at all.

"A War against Boys" by Michael Kimmel by Isabella …

In sum, the research literature on sex differences in scores on cognitivetests and the origins of these differences is complex and contentious. Butthere is general agreement on a few important points. First, in thegeneral population most sex differences on standardized tests ofachievement are small or negligible. Second, among select groups ofhigher-achieving young people, however, females have an advantage inreading achievement and writing skills while males have an advantage inmathematics, science, and geopolitics. Third, males are more variablethan females in many characteristics, such as mathematics achievement. Males are far more apt to show up at the bottom of the heap, overrepresented in special education classes. By the same token, males aremore apt to show up at the top of the heap, over-represented among thestar mathematics students. Finally, sex differences in intellectualachievement are rooted in both biological and in cultural influences whichhave circular and mutually reinforcing effects. Schools are notnecessarily "shortchanging" either girls or boys when sex differencesoccur in cognitive tests and achievement tests.

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