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Science experiment hypothesis procedure conclusion

Preparing Conclusions for Your Science Fair Project

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How to prepare your conclusions for your science fair ..

The story of five Danish school girls who won a prize with their school experiment that allegedly shows that the electromagnetic radiation of WiFi routers has a negative effect on the germination of garden cress, has been reported by numerous sites on the Internet. Just check the number of Google hits while searching for “. The girls placed twelve plates with cress seeds on cotton in front of a window, watered those regularly an watched the seeds germinate. Between six of the plates WiFi routers were placed. After 13 days the cress was cut and dried and the germinated seeds were counted. A big difference was found. From the seeds which were held under radiation far less had germinated. Evidence for negative effects of WiFi? Nope.
Nice for the girls that they won this prize, but not so great that it’s promoted as a good example of science. It’s not the girls fault, but their study is an excellent example of how pseudo- or bad science can enter the classroom.

Science experiment hypothesis procedure conclusion …

As for inspiring more institutes to conduct more research: more research of this type is an unnecessary waste of funding, time, and resources. We know a lot about the effects of electromagnetic radiation (e.g. sunlight, radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, etc. etc.) and its affect on biology. We can basically expect to find that a WiFi router will have no effect on sprouting seeds. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t do the experiment: lots of kids make baking soda volcanoes for science fairs. But their teacher should have a basic understanding of pedagogy and the scientific method to lead them to a better experimental design. You can’t really discover anything about the world if you have a faulty way of investigating.

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Time for your science fair experiment

If you’ve read the article and the ‘original’ version of Gunnar Tjomlid, I think you’ll see neither of us blames the girls for doing something wrong. Ok, as a simple school experiment it is fun and if you have a good look at went wrong, looking from a scientifical viewpoint, you can learn a lot from it.
The problem is that it was communicated as a remarkable scientific result, which should be analyzed more deeply. The (pseudo)scientists involved and the websites have been spreading this as such, without any doubts of whether there was any reason why we should take this more seriously than what the WHO for instance tells us about the dangers of Wi-Fi.

A real scientist or any curious person would redo the experiment under better controlled conditions ,just to prooved them wrong. You got paid by whom extactly for this counterreport Gunnar ? It reminds me a lot of the scientists at the Tobacco group ,that were able to proove that it was actually sain to smoke cigarettes.

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ABOUT ME: Hi, I am Janice VanCleave, author of 50 best-selling science experiment books for children ages 4 through high school. I taught science for 27 years.

Well, I hope I made it clear in the article that I don’t blame the girls for the poor experiment, but the promotion of it by the alleged experts, who have a very poor track record. And I hope you do not suggest that any ‘remarkable’ result from a experiment by school kids should be replicated in a more scientifically controlled way.

Fair enough, but if you want to bring this forward as a defence for this experiment, you’ll have to explain why you think that research into effects of electromagnetic fields of this type is still in ‘early stages of a research’. That would mean ignoring a vast amount of previous research by professional scientists, both theoretical and experimental.

The original hypothesis is science experiment hypothesis procedure conclusion that the. Time for your science fair experiment. sentencing memo
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your experimental procedure, ..

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Of course there is a strong bias! But it is driven by common scientific knowledge. In this case, because there hasn’t been presented any plausible mechanism (except for heating) in which way these wavelengths can cause harm, it is extremely unlikely that such a simple experiment would show otherwise. Add to that the ‘prominent’ (pseudo)scientists that promote this story and the fact that it went viral, this is a very good reason for me as a skeptic writer to have a in depth look at what it is all about.
If you want to suggest that are a lot of studies that do ‘promote’ the mainstream scientific opinion on this matter that are equally flawed, just mention them, maybe they are interesting enough to have a critical look at.

procedure or the process being studied

I think the underdog just needs to take a step back and look at the big picture before continuing to root for the underdog. What this article is describing is proper scientific procedure and how it wasn’t followed in this experiment. You can drop all the names you want but I’ll prefer to listen to facts based on experiments that stand up to peer review.

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