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Science Fair Project: Making Efficient Use of Solar Panels

If you’re interested in creating your own science fair project, see for some tips and information to get you started.

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Science Fair Wind Generators | Otherpower

Sticking fan blades on the cardboard generator probably won't work; it turns too slowly and won't lightthe bulb. To run a bulb, this simple cardboardgenerator must spin fast. Fan blades probably won't spin itfast enough. So how about this instead: Instead, buy an . For science fairs, instead of running a light bulb, you can just display the AC voltage created by the wind power.

DanF's Science Fair Wind Turbine Article Covers the basic issues in designing a project

Wind power has negligible fuel costs, but a high capital cost. The estimated average cost per unit incorporates the cost of construction of the turbine and transmission facilities, borrowed funds, return to investors (including cost of risk), estimated annual production, and other components, averaged over the projected useful life of the equipment, which may be in excess of twenty years.


A combination of solar and wind may yield more consistent energyoutput� Sounds like a good hypothesis for a science fair project!

Tool to measure volts
Wind turbine
Amount of time (15 sec.) GROUPS Experimental: 4
Control: 1 TRIALS Number of trials: 5 SUBJECT BEING
TESTED Subject being tested: Vertical axis wind turbine MATERIALS & METHODS RESULTS figure 2: table at 2,700 RPM's figure 3: table at 600 RPM's figure 5: table at 130 RPM's figure 6: graph of all data CONCLUSION/ DISCUSION In the future i plan to expand on my project and continue to test my wind turbine in different ways.

Stephen Pendergrast is the founder of ,a web site devoted to renewable energy educational materials, including freeplans with science fair and science project ideas.

Science Fair Projects - Science Project

Comments: Claire has chosen a very interesting topic for her science fair project

Subject: Renewable EnergyGrade level: Middle School - Grades 7-9Academic Level: OrdinaryProject Type: Experimental Cost: MediumAwards: 1st place, Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair ($400)Affiliation: Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair (VSF)Year: 2010Materials: fan with 3 different wind speeds, compass, oscilloscope.

If we apply the standard of reproducibility to the findings reported by Dr. Nina Pierpont in her book, “Wind Turbine Syndrome” (WTS), her conclusions hold up remarkably well because her work is based on very careful observation and measurement. Her reporting of experimental conditions and measurements is extremely detailed and meticulous—even to the point of publishing all the raw data in her book. (No one who is interested in selling a book puts raw data in it.) Presumably, Pierpont did this to ensure that serious defects would be obvious. This type of transparency and disclosure is a signature of scientific integrity.

Wind Turbine Science Project Hypothesis | New …
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science Fair Project Mini wind turbine - Video Dailymotion

Predictability is also a very important element of good science. The findings of a study should support specific predictions about outcomes under certain conditions. As a resident of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, where two 1.5 MW industrial wind turbines were sited in a dense neighborhood two years ago, WTS has proven to be an excellent predictor of the adverse health effects that have occurred since then. I have absolutely no doubt that the results of Pierpont’s study could be reproduced in Fairhaven tomorrow.

Wind Energy Science Fair Projects and Experiments

VARIABLES Independant:
- Amount of RPM's
- Volts of electricity created The purpose of this project was to design a scale model of what could potentialy be a house hold wind turbine that makes an electricity supply for a home as solar panels do.

Wind Energy science fair projects and ..

Renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, geothermal, andhydro are chock full of cutting edge science ideas that make perfect projects.

My Wind Turbine Science Experiment. - YouTube

In the case of WTS, this chant has been used as a weapon of mass delusion, a device to dismiss a superb piece of science and a pioneering contribution to our knowledge about the impact of wind turbines on human health and wellbeing. This has been done because legitimate criticism and ground-level research only serve to strengthen the conclusions arrived at in this book.


“Wind Turbine Syndrome” is good science. The devotees of wind turbines, who would challenge the results reported in its pages, must do so on the basis of more good science—or not at all. Either they must exercise the Principle of Reproducibility or accept famous caution, “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”


Another test of a study is whether it provides useful information to direct or inform further research. Again, “wind turbine syndrome” has done so. As you note, it is not the final word and was not meant to be. Like every scientific paper, it includes a discussion of its own limitations. Those limitations also direct or inform further research.

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