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Penile Implant Procedure Details of No-Touch Technique

A testicular prosthesis was removed from the scrotum of a 3-year-old Quarter Horse stallion

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To minimise the risk of extrusion of the prosthesis, Latimmer advocated a high scrotal or low inguinal incision, anchoring the prosthesis to the bottom of the scrotum and narrowing the upper scrotum with additional sutures. This technique is difficult to perform in the presence of a contracted or scarred hemi-scrotum. In such circumstances, an appropriate space may be created using a sponge-holding forceps or by using the balloon of a Foley catheter.,

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Of historical interest, intracapsular insertion of a testicular prosthesis following subscapsular orchidectomy using a scrotal incision in patients with advanced prostate cancer was first described by Tolson in 1944 and endorsed as recently as 1984.

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11/09/2006 · Question: How should I report the removal of a testicular prosthesis from the patient’s scrotum

Marshall also noted that previous scrotal surgery and a long lag time between orchidectomy and the insertion of the prosthesis increased the risk of developing complications.

Prosthesis extrusion, the commonest complication, mainly occurred in patients following orchidectomy for epididymo-orchitis, especially if a scrotal incision had been used to implant the device.

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21/12/2017 · Preservation of Existing Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Pump Mechanism During Scrotal Surgery. Download.

Given the availability of less invasive, more effective treatments, penile prosthesis is often a treatment of last resort. The best penile prosthesis is comprised of two inflatable tubes, a pump, and a reservoir. The tubes are surgically inserted into the corpus cavernosa, the pump in the scrotum and the reservoir behind the pubic bones. When the pump is activated, fluid flows from the reservoir into the tubes, which harden and become erect. Pressing a valve on the pump mechanism deactivates it, and the fluid returns to the reservoir, resulting in a flaccid penis. Complications can include infection, bleeding, pain and discomfort, mechanical failure, or extrusion of part of the prosthesis through a weakened wall of the erectile chambers.
Penile implant surgery is a major surgery that is usually invasive and expensive. Nonetheless, it can benefit men who do not respond to any other form of treatment.
These surgical procedures are not performed by Boston Medical Group physicians.

The absence of a testis from the scrotal sac represents a psychologically traumatic experience in males of any age from childhood to the elderly. Testicular loss may arise following orchidectomy for torsion, mal-descent, trauma, infection or malignancy. Testicular absence is seen in cryptorchidism from either an undescended or ectopic testis. It may also be a result of testicular agenesis or atrophy following intra-uterine torsion (vanishing testis syndrome). Such patients may, at some stage, request the implantation of an artificial testis for cosmetic or psychological reasons. This is more likely in patients who have lost a testis compared to those born with an absent testis. Female-to-male trans-sexuals may also seek a testicular prosthesis as part of their gender re-alignment surgery.

You will have neck of the scrotum is closed off with stitches to prevent the prosthesis from moving up into the groin.
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Overcoming impotence thru penile implant surgery by Dr

The underdeveloped scrotum that accompanies an undescended testicle may fail to accommodate the desired sized testicular prosthesis. Methods for increasing scrotal space for the placement of a testicular prosthesis include the use of tissue expanders such as a silicone balloon attached to a filling port or a Foley catheter balloon. Children and young adults are less likely to request a testicular prosthesis for cryptorchidism compared to acquired testicular loss due to torsion, trauma or tumour.

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The Mentor, Nagor and Perthese prostheses are produced with a suture loop to aid fixation of the implant in the scrotum's most pendant position and reduce unnecessary movement ( and ).

Testicles are parts that are found on the bodies of male creatures

In 1972, Abbassian described the insertion of a testicular prosthesis in a subcuticular pouch which was said to be useful in patients with extensive atrophy and scarring of the scrotal area. A skin incision is made in the opposite hemi-scrotum ensuring not to cross the midline raphe. Through this incision, a subcuticular pouch is created for the prosthesis in the empty hemi-scrotum. However, this procedure is associated with a high incidence of prosthesis extrusion.

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Once the testicle and spermatic cord are entirely free from the inguinal canal, the testicle can be removed. The spermatic cord should be ligated in two packets - one containing the gonadal artery and one containing the vas deferens (sperm duct) and its associated artery. A large, non-absorbable suture should also be tied to the distal spermatic cord to facilitate easy identification in the case that a retroperitoneal lymph node dissection needs to be performed in the future. Care should be taken to close the external oblique fascia to the level of the external ring to prevent future hernia.

The biggest risk of a radical orchiectomy is hematoma (or bleeding into the scrotum). It is very common for the scrotum to be bruised, swollen and tender for 2-4 weeks after surgery. However, a large, purple-appearing scrotum can indicate a hematoma. Hematoma can be prevented with a compressive dressing, tight-fitting undergarments and/or ice packs.

Ilioinguinal nerve injury can occur if the nerve is damaged during dissection of the spermatic cord. This is more common in men who underwent prior inguinal surgery (usually for an undescended testicle or hernia repair) and can occur during dissection or be inadvertently trapped in the closure of the external oblique fascia. The deficit is often decreased sensation to the medial thigh, scrotum or base of the penis. It is often transient, but can take several weeks or months to improve.
Inguinal hernia can occur if the external oblique fascia is not closed properly or if the closure breaks down. It is important to minimize strenuous activities for 2-4 weeks to prevent development of a hernia.

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Prostheses should be offered to all men undergoing orchiectomy. Not all men want a prosthesis -- it is a personal decision. The prosthesis should be measured in the operating room with the patient asleep. The goal should be to match the remaining testicle in size taking into account a cancerous testicle can be larger or smaller than normal, and the scrotal skin will make a prosthesis look larger once implanted.

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Currently, most surgeons use a low groin incision whenever possible to implant a testicular prosthesis in the belief that this is associated with a lower risk of infection and extrusion. A finger is then placed into the scrotal sac and the potential space created by inflation of a Foley catheter balloon. The most pendant part of the scrotum is subsequently inverted and the prosthesis secured with a PDS suture placed through its suture loop. During transfixation of the dartos, particular care must be taken to avoid skin penetration and, thereby, promote infection and possible extrusion of the prosthesis.

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