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3D seismic velocity and attenuation model of the …

Topic: End-to-End Seismic Risk Analysis Framework for the Identification of Infrastructure Network Retrofits

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2d seismic interpretation thesis proposal - …

Includes velocity error analysis)Subsurface tunnel detection using ERT and SRT : a case study (Riddle, Hickey et al., SAGEEP 2010)Time-lapse seismic measurements on a small earthen embankment during an internal erosion experiment (Hickey et al., SAGEEP 2009)ERT and Seismic Tomography in Identifying Subsurface Cavities (Riddle et al., GeoCanada 2010)Interpretation of Jacob Sheehan's Epikarst modelGroundwater level determination with SRT : "Water seismic index" (Gerardo Grelle and Francesco Maria Guadagno, University of Sannio)Enhanced coastal geotechnics with integrated marine seismic reflection and extended array SRT (Robert Whiteley, Matthieu Bardout and Simon Stewart 2010; includessynthetic model with velocity inversion)Smooth 2D inversion compared withconventional Wavefront interpretation of Palmer Mt.

 (2012) Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of a RC frame structure. BTech thesis.

Seisa at 67th Annual Meeting of the German Geophysical Society (DGG), Aachen, March 26-29 2007Determining depth of blast induced damage in a mine wall (J.A.

A Seismic Shift in Investment Thesis | LinkedIn

(2013) Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology of Palaeocene Volcanic Rocks, Faroe-Shetland Basin. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Khaled Al-Maleh, Mikhail Mouty, Abdul Nasser Darkal, and many other friends in Syria who were instrumental in the success of my recent visit to their enchanting country. Khaled deserves particular credit for introducing me to the nuances of Syrian lithostratigraphy. Mustapha Meghraoui, as well as being an expert paleoseismologist, is just fun to be around.

This research was, at various times, supported by Alberta Energy Company International, Amoco, Arco, British Gas, Conoco, Exxon, Marathon, Mobil, Occidental, Sun International, and Unocal oil companies. I am also indebted to the Department of Geological Sciences at Cornell, Cornell University graduate school, Amoco oil company, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and the Bender family for direct financial aid through fellowships, awards, and travel grants. I also commend Landmark for the provision of their seismic interpretation software under their University Grant program.


However, seismic velocities still lack resolution, even when including the high-frequency components provided by various inversion methodologies.

NGU 2017)Multirun WET inversion of NGU synthetic data with Steepest Descent and Cosine-Squared weightingSeismic mapping of alpine permafrost (Robert Illnar, Technische Universitaet Wien 2015)Comparison between Refraction Seismics and Geotechnical Investigations (R.

Avalos, Illinois State University, SEG 2011)Using refraction seismic velocities to characterize jointing(Palmstrom A., PhD thesis, Oslo University, Norway, 1995)Comparing conventional layer-based refraction interpretation with 2D SRT(VR Balasubramaniam et al.

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    (2015) Seismic Analysis and Design of Hospital Building by Equivalent Static Analysis. BTech thesis.

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    Naser, Mohammad (2015) Seismic Analysis and Design of Hospital Building by Equivalent Static Analysis. BTech thesis.

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    The Emperor and Hawaiian Volcanic Chains: reservoir seismic thesis How well do they fit the plume hypothesis

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image a fault system with ERT, SRT, reflection seismics and gravimetry(Int J Earth Sci 2014)Quantitative estimation of water storage and residence time in the epikarst with time-lapse SRT(Pierre-Yves Galibert, EAGE GP March 2016)Site characterisation at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory through SRT(Lasheras Maas, Nayeli; Lund University 2015)SRT for mapping of limestone surface in a tunnel project in Copenhagen(L.

Dynamics of Structures, Seismic Design: …

Bagger et al., Rambøll Danmark May 2016) Geologic Model of Glacial Outwash in Mclean County, Illinois(Matthew Hartz et al., MDPI Geosciences Feb 2016)Geophysical and Paleoseismic Investigation of the Cheraw Fault, Southeastern Colorado (Mark Zellman and Dean Ostenaa, ResearchGate Apr 2016)Application of combined time-lapse SRT and ERT to the analysis of infiltration and dissolution processes in the epikarst of the Causse du Larzac, France(Remi Valois et al., EAGE NSG Feb 2016)Cross plot analysis on a levee using time lapse SRT and ERT(Leti Wodajo et al., SEDHYD 2015, Reno Nevada)Water-table depth estimation using SRT (Douglas B.

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17)2D Conjugate-Gradient WET inversion, CMP Intercept-Time layered interpretation of synthetic traveltime dataBlind Test of Methods for Obtaining 2-D Near-Surface Seismic Velocity Models from First-Arrival Traveltimes (Colin Zelt et al., JEEG Sep 2013)Earth flow imaging with SRT and cone penetration tests (Guerriero et al.

National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering …

Using a variety of geophysical and geological data, the Phanerozoic tectonic evolution of Syria has been interpreted. The study is inspired by the diverse styles of tectonic deformation within Syria generated by long-lived proximity to active plate boundaries. The work is also relevant to hydrocarbon exploration. The availability of seismic reflection and refraction profiles, wells, and other resources made this research possible.

Department of Civil Engineering - Indian Institute of …

Three studies focused on specific areas of Syria are presented. The first is a seismic refraction interpretation along a north - south profile in eastern Syria. The results show that metamorphic basement depth (and hence Paleozoic thickness) in southeast Syria is greater, by >2 km, than that in the northeast.

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