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Dear Ms. Levitan,
In the hope that this letter reaches you, I am very interested in collecting material about the Theater in Vilna.
Not about theaters in general, but rather the experience of the audience . To make myself clearer. I am trying to collect material relating to the day to day life of the ordinary folk in Vilna, their experiences in every possible field , including entertainment.
Thus I stumbled on your page of photos relating to the Theater. I am aqauinted with the other photographic material you published, including a photo of my grandfather, but I am hunting for the most basic descriptions of the humdrum daily life , eating, hunger, beatings, schooling and whatnot.
Yours sincerely
Shimon Joffe
For myself, during those days, I moved to Vilna and had a job there. I was also a member in the dramatic club Hazamir, which means the Nightingale. In this club, many well-known authors were members, amongst them Numberg who was the head of the club and the writer Anakhi was the secretary. S. Nigal would read his essays, and Peretz Hirshbein would rehearse with us his plays. And Shalom Ash would read to us many times his manuscripts before publishing them.
One summer, when I came home from vacation, all the young people, my friends kept bugging me that I, and only I, would be the man to do it, meaning that I should be the director and I should produce a play to benefit the library that needed to be enlarged. So everyone gathered together and I suggested that we should perform a play by Peretz Hirshbein since I was very familiar with all the characters of this play, and since we already worked with Hirshbein and he instructed us on how to perform it. To my surprise, my friends were not agreeable to my suggestion. The one who was most against it was Nashkaleh Tsipa's, meaning Nathan the son of Tsipa. He was my childhood friend, the same age as me, and he gave me his reasons in very clear messages that a play by Yakov Gordin would be much better understood and be more suitable for the audience that came from the community of Kurenets. An argument ensued but Nashkaleh won and we performed the play by Gordin…
The short of it was that the town became quite excited by the theater and actors were chosen, roles were assigned. We leased the big barn that belonged to Yuda Zusia's Alperovich. We cleaned it diligently and with much excitement and devotion we worked on the play. From a nearby forest we brought branches of fir trees and pine trees and put them on the walls, an on top of the barn's dirt we put down yellow sand. We went to every house and asked to borrow benches and this became a fancy theater. It was fancy and very decorated. Such high style decorations were not known before in Kurenets, and our hearts were filled with wonders and excitement. Now our town was not an out-of-the-way backwoods shtetl. At this point we were becoming more and more residents of the big enlightened world. We even built a stage from wood and a little booth for the soplio [someone to whisper lines to the actors if they forget them]. I am almost sure that during the original opening night of the theater in our town there was not one town resident who stayed home. Many sat inside the theater but even more of them were outside, at the entrance, or by the walls looking for a little crack or hole to peek in and see what a theater was like. The level of performance or the excellence of the play was not at all important at that moment. What mattered was that the actors did their jobs with honesty and dedication, and that evening turned out to be an important occasion in the life of the town…...

Grand Festival Award Audience Favorite - IN PASSING by Alan Miller - USC School of Cinematic Arts

After the presentation of Scott’s award, the night’s curator, Mel Vapour, introduced the projects from the University of Southern California students with great admiration and excitement. With a wide variety of films, from documentaries about family myths and black culture in Los Angeles to narratives ranging from horror stories to historical epics to musicals to teen dramas, the USC selection was riveting. As Vapour explained, he selected USC films specifically because he considers their program to be the world’s center for professional film training; Friday’s films held up to this standard. The lighting, staging, framing and overall aesthetic of each film were pristine, the storylines were fascinating and the the acting and editing in each film were executed at a professional Hollywood level.

21/09/2017 · shaya usc thesis film


In Brotherhood – Nabila Lester (Act I), Stephen Parsey (Act II), Devin Law (Act III)
TV Pilot, USC Student Film, 43 minutes
Screens at 8:35pm

The Case of the Missing Garden Gnome – Alberto Belli
Narrative, USC Student Film, 18 minutes
Screens at 7:10pm

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While the success of these USC films attest to the dedication, skill and talent of each filmmaker as well as to the quality of the school and training they receive, it is important to note that the the substantial amount of funding allotted to these films provided access to resources — on-location shooting, professional editing and shooting equipment, etc.— that contributed to their polished Hollywood quality.

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  • Chemung County shaya usc thesis film …

    USC School of Cinematic Arts

  • The Magic Shoes is a USC Graduate Thesis film shot on ..

    The Fifth Horseman – Kari Barber Narrative, USC Student Film, 30 minutes Screens at 6:40pm

  • He has been teaching independent film producing at USC's School ..

    Mein Schloss – Amy Adler Documentary, USC Student Film, 26 minutes Screens at 7:30pm

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Student Filmmaker’s - Drama & Comedy - 148 minutes - Screens at EBMC Performance Space - 7pm
Screening 10 short Dramatic and Comedy films

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THE MAGIC SHOES - Sahand Nikoukar - Student Filmmaker’s, 19 minutes.
Screens at EBMC Performance Space - 7:00pm
After moving to Los Angeles in 1992, a nine-year-old Iranian boy wants to impress his new classmates with a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes, thinking they will make him fly like Michael Jordan! The Magic Shoes is a USC Graduate Thesis film shot on Super 16mm film.

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Student Filmmaker’s - Drama - 202 minutes - Screens at EBMC Performance Space - 7pm
Screening Twelve short Dramatic films from the FiRST Film, FiRST Look Festival 2014 bringing together the rich diversity, creativity, and talent from the USC student body across multiple disciplines and art forms in film, television, film production, animation, or interactive media. Screening of BA and MFA student works.

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