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Contrastive linguistics.

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15/01/2018 · 'Contrastive linguistics' ..

While traditional CL compares the learner's mother tongue with the foreign language to be learnt, current applied CL compares the (often erroneous) learner's version of the FL (his interlanguage) with the standard target language (TL) version. This development signals the replacement of Lado's original predictive CL with the current descriptive Crosslingistic and the diagnostic Transfer Analysis expounded in and . For a handy history, survey and assessment of CL see . The journal , recently retitled (Volume 37 dated 2001) carries quality papers on all aspects of CL. An outstanding monograph on theoretical CL is , a book that "unifies the [syntactic] contrasts" between English and German.

is synonymous with 'contrastive analysis' ..

At the submodular standard, clinical criticism; analysis applications and bidders track the Development of the s details that generate first linguistics of severe relation.

Criticism of Contrastive Analysis ..

In terms of the discourse/pragmatic perspective, the analysis focuses on social and linguistic motivations for code-switching and i.e.

6. This step is different for students whose main interest is linguistic theory and those who are interested in teaching. The former can be motivated to enquire why the predictions were not endorsed by the error corpus, and, having located the problem in, say, a descriptive weakness of the descriptive model, to modify that model so as to make future predictions more successful. Intending teachers prefer to move directly on to the design of remedial classroom activities and materials.

Following a background overview of the Norman Conquest and the general scope of associated linguistic influence, the literature on French influences in English is reviewed and analyzed, focusing on the lexical, phonological, morphological and syntactic changes that ensued as a cause of or in association with two hundred years of Norman domination.

Contrastive Analysis | PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION

The first section presents a research design of a study which would test the Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis in both its strong and weak versions.

i) Students of 'applied linguistics' intending to teach a foreign language (mainly EFL). Since MT interference accounts for some 30% of error, to understand language transfer mechanisms in such a way as to be able to devise materials and learning activities that control them is important. While the original psychological foundation of MT interference was Behaviourist, it can equally cogently be accommodated within a Cognitivist psychological framework.

The exposition of CL proceeds level-by-level, and the traditional three levels of lexis, sound and syntax provide ample scope. Sometimes, level shifts are identified: for example, what L1 does through lexis L2 does through grammar. CAs of sound systems involve phonetic or phonological contrasts, relevant to identifying types of 'foreign accent'. Lexical CL invokes phenomena such as false friends and students enjoy doing CAs of word fields such as 'cooking verbs', 'saying verbs' (say/speak/talk/tell) or 'kinship terms'. Syntax sees contrasts of three kinds: structural, categorial and functional. More recently we have seen some new developments: contrastive pragmatics (; ) and contrastive rhetoric (), a popular and useful component of which in the CL class is contrastive genre analysis: students enjoy investigating contrasts between ways that different languages textualise genres such as news bulletins, orbituaries, and so on.

Borderline Regression Analysis and the Standard Error of Measurement using EDU-G (Generalizability Theory).
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The Contrastive Analysis of Persian and English …

'Contrastive linguistics' (or CL) is synonymous with 'contrastive analysis' (CA) but only the latter is a countable noun. It is a form of comparative linguistics, related forms being 'comparative diachronic linguistics' and 'synchronic linguistic typology'. Unique to CL is that its purview is limited to a pair of languages. There is no requirement for the language pair to be in any way 'related'. The development of CA has been from an applied to a theoretical discipline and back. It arose as an extrapolation from the language contact studies of and , describing the erosion of immigrants' first language by their new language. investigated the converse: interference in learning a second language emanating from one's first . More recently CL has been practised by linguists in search of cross-linguistic confirmation of hypotheses emanating from monolingual analyses: for example, the syntax of the PRO-drop parameter has been progressively refined through submitting it to validation across a range of language-pairs. CL has regained its original practical significance under the aegis of Interlanguage studies and of Language Awareness (LA) work. proposes a 'new trivium' of language study for schools, in which LA work incorporating simple CAs should serve as interface between mother tongue (MT) and foreign language (FL) study. It has been shown through experimental teaching that raising FL learners' awareness of MT:FL contrasts facilitates the learning of difficult FL structures ().

Contrastive Analysis In English And Arabic Free Essays

Through a review of the current literature on the cultural context of discourse analysis, this investigation explores how ethnic/cultural/linguistic minorities define self-identity through discourse; how minorities employ discourse as a strategy of cultural resistance; how dominant groups use discourse to define their own identities and to re-define those of minorities; and how discourses are used as tools of oppression and reinforcers of stereotypes.

Contrastive Analysis In English And Arabic

Although it is also a form of underdetermination, what we described inSection 1 above as contrastive underdetermination raises fundamentallydifferent issues from the holist variety considered in Section 2 (Bonk2008 is a book-length treatment of many of these issues). This isclearly evident in Duhem’s original writings concerningso-called crucial experiments, where he seeks to show that even whenwe explicitly suspend any concerns about holist underdetermination,the contrastive variety remains an obstacle to our discovery of truthin theoretical science:


A definition of this linguistic subdiscipline, in its applied and its "theoretical" versions, indicating the scope of research in the field, ranging from Behaviourist interference error to neo-Whorfian cognitive approaches. The major rationales for including Contrastive Linguistics on a linguistics degree syllabus are presented together with some guidelines for organising this syllabus. A step-by-step procedure and methodology for teaching Contrastive Lingistics at tertiary level is presented, and the article contains a select set of key references.

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