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Verilog became IEEE Standard 1364 in 1995.

We achieved synthesis by using a Synthesis tool like Foundation Express which outputs a netlist.

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As an international standard, the Verilog market continued to grow.

Verilog is such a simple language; you could easily write code which is easy to understand and easy to map to gates. Code which uses if, case statements is simple and cause little headaches with synthesis tools. But if you like fancy coding and like to have some trouble, ok don't be scared, you could use them after you get some experience with Verilog. Its great fun to use high level constructs, saves time.

After synthesis and P&R, you have a binary file that is ready to be

Synthesis can be done by the FPGA vendor's (free or non-free) software, but can also be done by third-party (non-free) software like .Doing the synthesis using a third-party software usually yields better-optimized netlists (put more and/or faster logic into your FPGAs).

VHDL and Verilog Test Bench Synthesis - SynaptiCAD Inc.

The FIR digital filter algorithm is simulated and synthesized using VHDL.

The gatelevel netlist from the synthesis tool is taken and imported into place and route tool in Verilog netlist format. All the gates and flip-flops are placed; clock tree synthesis and reset is routed. After this each block is routed. The P&R tool output is a GDS file, used by foundry for fabricating the ASIC. Backend team normally dumps out SPEF (standard parasitic exchange format) /RSPF (reduced parasitic exchange format)/DSPF (detailed parasitic exchange format) from layout tools like ASTRO to the frontend team, who then use the read_parasitic command in tools like Prime Time to write out SDF (standard delay format) for gate level simulation purposes.

Rev 1.1Sep 2003Voted Best Paper3rd PlaceSNUG 2003(Boston)Asynchronous & Synchronous ResetDesign Techniques - Part DeuxRev 1.1Sep 2003  SNUG 2003(San Jose)Synthesizable Finite State Machine Design TechniquesUsing the New SystemVerilog 3.0 EnhancementsRev 1.1Mar 2003Voted Best Paper2nd PlaceSNUG 2002(Boston)Verilog Nonblocking Assignments With Delays, Myths & MysteriesRev 1.3Dec 2002Voted Best Paper2nd PlaceSNUG 2002(San Jose)Simulation and Synthesis Techniques for Asynchronous FIFO Designwith Asynchronous Pointer ComparisonsRev 1.1Apr 2002Voted Best Paper1st PlaceSNUG 2002(San Jose)Simulation and Synthesis Techniques for Asynchronous FIFO DesignRev 1.1Apr 2002  SNUG 2002(San Jose)Synchronous Resets?

Introduction to VHDL Simulation and Synthesis:

A comparison of the coding styles between the  and  highlights the different techniques.

Blue Pearl Software quickly performs an exhaustive search of the design’s state space using symbolic simulation and powerful design analysis techniques to verify hundreds of automatically extracted design properties including:

Blue Pearl allows you to check that your RTL complies with design for testability (DFT) rules, reducing the amount of time and effort spent at the gate level finding and fixing scan DFT violations. You can perform scan-path integrity and ATPG checks, and you can check that your JTAG 1149.1 boundary scan test controller or custom test controller operates correctly, all at the register transfer level before you synthesize to gates.

However, in VHDL synthesis, the  andthe  of a design must always be considered together.
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  • verilog synthesis tool free download - SourceForge

    The first of these came to market in 1992, and now there are mature Verilog simulators available from many sources.

  • I am writing a synthesizable module in Verilog in the Xilinx ISE

    As an important part of a complex design,this division is the main objective of the hardware designer using synthesis.

  • Synopsys – Interview Questions – based on Synthesis …

    We use this idea (coding - simulation - synthesis - simulation) to testall of the examples in this tutorial.

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Synopsys – Interview Questions – based on Synthesis and Simulation

Visual Verification
The Blue Pearl Visual Verification environment consists of tools that allow you to evaluate, verify, understand and take full advantage of the constraints and assertions generated by the Blue Pearl Software Suite.

Interview Simulation Synopsys Synthesis Verilog.

Blue Pearl’s Analyze RTL™ combines the ease-of-use methodology and extensive analysis of super-lint tools with the power of formal verification into a single high performance, high capacity design checking solution. With Blue Pearl, you get a unique combination of powerful built-in checks and formal analysis that gives you the most comprehensive and powerful static design checking capability available. Deploy Blue Pearl early and eliminate complex design errors at all stages of your design implementation cycle and drastically reduce the amount of effort you spend finding bugs later using time-consuming traditional test-bench methods.

Icarus Verilog is a Verilog simulation and synthesis tool

Rev 1.1Apr 2002  SNUG 2001(San Jose)Synthesis and Scripting Techniques for Designing Multi-Asynchronous Clock DesignsRev 1.1Mar 2001Voted Best Paper3rd PlaceSNUG 2000(Boston)Coding And Scripting Techniques For FSM Designs With Synthesis-Optimized, Glitch-Free OutputsRev 1.2May 2002Voted Best Paper2nd PlaceSNUG 2000(San Jose)Nonblocking Assignments in Verilog Synthesis, Coding Styles That Kill!

Clicking the simulation and synthesis buttons ..

In this lab, you will specify an entity and test it, synthesize your design using FPGA Express and download it onto an XS40 board using the Xilinx Foundation software.

Vivado - Post synthesis timing simulation - Community …

It is important to find as early as possible RTL coding that prevents the design from getting desired speed. When designing FPGA’s, because their fabric is more constrained than an ASIC, certain types of structures causes slow downs. Rather than wait for synthesis or static timing analysis results, Analyze RTL™ users can easily identify high fanout nets, deeply nested “if-then-else” statements, excessively long logic paths, and poor reset methodology.

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