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You can design synthetic siRNA, Stealth?

The siRNA design tool scans a target gene for candidate siRNA sequences that satisfy user-adjustable rules.

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Scaringe is founder and CEO of Dharmacon, Inc.

This product is sold pursuant to a license from GE Healthcare Dharmacon Inc, and GE Healthcare Dharmacon Inc., reserves all other rights under these patent rights.

One of the primary issues is the fact that not all siRNA are functional.

It was further discovered that by combining 4 or more siRNAs into one pool using 5 pooling factors, it was possible to increase the siRNA effectiveness.

| Dharmacon" title="siRNA: To pool, or not to pool?

Therefore, the selection of functional siRNA target sites is a primary concern to solve.

Asymmetric RNAi duplexes eliminate off-target suppression, gain serum stability, and retain potency with the novel Asymmetric siRNA. We invite you to try this duplex in your next invitro or invivo application.

The result of combining the selection and pooling algorithm results in the production of siRNAs reagents guaranteed to function and reduce mRNA levels by at least 50% every time.

Custom siRNA Synthesis | Dharmacon

This is especially true if it is to be practical to generate a genome-wide library of siRNAs.

Recent innovations from Dharmacon are leading to the development of a truly viable genome-wide library of siRNA reagents using proprietary SMARTselection™ and SMARTpool™ technologies.

A report is generated indicating the position of the AA dinucleotide, the 21 base target and the corresponding sense and antisense siRNA oligonucleotides.

A genome-wide library of siRNA SMARTpool reagents is under development.
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    Selected candidates are then screened to identify those siRNA sequences that are specific to the gene of interest.

  • siRNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis at Dharmacon …

    SMARTselection makes use of an algorithm of over 30 criteria to effectively eliminate non-functional siRNAs.

  • Custom sirna synthesis : Homework help news report

    This algorithm was developed by testing over 300 duplexes and analyzing the functionality of each siRNA.

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Dharmacon currently offers three siRNA …

We offer RNAi-related products for investigating the mechanisms of siRNA (small interfering RNA) induced gene knockdown and applying the specificity & potency of RNAi to human biotherapeutics.

siRNA or crRNA Libraries - Request Pricing | GE Dharmacon

Research and development continues in areas such as improving transfection efficiency, vector development, and improving the longevity of the siRNA effect.

siRNA or crRNA Libraries - Request Pricing

The company has all the internationally leading core technologies of siRNA chemical synthesis, which include the RNA monomer synthesis technology, the custom and chemically-modified siRNA oligo synthesis technology, the nucleic acid fluorescent labeling technology, and many nucleotide chemical modification technologies.

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