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36. Wu J, Xu XY, Liu KL. Synthesis of new chiral building blocks for novel peptide nucleic acids. 2003;21:566-73

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Solid-Phase Synthesis of C-Terminal Peptide …

Here we discuss a SPPS variant featuring these properties which is based on the classical solid phase strategy but focuses on the temperature as physical parameter. However, folding processes after peptide syntheses can hamper the prolongation of the peptide bond formation during the solid phase synthesis.

Formation of N-branched oligonucleotides as by-products in solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis

30. Fader LD, Myers EL, Tsantrizos YS. Synthesis of novel analogs of aromatic peptide nucleic acids (APNAs) with modified conformational and electrostatic properties. 2004;60:2235-46

Standard procedure of a solid-phase peptide synthesis cycle

Solid-Phase Synthesis of Oligodeoxyribonucleotides without Base Protection Utilizing O-Selective Reaction of Oxazaphospholidine Derivatives

81. Bacsa B, Horvati K, Bosze S. . Solid-phase synthesis of difficult peptide sequences at elevated temperatures: a critical comparison of microwave and conventional heating technologies. 2008;73:7532-42

The solid-phase approach utilizes a polymeric protecting group that allows the use of excess reagents to force reactions to near completion by the mass action law and trivial isolation of polymeric product by filtration and washing. Intermediates are not isolated, and purity of the final product depends on complete reaction at each synthetic step and minimization of side reactions during the buildup of the oligomeric peptide and subsequent removal from the polymer with deprotection, to give the desired product. The advent of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with more sophisticated techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), capillary electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry for purification and characterization of the intermediates and final products allows routine synthesis of peptides in the 50- to 100-residue range. Because of the difficulties in purification of larger peptides and small proteins with only minor differences in structure from byproducts, the unambiguous synthesis of larger peptides and small proteins is best accomplished by assembly of fragments that have been purified and fully characterized. This prevents accumulation of side products with only minor structural differences that can be difficult to remove in the final mixture. Initially, chain assembly was relatively easy to optimize, and the majority of undesirable side products in the final cleavage were due to incomplete deprotection of side chains. Considerable effort over two decades was devoted to understanding the sequence-dependent problems leading to truncated sequences or those missing a residue, but these efforts were hampered by the polymeric support itself, which limited application of the normal methods for characterizing intermediates. This effort has led to the current state of the technology, in which average reaction yields are estimated to be greater than 99.5%. Such yields are essential if multiple sequential chemical reactions are performed without isolation and purification of intermediate products.

CiteSeerX — Synthesis of peptide nucleic acids (PNA) …

Thesynthesis was carried out manually using standard protocols ofsolid-phase synthesis of PNAs and peptides.

12. Hojo K, Maeda M, Tanakamaru N. . Solid phase peptide synthesis in water VI: evaluation of water-soluble coupling reagents for solid phase peptide synthesis in aqueous media. 2006;13:189-92

35. Jordan S, Schwemler C, Kosch W. . Synthesis of New Building-Blocks for Peptide Nucleic-Acids Containing Monomers with Variations in the Backbone. 1997;7:681-6

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    The application of microwave energy to solid phase peptide synthesis is not limited to the ..

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Chemistry and Biochemistry Courses

The chemical synthesis of small proteins has only recently become feasible with reliability. Progress in this field has depended on the development of the solid phase procedure and the automated synthesizer by Merrifield to reduce the labor and errors associated with repetitive manual procedures. Difficulties in generating pure peptides arose from accumulated byproducts resulting from synthetic difficulties in chain assembly and deprotection of side-chain functionality. Advances in analytical and purification technologies have provided tools for addressing these problems. A variety of strategies have been developed to overcome the synthetic difficulties, and several laboratories have invested sufficiently in the optimization of the technology to produce synthetic small proteins of sufficient purity as to remove any doubts regarding their biological effects (1).

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Progress in genomics and proteomics attended to the door for better understanding the recent rapid expanding complex research field of metabolomics. This trend in biomedical research increasingly focuses to the development of patient-specific therapeutic approaches with higher efficiency and sustainability. Simultaneously undesired adverse reactions are avoided. In parallel, the development of molecules for molecular imaging is required not only for the imaging of morphological structures but also for the imaging of metabolic processes like the aberrant expression of the cysteine protease cathepsin B () gene and the activity of the resulting product associated with metastasis and invasiveness of malign tumors. Finally the objective is to merge imaging and therapy at the same level. The design of molecules which fulfil these responsibilities is pivotal and requires proper chemical methodologies. In this context our modified solid phase peptide chemistry using temperature shifts during synthesis is considered as an appropriate technology. We generated highly variable conjugates which consist of molecules useful as diagnostically and therapeutically active molecules. As an example the modular PNA products with the complementary sequence to the CtsB mRNA and additionally with a cathepsin B cleavage site had been prepared as functional modules for distinction of cell lines with different gene expression. After ligation to the modular peptide-based BioShuttle carrier, which was utilized to facilitate the delivery of the functional modules into the cells' cytoplasm, the modules were scrutinized.

Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt MP Grade (36,000-50,000 Da)

Automation of the solid-phase reaction was initiated almost immediately once a viable synthetic scheme for peptides was evolved, and the first automated synthesizer was announced by Merrifield and Stewart in 1965 (4). Continuous development of synthesizers and the associated chemistry allows the automated addition of 75 residues per day to a growing peptide chain (5). In many cases, the repetitive yields are sufficiently high that useful products can be isolated from the synthetic mixture by HPLC when small proteins are prepared. If one desires to be more confident that the observed properties are uniquely determined by the targeted sequence, then a more conservative approach utilizing fragment condensation is still required.

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