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"Field studies on photosynthesis in soybeans " by …

Water use efficiency and photosynthesis of glyphosate-resistant soybean ..

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Photosynthesis productivity of soybean - ResearchGate

C3: Rice, soybean, wheat, rye, oats,
millet, barley, potato
C4: Maize (corn), sorghum, pearl millet
and sugarcane
CAM: Pineapple, Cactus
The C4 plant will have the highest rate of photosynthesis over 12 hours of daylight compared to CAM and C3 plants because C4 plants can thrive in direct sunlight and it uses Pep carboxylase instead of Rubisco.
Experimental Design
There will be one plant of each kind; a soybean plant is a C3 plant, a sugarcane plant is a C4 plant, and a cactus is a Cam plant.
There will be 3 chambers with intense sunlight(50 watts)
shining into all of the chambers equally.

Soybean photosynthesis, Rubisco, and carbohydrate enzymes function at supraoptimal temperatures ..

The importance of chloroplast-bound N+G3PDH in photosynthesis and its interesting mode of inheritance warrants further exploration of this enzyme in soybean.

at least when photosynthesis was ..

11/11/2017 · Irrigated Soybean Leaf Photosynthesis in the Humid Subtropical Midsouth

Thus, an evaluation of different glyphosate rates applied in different growth stages of the first and second generation of RR soybeans, revealed a significant decrease in photosynthesis.

Phosphorus (P). Soybeans need a lot of phosphorus, which is used forgeneral growth and metabolism and for photosynthesis. It carries energy from one part of acell to another and helps transport food from one part of the plant to another. It alsomakes up part of cell membranes, nucleic acids and other components. It is necessary forgrowing really high quality crops. Young seedlings especially need available phosphorus.

19/08/2013 · Photosynthesis (CER ..


Breadcrumbs. Biblioteca / Busca de Publicações / effect of increasing doses of glyphosate on water use efficiency and photosynthesis in glyphosate-resistant soybeans.
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    11/02/2017 · Combined effects of lead and acid rain on photosynthesis in soybean seedlings

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    using a row spacing of 76 cm

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