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Submitting your PhD thesis | The University of Edinburgh

One of the scariest things about a PhD is that it is your project and only you can write it. This is not merely scary: it can be overwhelming at times. However, in those final few months I realised that while the impending deadline was still scary, my thesis no longer was. Despite all its faults, all the things I might have done differently and all the things I still don’t know (I have a long list of all three) I had written a thesis. Four months before I submitted, I genuinely didn’t believe this was something I would achieve. However, very slowly in those last few months I began to feel that, although I still had no idea how it was going to happen, finishing my thesis was something I could do.

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Submit your Work or PhD Thesis for Proofreading

you must submit 15 paper copies of your PhD thesis to the Doctorate secretariat of PhD services.

As anyone will tell you, the final few months before submitting a PhD thesis are a whirlwind. There are drafts and redrafts being pinged back and forth between you and your supervisors. That section of a chapter that you’ve been (often with good reason) putting off for the last three years can wait no longer. There are corrections to be made, references to chase, a bibliography to check and arguments to refine and all you really want to do at this point is lie down in a dark room and pretend the world doesn’t exist (this may have been just me but I suspect it’s fairly common).

In the final few months before submission your world shrinks somewhat and your thesis is likely to become, if not the only thing in your life, one of the few things that can grab your attention. Although this is true to some extent throughout your PhD it does step up a gear at this point. Knowing that this would be the case a couple of months before submitting I decided to get organised.

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Students in the direct PhD track must submit their theses by the 42nd month of their ..

MD-PhD students completing their PhD at Duke-NUS 1) will have tuition paid for during the PhD component of their studies; and 2) receive a stipend during the PhD programme. MD-PhD students who successfully complete an approved PhD (subject to terms and conditions) at either Duke-NUS, Duke University (US) or NUS (Singapore) will receive a scholarship in their final MD year that is equivalent in value to their final MD year tuition fee.

The copyright to a dissertation or thesis typically belongs to the PhD student. Most thesis and dissertation guides have a copyright page in which it is so indicated. Some students officially register for copyright through the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress. Some students do so using ProQuest/UMI, which involves a financial payment. There are benefits and costs to doing so. Most scholarly publications, like the Review of Financial Studies, ask the copyright to be transferred to the publisher when you sign a publishing agreement upon acceptance of the manuscript. None of this information represents a substitute for the legal advice of qualified attorneys.

a PhD student submitted a thesis declaring Earth to be flat, ..
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    Submitting your PhD thesis

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If your PhD thesis submission deadline falls between these dates you can submit your thesis using the secure drop box to the right of the red door of the Student Registry office at 4 Mill Lane. Any theses received in the drop box during this period will be processed as having been submitted on Friday 22 December 2017. Any theses received after 9am on Tuesday 2 January 2018 will be processed as having been submitted on that day.

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Of course, there are guidelines to follow and standards to be met but how you go about getting there is unique to you. Just because Bob wrote his introduction in his first year and looks at you in horror when you say you haven’t written yours 5 months before submission does not mean you are doing the PhD wrong, just that you’re approaching it in a different way, and that’s fine (really it is). Also if, like Bob, you did write a perfect introduction by the end of your first year that’s also fine but do try and keep the looks of horror to a bare minimum – they are not helpful.

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Admission Categories

Regular(RR): Fulltime residential research candidate.

Continuing Doctoral Programme (CDP): This if for the candidates working in industry or as a faculty in any educational institution. In this category the candidate is given advance admission with 90 days of residency requirement in 1st year and on successful completion of 1st year, the admission is confirmed with the expected minimum 2 years of full time residential requirement on campus for completing course work and a major part of thesis work. After 2-years, the candidate may be permitted to go back to parent organization subject to significant progress in thesis work. Subsequently, the candidate is expected to complete at least 2 weeks of residency at the Institute for each semester all through the PhD programme. A certificate in support of the candidature must support the application. Click for more details about the programme.

Financial Support

Students joining the Ph.D. program as regulars (RR) will be considered for Institute Fellowship based on the following norms:

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Those final few months are tough, there is no way around that, but for me they were also the most rewarding part of the entire PhD. In the final stages of thesis writing everything happens fast; all of a sudden, chapters go from being drafts to being finished, you find a place for the pesky bit of evidence that needed to be included but didn’t seem to fit anywhere and that perfect quote to open Chapter 5 suddenly appears from nowhere. There is nothing like seeing a project you’ve been working on for so long come together in this way. However, in the midst of submitting a thesis it’s easy not to recognise this and to ignore all the little accomplishments because all you can think about is what is left to do.

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