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15-1-2018 · Define Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis illustrates the stucture of one language strongly affect the world-view of its speakers....

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Definition and Examples of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

Ok Riain, let’s do it!. Let’s ignore English and go with Esperanto. I need to work and make some money as soon as possible. Tell me, how can I make some money with Esperanto today. I am very employable since I am proficient with computers, I am a Chemist; a Math, Physics, Chemistry and General Science Teacher with a long experience. I have administered business with multiples employees, I am also an accountant. But I am willing to do almost anything since I need money, NOW! I have worked in construction and I was a structural welder and a Mechanical and Architectural drafter. I have delivered newspapers and telegrams (do you know what those are?). I have driven limousines and painted houses. I am in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, Praga, Moscow, Helsinki, or any other city in Europe.

@Christos MouzevirisI’m a believer in an extended ‘Sapir-Whorf’ hypothesis.

Now tell me what reasons would you have study English for if it was not your native language? Because it is a beautiful language? I do not think so. I like many languages but have not been able to find the time to study those that will not offer me an economic benefit. Maybe you are one of those that believe that we should leave all the animals free, kill all the scientists and go back to roam the Earth seeking roots and berries with an occasional kill for the animal protein. Well I am not.

Sapir-Whorf hypothesis | Define Sapir-Whorf hypothesis …

Science is a field that utilizes the human imagination, the unbiased testing of hypotheses, and paradigms in order to understand the natural world.

@ Alejandro Carlos
Hi again, Alejandro. You said that things are what they are regardless of what they are called. I agree. Esperanto is a living language because it is a demonstrably fact, not an opinion. You can like it or dislike it, or even insist on calling it an experiment, it doesn’t matter. You can twist it as much as you want, but it is still a fact. Here is yet another evidence: the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has found that Esperanto fulfills all the requirements of a living language. ().

I was making reference to countries that have a moral conscience in terms of care of its people. Not the economic model of Communism. Norway is a country with very socialist goals country, and with enormous wealth. The UK embodies very strong socialist principles, irrespective of what political party is in power, with a state pension for all, free education, a National Health Service, winter fuel allowances for the elderly. Very many European countries also have socialist goals funded by a market economy.

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Overall, the imagination is one of the bases for science, as scientists use it to create concepts for hypotheses and experiments to test in reality.

If a student wishes to study his or her chosen subject at one of the top universities, that student would be required to pass a test, created and delivered by teachers of English. What does an English teacher know of subjects such as Graphic Design, or Neuroscience, or Astrophysics? Why should people who have a passion and genius for these careers in their own language have to be proficient in English before they can claim a place among their peers in the best universities? As an English teacher, I know that when a student has a strong interest in a topic, they will do their English assignments with more enthusiasm. Students who have a passion for a specific field will learn whatever language they need to progress, so once they are studying among fellow- scholars who share their passion, the lingua franca, be it English or Chinese, will improve by leaps and bounds.

It may be true that Esperanto may be easier to learn than English, much easier, but English had a much earlier head start. It has been around much longer than Esperanto, there are over 400 billion native speakers, and over 100 billion speakers of it as a second language (That is over 7%, although it probably really is in the 10 to 15%. What percentage of the World population speaks Esperanto?) Most commerce, financial, scientific and social activities are already carried out in English in more than half the World, if not in all at least a good portion of it. How much is done in Esperanto?

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    The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states that language and culture are so closely connected that one defines the other.

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Posts about Sapir-Whorf hypothesis written by db johnston

Endrus: Making it mandatory would be counter productive since people do not like imposed things. I would rather make it universally available in all schools starting in elementary level, together with other languages which are important in the EU, Spanish, German and French. The official status, if granted, shall be enough to push the language into a more generalized usage, since if you want to work in government you will need to be fluent in the language. And many, if not all, big companies will probably also required it in many positions of importance.
But then again, that is exactly what many Esperantists are proposing for Esperanto. Make Esperanto MANDATORY in all level of education and then there will be equality. Which in my opinion is just rubbish.
Dmitri: It DOES NOT HAVE to be English. It should be the language that will bring the greater benefit to the Union. Of all the languages that could be considered, English offers the greater benefits. It is easier to learn that any of the others (German, French and Spanish), it is the most spoken as a second language in the EU and in the rest of the World, it is the most widely used for Science, Finance, Economy, etc. and it is the “Official” or main language in the largest number of countries in the World. I think that makes it a very important language and one that should be seriously considered for officialdom in the EU.
Sean: Like always, political hogwash. English is just a language. Unfairness and injustice have been present in human history since the beginning, in all languages. Esperanto have never been used by the power elite so it have never been in a position of being used for injustice and unfairness, just give it a chance and you shall see how much unfairness and injustice can be carried out in Esperanto. Besides, it is spoken by a very little number of people in the whole World (and not very well in most cases, and that is the opinion of very important people within the Esperanto Movement, not mine).
Felipe: The official status of a language is just a matter of convenience and economy. That is why Spanish is the official Language of Spain and many other countries were several languages and dialects are spoken. I wonder, what would happen if all the languages of Spain are made official throughout the country? Making English the official language is just a matter of convenience and economy, just like it is in Spain with Spanish and in many other countries with their respective languages. Imagine what would happen if for example India make its almost 500 language official or China makes its almost 300 languages official.

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis revisited | PreBabel Wiki | …

Now we get to the heart of the matter. Politics! And this is where we really differ. I do not advocate English as the World language because it is spoken by the Americans, or the Brits, etc. but because is the easier and more practical way of creating a communication mean that everybody in the World could use to communicate with each other. Not because it is easier, not because it is better but because it is not a very difficult language to learn (despite what you may have to say), it is the most spoken language in the World (excluding Chinese which is only spoken in China to a great extent) and it is already positioned at an advantageous position, since most Commerce, Finance, Scientific and even Social matters are already in English (for whatever reasons it got to be that way, that is not the point of the debate). Most other languages in the World are more difficult to learn than English, nor do they offer the additional advantages English offers.

Opinions on the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis? : linguistics

I have only pointed out that reality, as it stand today, favors the adoption of English.
1. It is the language more people speak in the EU. In total not just native.
2. There are trillions of dollars invested in English infrastructure.
3. Most commercial transactions are carried out in English, within and without (what, are you going to tell me that I can’t use it that way?) the EU.
It is the “de facto” main language in the EU and the World. As of today. Tomorrow? Who knows.
4. It is the language most used in finance, economy, medicine, science and technology in the World. More important in the research side than in the application side, but important nonetheless.
5. It is the language that more people in the World aim to learn because is seen as the language that will provide them with the greatest benefits.

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