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The exact topic is then decided in the dialogue between student and supervisor.

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It is expected that supervisors will comment, preferably in writing, on student’s written work within a mutually agreed turnaround period, normally not later than one month after submission of the work. It is suggested that the turnaround period be negotiated between the supervisor and student and noted in the Student-supervisor Checklist if one is used.

In these cases, the students must be aware that we can only offer limited guidance and supervision.

As a postgraduate who is about to dedicate three or four years to an institution, you have the right to select a supervisor with whom you feel comfortable. Yet increasingly, as the postgraduate bureaucracy in universities increases, administrators and managers “match” a prospective candidate with a supervisor. Do not let this happen. Do research on the available staff. Talk directly with individual academics. Ascertain their willingness to supervise you, and then inform the graduate centre or faculty graduate administrators of their commitment.

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Berlach, R. G. (2010). Supervising a research thesis: A practical guide. (Information Report).

Cullen, S. (2009). Resource guide to dissertation supervision on taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
Retrieved from The Higher Education Academy: Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Network website.

Cullen’s article reviews the supervisory relationship and addresses supervisory issues and concerns and the changing nature of the supervisory relationship over time. The aim of the resource guide is to provide related sources on supervision processes and expectations, roles of the supervisor, styles of supervision, adapting to differing student year groups and the changing supervisory process. This resource guide consists of articles along with short annotated bibliographies.

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Remember to notify the academic advisor and your supervisor before submission. There are no formal consequences for late submission.

The relationship between doctoral students and their thesis supervisor(s) is key for the success of a doctoral programme. Doctoral education should be understood as the process towards obtaining the doctoral degree, and proper thesis supervision has a decisive impact on this process.

At the URV thesis supervision is being progressively enriched and improved within the framework of a project aimed at professionalising doctoral supervision that was set up in 2013 and is fully aligned with European principles and guidelines on doctoral studies1:

When an applicant is recommended for admission to the University, a prospective supervisor is asked to:
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  • Master’s Thesis Supervisory Committees Composition of Committee

    All professors responsible for thesis supervision at graduate levels must be authorized by their faculty to supervise

  • Thesis and Research Supervision - Julian Hermida

    For Honours and coursework Masters theses, format requirements should be explained by your School or supervisor


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This article addresses the opinions and perspectives of undergraduate health science students of group supervision. Interviews were conducted with 77 health science students, and data analysed using inductive content analysis. Five major themes emerged: organisation of group supervision, nature of the group interaction between students, role of the supervisor and learning results. Findings suggest that successful groups comprise three to five students and a supervisor who engage in regular group meetings and self-study. Successful group supervision was reported to stem from a student centred approach and cooperative nature within the group, with interaction between peers based on peer support and informal supervision. The role of the supervisor as a scientific and theoretical expert with high commitment to the group.

Thesis), and policy on supervision.

Kam reviews the supervision relationship in research degrees. The major aim of this article was to examine the extent to which students are dependent on their supervisor to meet their needs. Questionnaires were completed by 250 postgraduate students at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Findings suggest that there is no one best style of supervision. Instead, supervisory practices may vary according to the interaction of student and staff expectations, student needs and discipline.

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Johnston examines the potential for professional development to change supervisory practices and relationships in postgraduate supervision. Focus groups were used to gauge student and supervisor experiences of postgraduate supervision. Students generally believed their role in the practices and strategies implemented by supervisors was minimal, but student involvement is necessary to create change if practices implemented by supervisors are not effective. The private nature of supervision acts as a barrier to evaluation of supervisory practices. The use of group supervision sessions may provide students the ability to voice common concerns and for supervisors to gauge the practices of other supervisors.

Thesis supervision - C Hsieh - CGE @ SUNY Korea

Johnston (1995). Professional development for postgraduate supervision
The Australian Universities’ Review, 38, 16-19.

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