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With my type of disability I don't know what exercise I can do.

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I tried your calculator and I do not agree with what it said.

I wish I'd read this earlier, I found that there wasn't a lot of advice post surgery as to do what when, to my demise!

7 months ago I had labral tear repair, osteochondroplasty and a cam shave. Was given crutches for 4 weeks and told to start hydrotherapy immediately, I even had my first session in the hospital the day after the surgery. All went well to begin with and 2 weeks in, I was much improved. At this point I decided to freestyle my rehabilitation and do a "light" session in the gym doing some unweighted squats, dynamic bridges and leg extensions. Major mistake! Pain was excruciating and got worse for a 2 days. I ended up being on crutches for 6 weeks and then back to work. The hip was painful every day with recovery at a snails pace. I thought that I might have retorn it but an MRI scan suggested not. 3 Months later, the pain still really bad, tried injections but they didn't last long at all.

Eventually the surgeon decided that It might be torn again and I agreed to another arthroscope. This was 4 weeks ago. The surgeon reported that the original stitches had held but a new part of the labrum had torn, so he repaired that too. This time 2 weeks on crutches and all was progressing really well. Every so often a slight flare up if over doing the bike (on no resistance) or too long in the pool but nothing severe. Then 2 days ago I stupidly attempted to lift up my bed whilst kneeling, big flare up! Not in the same league as before but a fair step backwards, just icing and hoping for the best now! You literally can't get away with anything post surgery...

I think the best advice on this site is to take your time and don't rush recovery! I'd recommend getting a week by week advice plan from your physio and don't stray from it. ...

 Here is the back cover fabric cutout. You can see the 1/4 inch seam allowance around the edge.

Fill in your data, including your nutrition goals and on page 2 of the calculator will be the amount of calories, carbohydrate, protein and fat a 20 yr old female needs

I know I don't eat that much now.

I would have to lose muscle, lots of muscle.

I had a simple choice: Get busy living or get busy dying. I could try cortisone shots hoping the steroid wouldn't destroy my bones as I toremore of my hip apart or I could have the relatively new surgery to try my chances at what may be a full recovery. It became simple for me the more my mind coaxed over it: Nothing ventured - nothing gained.

Just think about a tall guy with long thin legs and a tall guy with short legs, but a tall upper body - a relative shift of the leg to body ratio has a far larger impact with tall people than with short folks.

Unfortunately none of us have internet access or a PC.

Is this commercially available?

I forgot to mention in my prior post, DO THE THERAPY!!!!

I was told at 2 weeks to ween off crutches using pain as a guide. That was the last time I have touched them. My doctor and therapist are blown away by how quickly I have advanced, I am far from a physical specimen, just an average guy, so I have to attribute my healing and range of motion to the fact that I have performed the therapy twice a day per my Therapist's direction.

Eat right, drop the prescription meds as quickly as you can tolerate, DO THE THERAPY and your recovery will go well. Don't be afraid of dull pain or discomfort, you will have pain, but you can handle it. Why? because you are strong. Don't dwell on the pain and the small setbacks, celebrate the recovery and the gains you make along the way.

I was so happy to stumble across this as I did research on what may possibly be wrong with my hip. X-rays show a flattened side to the ball part of my joint and an extension of bone along the edge of the socket. I had an MRA on Thursday afternoon and am awaiting a call from my doctor as I'm going out of town. I was reassured that your pain level wasn't always a 8/9 like many others talk about. Mine stays 2/4 with peaks at 6/7 with different activities. I know something is not right but I'm just not sure what. If surgery is an option for me I will take it just as you did because I need to continue with my active lifestyle. My symptoms started in my lower back as yours did but just since this past March and have settled into my groin and hip as well. My massage therapist can alleviate some of the pain, but there is always the same part that never goes away. I test positive for a labral tear at both pt and the surgeon. Wish me luck, hoping it's not surgical of course but just in case thank you for your blog!

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  • I am in good physical condition.


  • I'm aerobically fit and weight 195.

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  • I am a below the knee amputee and weight myself with my prothesis on.

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The calculator listed 3770 calories which seems high.

i found your article after finding my own method of climbing up and down stairs by keeping my left leg straight and taking the weight with my good right leg. i am going to take time to read your diary. i have recently been diagnosed with FAI and am on waitlist for an appointment with a surgeon.

i think i will keep a diary too as it is so useful for other people who have been blown away with the pain, and the not knowing anything about what will happen following surgery.

thank you for your article.

I have patently got a pear shape.

Thank you for writing this blog. It is very helpful! I had right labral tear surgery in April and now my left hip labram is frayed. More than likely I will have surgery in October. I am nervous about having both hips done especially while the other will be six months post op. My left hip flexors feel really tight and ache. Any thoughts on having both surgeries since you did? I feel like I just stay in constant pain. My obliques are always sore as well as my back. Thank you so much and good luck to you!!

Most diets talk about 2000 per day calorie intake.

I am almost four weeks post op and your blog has been very helpful. Also, reading other people's comments has somewhat alleviated some fears I have since I also have to have the other hip done. Thank you!

Why is this not recognized in your program?

Thank you for doing this blog. I am 13 weeks postop for a combined cam and pincer FAI in my left hip. Unfortunately the surgeon found cartilage damage under the labral tear. He debrided both due to my age. I was 64 at the time of surgery and am now 65. He shaved the cam bump and found a cyst underneath which was also shaved. Due to my age the surgeon did not do a repair and due to the cyst I was on crutches for 3 weeks with very limited weight bearing. I asked if I should have a replacement due to my age and he felt that due to my active lifestyle and good joint space this surgery would be the best. At this point in my rehab I know if I needed this done in my right hip I would absolutely say no way. I gave up running about 15 years ago. Now I am an avid right handed golfer and I enjoy hiking and walking. I have not been cleared to golf. I can walk on level ground 30 minutes, not at a fast pace. Is there anyone out there who is about my age and had this done? I would like some moral support!

Is there something wrong in the calculator?

Hi all,

I'm a 21 year old female, 22 days post-op on a left hip scope done in Nashville, TN by Dr. Thomas Byrd. It's so heartening to hear the stories of others who have gone through this difficult procedure. It was difficult enough just to find a dr who could tell us why I was continuing to have pain in my joint. Before I was diagnosed with a labral
Tear back in 2010 (and told surgery was not a good option at the time and to basically kiss the sport I loved goodbye...), I began trying to limit my physical activity. As I had played competitive, division 1 year-round soccer throughout junior high and high school, this proved increasingly difficult, and it took a huge strain on my physical as well as emotional well-being. Finally, more than 3 years later we discovered dr Byrd, who was able to tell us I had both labral damage as well as FAI.... And upon going in for the surgery discovered severe hidden cartilage damage as well. I'm on crutches for the remainder of this week and am still in some pain, working twice a week with the physical therapist to gradually increase my range of motion. Hoping it will prove successful.....

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