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(1989) Mutagenicity of aldehydes and diketones.

(Synthesis of b-Hydroxy Aldehydes and Ketones and a,b-Unsaturated Aldehydes and Ketones)

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Synthesis of alpha-hydroxy ketones. - BP CHEM INT LTD

Acyclic alpha-diketones and alpha-hydroxyketones without a terminal methyl group and alicyclic diketones and hydroxyketones are mainly metabolized by reduction to the corresponding diol, followed by glucuronic acid conjugation and excretion (Mills & Walker, 1990; Ong et al., 1991).

Therefore, at physiological pH, an increase in the alpha-hydroxyketone (i.e.

Organic chemistry: “Amino acid and polypeptide synthesis”. Amino acid synthesis--Gabriel synthesis; synthesis. degradation. Polypeptide synthesis-- () and () amino-protecting groups; protection of the terminus via ester formation; DCC () -activating reagent. An example of calculating and charge at a specific pH for a long polypeptide

Synthesis of alpha-hydroxy ketones.

alpha-Hydroxyketones and their diol metabolites may be excreted as glucuronic acid conjugates.

RELEVANT BACKGROUND INFORMATION 2.1 Explanation This group of substances was selected on the basis of the criteria that all members of the group are aliphatic and contain functional groups (alpha-diketones, alpha-hydroxyketones, and esters of a methylcyclopentenolone hydroxyketones) which have similar chemical reactivity and participate in common pathways of metabolic detoxification.

No data on toxicity were required for application of the procedure to 21 of the aliphatic acyclic and alicyclic alpha-diketones and related alpha-hydroxyketones.

Synthesis of alpha-Hydroxy Ketones from Vicinal Diols …

(1983) Mutagenicity of alpha-hydroxy ketones may involve superoxide anion radical.

For example, the glucuronic acid conjugate of cyclohexanol was detected in the urine of humans exposed to cyclohexanone (Ong et al., 1991), indicating that alpha-hydroxylation followed by reduction of the ketone function occurs in humans.

In humans, structurally related alicyclic monoketones are reduced to the corresponding alcohols or undergo alpha-hydroxylation and reduction to yield diols, which are excreted as the glucuronic acid conjugates.

Therefore, 17 of the 22 substances in this group exist as mixtures of alpha-diketone and unsaturated alpha-hydroxyketone.
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    The two remaining members of the group (Nos 406 and 407) are aliphatic esters of the alpha-hydroxyketone acetoin (No.

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    Aliphatic acyclic diketones and alpha-hydroxyketones that contain a carbonyl function at the 2 position (i.e.

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Beta-Hydroxy Ketone Synthesis « Naturalproductman’s …

1.6 Conclusions The 22 aliphatic acyclic and alicyclic alpha-diketones and related alpha-hydroxyketones evaluated do not pose a safety concern at current levels of intake as flavouring agents.

Biocatalytic production of alpha-hydroxy ketones and vicinal ..

However, there are many exceptions to this sequence depending on the reagents used, as well as steric and electronic effects in the substrate. In addition to peracids, alkaline hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide together with a Bronsted or Lewis acid like BF3 can also be effective. The migratory tendency can be quite different with different reagents. For example, benzaldehyde gives mostly H migration with KHSO5, mostly Ph migration with H2O2/NaOH, and about equal amounts of both with MCPBA. Electron rich aryl rings migrate preferentially over electron poor ones, and thus the sequence among secondary, aryl, and hydrogen migratory aptitudes can be changed by substituents on the aromatic ring. Vinyl groups migrate comparably to aryl, but the enol ester products are often epoxidized during the reaction.

Hydroxy ketone synthesis by oxidation – Organic Chemistry Portal

Three (Nos 405, 409, and 416) other members of the group are aliphatic alpha-hydroxyketones which may be formed in vivo by simple reduction of one of the two ketone functions in the corresponding alpha-diketone.

Stereospecific synthesis of 16. cap alpha. -hydroxy-17 …

The Baeyer-Villiger oxidation involves the peroxide-induced insertion of an oxygen between the carbonyl carbon and one of the substituents to form an ester (or a lactone if the ketone was cyclic, as in the example below) through the action of a hydroperoxy oxidant, usually a percarboxylic acid, but hydrogen peroxide itself under acid or base-catalyzed conditions will sometimes be reactive enough for aldehydes or if the ketone is strained (e.g. cyclobutanones).

Alpha-hydroxy ketone - WikiVisually

These ketone-ester condensations work even better if the ester does not have alpha hydrogens. This includes formates, carbonates and oxalates as the ester component.

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