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Synthesis, Structure, Magnetic, Spectral, and Photophysical Aspects

Synthesis and Photophysics of a Novel Porphyrin-C60 Hybrid, Tetrahedron Lett.

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Synthesis, Photophysical, and Device Properties of …

* Modibane, K. D. (2009) Synthesis and photophysical properties of antimony and lead phthalocyanines. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.

Synthesis, characterization and photophysical properties of ESIPT reactive triazine derivatives

The synthesis of easily functionalized and highly soluble fluorene-containing hexabenzocoronenes (FHBC) has been achieved in high yield at a gram scale. Conjugated triarylamine oligomers were coupled to the FHBC cores via Buchwald−Hartwig coupling, and the photophysical properties of resulting dendritic materials were examined by ultrafast laser spectroscopic techniques. Efficient quenching of the triarylamine oligomer fluorescence was observed paving the way for the inclusion of these materials in bulk heterojunction solar cells. In preliminary studies, solar cell devices with external quantum efficiencies above 5% have been fabricated.

Synthesis, photophysical and cellular characterisation …

13/05/2012 · Synthesis and photophysical properties of porphyrin-containing polymers

The synthesis of a series of push–pull arylvinyl (styryl), aryl, and arylethynyl quinazoline derivatives by means of different straightforward protocols is reported. The photophysical properties of the compounds are described. The preparation of arylvinylquinazolines was performed by aldol condensation of the appropriate methylquinazoline and functionalized benzaldehyde. Suzuki and Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions were used to prepare the aryl and arylethynyl compounds, respectively, starting from chloroquinazolines. Optical studies revealed that all of the compounds reported here behave in a way similar to that of their pyrimidine counterparts, with absorption bands in the UV or visible region and the emission of green light upon irradiation. Large red shifts were observed in the fluorescence emission maxima upon increasing the solvent polarity. This strong emission solvatochromism suggests the formation of an intramolecular charge-separated emitting state. The materials can be easily and reversibly protonated at the nitrogen atoms of the heterocyclic ring, and this causes dramatic color changes. This phenomenon opens up the possibility of developing colorimetric pH sensors that can be efficiently modified a posteriori for specific applications.

T1 - Synthesis and photophysical characterization of porphyrin and porphyrin-Ru(ii) polypyridyl chromophore-catalyst assemblies on mesoporous metal oxides

Synthesis, photophysical properties and spectroelectrochemical ..

Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of a Series of Quinazoline Chromophores.

Synthesis and photophysical and electrochemical properties of a binuclear ..
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  • Synthesis, photophysical and photochemical properties …

    Synthesis, photophysical, and electrochemical properties of a new family of trinuclear Ru(II) polypyridine complexes

  • Novel Rhodafluors: Synthesis, Photophysical, pH and …

    Synthesis And Photophysical Properties Of Antimony …

  • Synthesis and photophysical characterization of …

    Synthesis and photophysical studies of fluorenone …

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