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DNA enzymes & protein synthesis/ chemicals …

04/06/2015 · Towards efficient chemical synthesis via engineering enzyme catalysis in biomimetic nanoreactors

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Propioin synthesis using thiamine diphosphate-dependent enzymes

Such biological differences can only be detected by enzyme-histological investigation, when the results of biochemical determinations are within normal limits and no alterations are seen using conventional histological techniques.

28/08/2012 · Synthesis, enzymes and force fields: defining chemical elegance

(page 2 of 2) One of the advantages of these new, short, synthetic heparins is that they can be synthesized in 10 to 12 steps (vs. Fondaparinux, over 50 steps!) in high yields. This is because they are made chemoenzymatically - made using special chemical cofactors and specialized enzymes. Because enzymes are very specific in how they link molecules together, many synthetic steps can be skipped or can be done at the same time. Here, heparin and heparan sulfate biosynthetic enzymes were used to transform a simple disaccharide isolated from a bacteria into two synthetic ultra-low molecular weight heparins. Making heparin synthetically will help ensure that this important drug is chemically pure.

Enzymatic Synthesis of Rhamnose Containing Chemicals …

few of them were available using the enzymatic synthesis method because of the scarcity ..

Enzyme-catalysed, biochemical transformations can be classified into four main types: (a) oxidations, (b) reductions, (c) hydrolyses and (d) synthetic reactions (see Table 4.1 in Annex to this Chapter).

CONCLUSION: Lipases are versatile enzymes that are used widely and are becoming increasingly important in high-value applications in the food industry and the production of fine chemicals. Lipases are capable of region selective and stero selective biotransformation and allow resolution of racemic mixtures. Lipases with improved properties are being produced by natural selection and protein engineering for 16S rRNA study and for further study to enhance usefulness of these enzymes. Simultaneously, advances are being made in bioreactor and reaction technologies for effectively using the lipases. However, the rate of progress is slow lipase-based processing has a promising future; Factors posing limitations include are latively high cost of lipases and a lack of enzymes with the optimal range of catalytic specificities and properties required in the various applications.

New routes to driving enzyme-catalysed chemical synthesis using ..

synthetic applications using hydrolases and non-hydrolytic enzymes

INTRODUCTION: Lipases (triacylglycerol acyl hydrolases, EC catalyze the hydrolysis and the synthesis of esters formed from glycerol and long-chain fatty acids. Lipases occur widely in nature, but only microbial lipases are commercially significant. The many applications of lipases include specialty organic syntheses, hydrolysis of fats and oils, modification of fats, flavor enhancement in food processing, resolution of racemic mixtures, and chemical analyses. This article discusses the production, recovery, and use of microbial lipases. Issues of enzyme kinetics, thermostability, and bioactivity are addressed and also productions of recombinant lipases are detailed. Immobilized preparations of lipases are discussed. In view of the increasing understanding of lipases and their many applications in high-value syntheses and as bulk enzymes, these enzymes are having an increasing impact on bioprocessing

Feasibility of the chemoenzymatic synthesis of Neu5Ac using spore surface ..

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    This review is concerned with the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles using plant extracts

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