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Synthesis reagents Those reagents those are suitable for organic synthesis and preparative applications.

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Organic synthesis is a special type of chemical synthesis

Whichever way the methane is obtained, it will contain some organic sulfur compounds and hydrogen sulfide, both of which must be removed. Otherwise, they will poison the catalyst needed in the manufacture of synthesis gas. In the desulfurisation unit, the organic sulfur compounds are often first converted into hydrogen sulfide, prior to reaction with zinc oxide. The feedstock is mixed with hydrogen and passed over a catalyst of mixed oxides of cobalt and molybdenum on an inert support (a specially treated alumina) at ca 700 K.

A dedicated subreddit for the discussion of psychoactive synthetic research chemicals

Monomer Polymer and Dajac Labs (MP) specializes in custom synthesis and contract research as well maintaining over 2,000 catalog products, developed from our own research programs. MP provides extensive production capabilities including custom synthesis services ranging from kilo to multi-ton volumes. The company’s key expertise is taking specialty chemicals from start-up to commercialization. Our extensive experience in chemical syntheses protocols and formulations allows us to efficiently produce custom molecules aiding R&D and reducing our customer’s time to market for new applications. We offer our clients custom synthesis contract research services with IP-protection.

Only organic compounds are created in organic synthesis

Ethyl salicylate is synthesized, isolated, and characterized in a three-step process using simple equipment and household chemicals. First, acetylsalicylic acid is extracted from aspirin tablets with isopropyl alcohol, then hydrolyzed to salicylic acid with muriatic acid, and finally, the salicylic acid is esterified using ethanol and a boric acid catalyst. The experiment can be directed towards high school or university level students who have sufficient background in organic chemistry to recognize the structures and reactions that are involved.

We offer wide range of products with most common grading available on each item. It includes Synthesis grade, Extra pure grade, GR grade, ACS grade. Grading for special application such as HPLC grade, Pesticide grade, Electronic grade, Biochemistry grade, Histology and solvent for Trace Analysis etc. The purity grade helps us to classify the large variety of reagents that exist in the market. Purity grade is expressed in the product name by means of a quality denomination that follows to the product nomenclature (i.e. "Guaranteed Reagent" or "Extra Pure"). Several quality denominations are common to all manufacturers but, in addition, every manufacturer creates its own quality denominations for specific applications.

Chemical Synthesis — Richman Chemical Inc

OTAVAchemicals, a leading chemical and drug discovery company offers custom synthesis of organic molecules for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Our small-scale and large-scale chemistry capabilities are able to undertake your projects and work with them right from idea to final production at any scale. A synthetic route literature search is also available (using CAS Sci-Finder, Reaxys and Beilstein databases). The big advantage we have is our operational flexibility and long-standing expertise in synthesis of chemical building blocks, synthesis of compound libraries based on chemical scaffold, custom synthesis of the biologically active compounds (inhibitors/activators, agonists/antagonists etc) and natural product derivatives on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated full service solution. The synthetic work can incorporate of proprietary cheminformatics, molecular modeling and computational chemistry procedures as well as virtual screening and QSAR in order to select/design compounds or target-focused libraries for various HTS screening and drug discovery projects.

Exclusive Chemistry Ltd is a chemistry-based company specializing in the design and synthesis of organic compounds for the pharmaceutical, drug discovery, agrochemical and biotechnology industries.

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Glycoteam - Custom syntheses and organic chemicals

Exclusive Chemistry Ltd offers a custom synthesis service of compounds that are not commercially available (at the mg and gram scales). You just the required compound (chemical name or/and CAS number), and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible (usually within the 24 - 48 hours). As for the price, the quote will include our estimated time for the synthesis. Custom synthesis is our core business.

Custom Synthesis - Angene Chemical

Chemical synthesis is an essential part of drug development. However, the number of technical and managerial tasks involved in the process – many of which prove to be "one-off" operations - can serve to hamper the overall effectiveness of the research team. Outsourcing the activity to Aurora Fine Chemicals is an efficient, cost-effective means of ensuring the smooth and timely passage of new drug compounds through the pipeline.

Principles of Organic Synthesis - Michigan State …

Aurora Fine Chemicals offers a full range of services in custom organic synthesis. We have 20 years experience of satisfying the organic synthesis requirements of drug discovery companies and research institutions worldwide. Aurora's chemists are skilled at performing complex, multi-step syntheses and solving difficult chemistry-related problems. Because of our small (or better: concentrated) size and low overheads, we are able to offer prompt quotations, very competitive prices, high quality products and fast delivery.

Custom Synthesis Services - Life Chemicals

Lancaster Synthesis (part of the Alfa Aesar, A Johnson Matthey Company) produces research chemicals catalogs that lead the market in technical content and unique products. Lancaster Synthesis catalogs are published in the UK, USA, Germany, France, India, and Japan, and are supported by a global distribution network.

The custom synthesis | Wuhan Kasien Chemical Co., Ltd

We supply building blocks for combinatorial chemistry and intermediates for organic synthetic chemistry. Our major products include the kinds of compounds that cannot be found in the major catalogues, such as boronic acids, heteroaromatic acids, amines (primary and secondary) and aldehydes.

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