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In the lab, cyclohexanol can be oxidized to cyclohexanone.

It is an irritant.; The great majority of cyclohexanone is consumed in the production of precursors to Nylon 66 and Nylon 6.

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Cyclohexanone is used as a precursor for nylon.

Then then carbon chain can be broke and get adipic acid But under the effect of strong oxidizing agent such as concerntrated nitric acid or potassium permanganate, the cyclohexanol can be directly oxidized to adipic acid.

About half of the world's supply is converted to adipic acid, one of two precursors for nylon 66.

The radical scavenging Furan acids are able to eliminate radicals before their concentrations are exponentially increasing by means of a radical chain reaction.

EFFECT: more efficient synthesis of cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol.

Cyclohexanone (25 mmol, 2.45 g) was added to the residueand the mixture was refluxed for 5 min.

Samples of cyclohexanone raw distillate and VAT residue analyzed for composition chromatography on hardware-software complex Hromatek Analyst based chromatograph "Crystal 2000" with the following parameters: column - capillary phase OV - 101 m × 0.25 m; column temperature - 130-260°C; heating rate of 10°C/min; evaporator temperature - 350°C; detector temperature of 300°C; carrier gas, helium; dilution flow - 1/80; the analysis duration is 45 minutes.

Comparing the data of tables 1 and 2, we can conclude that without the addition of alkali at rectification of cyclohexanone to achieve good performance PI fails: its value remains within 120 at an initial rate of raw materials 385 and the normalized value of 20; the purity of the obtained cyclohexanone-rectified also does not meet the requirements.

Preparation of CYCLOHEXANONE (pimelic ketone; ..

The main metabolic pathway leads to cyclohexanol, which is excreted in urine coupled with glucuronic acid.

The invention relates to a method of purification of cyclohexanone obtained by oxidation of cyclohexane with oxygen or dehydrogenation of cyclohexanol used in the production of caprolactam (polyamide).

It is known that the quality of commercial caprolactam obtained from cyclohexane by oxidation scheme through cyclohexanone, depends on the quality of the latter. The main impurities of cyclohexanone, reducing the quality of the caprolactam, are products containing ether, aldehyde groups, and unsaturated high-molecular compounds. [1, 2]. They are formed during oxidation and dehydrogenation and while rectification in cyclohexanone, continue to participate in various secondary reactions, increase permanganate index (PI) of the target product (cyclohexanone and caprolactam), reducing their quality and increasing losses.

Thus, linolenic acid gives rise to sixteen dienoic acids containing a cyclopentenyl or a cyclohexenyl ring ().
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  • Synthesis of cyclohexanone derivatives ..

    Following.3003 Synthesis of trans-2-chlorocyclohexanol from cyclohexene C 7H 13ClNNaO 5S (281.7) (98.1) CH 3 SO 2 B.

  • A Green Method for Synthesis of Cyclohexanone …

    The cyclohexanone synthesized cyclohexanone to bring.1 Synthesis of Cyclohexene via Dehydration of Cyclohexanol.

  • One-step synthesis of ε-caprolactam from cyclohexane …

    EFFECT: obtaining highly pure cyclohexanone, suitable for use as raw material for synthesis of ε-caprolactam.

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Oxidation of Cyclohexanol and Synthesis ..

EFFECT: method increases overall selectivity of converting cyclohexane to cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol and also considerably reduces formation of by-products.

Synthesis of Cyclohexanol by ..

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of preparing a mixture of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone which are intermediate products in production of polyamides nylon-6 and nylon-6.6. The method is realised at high temperature and high pressure and involves the following successive cycles: oxidation of cyclohexane - decomposition of cyclohexylhydroperoxide, wherein oxidation of cyclohexane and decomposition of cyclohexylhydroperoxide are carried out in separate series-connected reactors without intermediate separation of the aqueous phase, whereby in each separate cycle, cyclohexane is oxidised with air or an oxygen-containing gas in liquid phase in the absence of a catalyst until conversion of cyclohexane of not more than 1.5 mol %, and the cyclohexylhydroperoxide formed during oxidation of cyclohexane is decomposed on a heterogeneous catalyst in a separate reactor until conversion of not less than 90 mol %.

Adipic acid via oxidation of cyclohexanone - YouTube

SUBSTANCE: method involves a step for oxidising cyclohexane to obtain cyclohexyl hydroperoxide, a step for catalytic decomposition of cyclohexyl hydroperoxide on a heterogeneous catalyst to obtain a mixture of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone and a step for distilling cyclohexane, carried out at high temperature and pressure. Said steps form a single circulation loop in which the reaction mixture is circulated through transfer of cyclohexane vapour from the boiler of the distillation apparatus into an oxidation reactor, as well as due to subsequent spontaneous overflow under gravitational forces of the liquid reaction mixture from the oxidation reactor to a decomposition reactor and then into the boiler of the distillation apparatus. The cyclohexane oxidation reactor lies over the cyclohexyl hydroperoxide decomposition reactor which is on the same level as or below the level of the boiler of the distillation apparatus. Conversion of cyclohexane in the oxidation zone is not more than 1.0 mol % and conversion of cyclohexyl hydroperoxide in the decomposition zone is not less than 90.0 mol %.

Synthesis cyclohexanone from cyclohexene?

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of producing cyclohexanone from cyclohexane, involving the following stages: oxidation of cyclohexane to hydroperoxide of cycohexyl with oxygen in the absence of a catalyst, purification of the reaction medium by washing with water, decomposition of hydroperoxide of cycohexyl to cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone in the presence of a catalyst, extraction of the cyclohexanol/cyclohexanone mixture for separating unreacted cyclohexane and separation of products with boiling point higher than that of the cyclohexanol/cyclohexanone mixture, dehydrogenating cyclohexanol contained in the cyclohexanol/cyclohexanone mixture, in the presence of a dehydrogenation catalyst, distillation of the obtained mixture so as to obtain first run (F1) at the first stage, containing compounds with boiling point lower than that of cyclohexanone, and a last run (Q1) and distillation of the last run (Q1) to obtain a first run (F2) at the second stage, formed from cyclohexanone, and a last run (Q2).

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