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Yet despite the acknowledged importance of this phase of the design process, there continues to appear something magical about synthesis when encountered in professional practice: because synthesis is frequently performed privately ("in the head" or "on scratch paper"), the outcome is all that is observed, and this only after the designer has explicitly begun the form-making portion of the design process. While other aspects of the design process are visible to non-designers (such as drawing, which can be observed and generally grasped even by a naive and detached audience), synthesis is often a more insular activity, one that is less obviously understood, or even completely hidden from view. Designers may follow a user-centered discovery process to immerse themselves in a particular subject or discipline, and then go "incubate" that material. After a period of reflection, they will produce a tangible artifact as a visual representation of the reflection. When synthesis is conducted as a private exercise, there is no visible connection between the input and the output; often, even the designers themselves are unable to articulate exactly why their design insights are valuable. Clients are left to trust the designer, and more often than not, the clients simply reject the insight as being "blue sky" or simply too risky.

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Design synthesis is fundamentally a way to apply abductive logic within the confines of a design problem.[8] The various constraints of the problem begin to act as logical premises, and the designer's work and life experiences—and their ease and flexibility with logical leaps based on inconclusive or incomplete data—begin to shape the abduction. Abduction acts as inference or intuition, and is directly aided and assisted by personal experience. Yet the personal experience need not be with the specific subject matter of the design problem. The abduction itself can be driven by any design or cultural patterns that act as an argument from best explanation. As described by Peirce, "The abductive suggestion comes to us like a flash. It is an act of insight, although extremely fallible insight. It is true that the different elements of the hypothesis were in our minds before; but it is the idea of putting together what we had never before dreamed of putting together which flashes the new suggestion before our contemplation." [9]

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The Quantum Design Applications Team has been traveling across the world in 2017 to host seminars educating users on our latest measurement options. This past May, a workshop was held at Cambridge University in cooperation with QD UK & Ireland, and in October another was hosted by QD Taiwan at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan. In these small group settings, Applications Scientists have the opportunity to work directly with users, discussing potential experiments and how measurement platforms like the MPMS 3 and DynaCool can best serve a researcher's particular needs. Underlying measurement theory, best practices of sample preparation, and advice on data interpretation are also covered.

Clients don't see the relationship between design research and design ideas, and therefore discount the value of design research and design synthesis entirely. Because synthesis is frequently relegated to an informal step in the overall process, it is practiced implicitly; a single designer forges connections in the privacy of her own thoughts, and performs only rudimentary sensemaking. The design output and solutions can be unique, novel, and even exciting, but because there is no artifact-based procedural trail, the client isn't aware of the various internal deliberations that have occurred. After encountering several design projects that include implicit design synthesis, a client may proclaim that they don't see the value in a discovery phase for future design activities. They are, of course, right: they didn't see anything of value, and so they assumed the phase to be a waste of resources.

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Founded in 1992, Synthesis Design Inc

Ki-Bum Lee is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University, where he has been a faculty member since 2008. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Northwestern University (with Chad. A. Mirkin, 2004) and completed his postdoctoral training at The Scripps Research Institute (with Peter G. Schultz, 2007). The primary research interest of Prof. Lee’s group is to develop and integrate nanotechnologies and chemical functional genomics to modulate signaling pathways in cells (e.g., stem cells and cancer cells) toward specific cell lineages or behaviors. In recognition of his outstanding scientific achievement at Rutgers, Dr. Lee has received several awards including the NIH Director’s New Innovator Awards (2009), Board of Trustees Research Award for Scholarly Excellence (2013), Johnson and Johnson Proof-of-Concept Award (2011), Faculty Research Grant Award (2012), and New Jersey Spinal Cord Research Award (2009). He is the first author, coauthor, and corresponding author of approximately 48 articles published in high-profile journals including , , , , , , , , , , , , , and , which are highly cited (>5000).

The design method of reframing attempts to recast the above frame in a new perspective. Consider reframing the above example from the perspective of a different individual, rather than the non-descript "average person." The designer can purposefully view the problem from the perspective of a dentist, or a toothpaste manufacturer, or a child; the designer can shift cultural perspectives to think of an "average Indian" or "someone from Thailand"; the designer can reframe from the point of view of a person with no working limbs, or a group of people. The implications for designed artifacts are dramatically shifted each time the problem is reframed.

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Managing a network can be expensive, complicated and time consuming. You have to monitor various network services, deal with multiple vendors, consolidate bills, wade through service agreements and still find time to focus on core business objectives. Synthesis Technology Group, Inc. offers an alternative solution that is simple, convenient and cost effective.

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Synthesis Technology Group founders have over 20 years of expertise in enterprise network/systems design, implementation and management. We bring the same technology that we have successfully used for years to keep enterprise networks/systems functional to small and medium sized businesses at cost effective prices. So whether you have a 24x7 data network or an e-business infrastructure, Synthesis Technology Group Managed Services (STGMS) is the solution to keep your network/systems up-and-running.

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Synthesis Technology Group, Inc. knows that the current state of the IT function is critical to assessing the true health of a business. It represents an untapped source of cost effectiveness as well as opportunities for improved operational efficiencies. By partnering with STG, organizations can gain a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities present in the IT department and make strategic decisions that extract greater value from IT.

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Synthesis Technology Group, Inc. (STG) was founded in 2000 by David Henry. David brings over 20 years of Information Technology (IT) experience to STG in such diverse areas as Financial Services, Government Operations, Security, Enterprise Networks and Systems Integration. Since its inception Synthesis Technology Group specializes in data network/systems infrastructure design, implementation, collocation services and 24x7x365 managed support for such industries as Legal, Financial, Publishing, and Hospitality.

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