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This is not always the case in a synthesis reaction.

Synthetic images are often used to verify the correctness of operatorsby applying them to known images.

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Write correct formulas for the products in these synthesis reactions.

Synthesis can also be two compounds making a more complex compound (or a compound and an element joining together) as in these examples:

CaO + CO2 ---> CaCO3
Na2O + CO2 ---> Na2CO3
KCl + O2 ---> KClO3
Ba(ClO3)2 ---> BaCl2 + O2
Notice how, in every case so far, there is only one substance on the right-hand (product) side.

Synthesis are, at this introductory level, almost always the reverse of a decomposition reaction.

Glutamate is synthesized in the brain by two processes. In one process, glucose enters the neuron by facilitated diffusion and is metabolized via the Krebs (tricarboxylic acid) cycle. a-oxoglutarate generated during the Krebs cycle is transaminated by a-oxoglutarate transaminase to form glutamate.

FIGURE 8-7 Steps involved in the synthesis and release of glutamate.

Nonetheless, it is a valid synthesis reaction and useful in contexts otherthan how H2O2 is made.

Here's an example:

CO2 + H2O ---> C6H12O6 + O2
You might recognize this as the photosynthesis equation.

Here's another example of a synthesis reaction:

H2 + O2 ---> H2O2
This happens to be a reaction that can never take place.

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Since synthesis reactions are the reverse of decomposition, you might ask if the decomp.

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The following steps are involved in the synthesis and release of acetylcholine (Ach [Fig. 8-5]).
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    FIGURE 8-5 Steps involved in the synthesis and release of acetylcholine. Na+ = sodium.

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    The following steps are involved in the second process of the synthesis of glutamate (Fig. 8-7).

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High concentrations of an enzyme, acetylcholinesterase, are present on the outer surfaces of the nerve terminal (prejunctional site) and the effector cell (postjunctional site). Acetylcholinesterase is synthesized in the endo-plasmic reticulum of neuronal cell bodies and major dendrites and is transported to the presynaptic terminal membrane by microtubules. This enzyme hydrolyses Ach in the junctional extracellular space; choline liberated in this reaction re-enters the nerve terminal and is again used for the synthesis of Ach.

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is designed to help student chemists plan synthetic routes and study key organic chemistry reactions. It can be used by teachers and students to introduce, explore and revise organic chemistry. Features include:

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5. Ach is synthesized in the cytoplasm of the nerve terminal from choline and acetylcoenzyme-A in the presence of an enzyme, choline acetyltransferase.

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We present successful synthesis of large area atomically thin MoSe2 films by selenization of MoO3 in a vapor transport chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system. The homogeneous thin film can reach an area of 1 × 1 cm2 consisting primarily of monolayer and bilayer MoSe2 film. Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) images reveal the highly crystalline nature of the thin film and the atomic structure of grain boundaries in monolayers. Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy confirm the high quality of as-grown MoSe2 in optics, and electronic transport measurements highlight the potential applications of the sample in nanoelectronics.

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