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Kinetics of the Synthesis of NTO in Nitric Acid ..

it only uses red nitric acid and hexamine

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Nitric acid is an oxidizing acid at room temperature

Because of the low value of the equilibrium constant at high temperatures (e.g., = 0.039 at 800 K), there is no way to produce an equilibrium mixture that contains large proportions of ammonia at high temperatures. We can, however, control the temperature and the pressure while using a catalyst to convert a fraction of the N2 and H2 in the reaction mixture to NH3, as is done in the Haber-Bosch process. This process also makes use of the fact that the product—ammonia—is less volatile than the reactants. Because NH3 is a liquid at room temperature at pressures greater than 10 atm, cooling the reaction mixture causes NH3 to condense from the vapor as liquid ammonia, which is easily separated from unreacted N2 and H2. The unreacted gases are recycled until complete conversion of hydrogen and nitrogen to ammonia is eventually achieved. is a simplified layout of a Haber-Bosch process plant.

The classic method of laboratory synthesis of nitric acid is described in a sub-article:

However another reaction occurs simultaneously, particularly in more concentrated nitric acid, in which the gas nitrogen monoxide (nitrogen(II) oxide, NO) is formed instead of hydrogen.

The first step in the synthesis of nitric acid is the oxidation ..

The nitric acid was made following the synthesis in one of ..

At all temperatures, the total pressure in the systems was initially either 4 atm (purple curves) or 200 atm (green curves). Note the dramatic in the proportion of NH3 at equilibrium at higher temperatures in both cases, as well as the large in the proportion of NH3 at equilibrium at any temperature for the system at higher pressure (green) versus lower pressure (purple). Commercial plants that use the Haber-Bosch process to synthesize ammonia on an industrial scale operate at temperatures of 400°C–530°C (indicated by the darker gray band) and total pressures of 130–330 atm.

The synthesis of nitric acid was first recorded circa 800 ..

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