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The Synthesis of 4-(m-Acetylphenyl)-3-(p-methoxyphenyl)-2-hexanone

4-ethyl-hexan-3-one 4-ethylhexan-3-one 4-ethylhexan-3-on 4-éthylhexan-3-one 4-エチルヘキサン-3-オン

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2,5-Dimethyl-3-hexanone | TCI AMERICA Choose Country/Region ...

Three genes have been described. encodes a TBX2/TBX3 transcription factor homolog that is required for olfactory adaptation mediated by the AWC olfactory neuron (), and is allelic to , which encodes a multidrug resistance-associated protein that functions in multiple tissues to inhibit dauer arrest (). Epistasis analysis did not unequivocally reveal the pathway in which acts. encodes a catalytically inactive protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP)-like molecule that may function in both steroid hormone and insulin-like pathways (; ). mutants have a weak Daf-c phenotype that is exacerbated by cholesterol deprivation (). Strikingly, is expressed specifically in the XXX cells (; ). Laser ablation of the XXX cells causes a weak dauer arrest phenotype that requires both /NR and /FoxO in the rest of the animal (), indicating that the XXX cells normally inhibit and non-autonomously, perhaps by secreting a hormone. Since /CYP27A1 is also expressed in the XXX cells (), may function to inhibit dauer arrest by promoting dafachronic acid synthesis in the XXX cells.

How do you synthesize 3-hexanone from ethylene?; How do you synthesize 3-hexanone from ethylene?

Based on the indirect evidence supporting the existence of a signaling pathway that functions in parallel to /PI3K (described in ), Gary Ruvkun and his colleagues performed a genetic screen to identify mutants that nhance the dauer arrest phenotype of an null mutant (). 21 independent mutants defining seven complementation groups have been isolated, and three genes have been molecularly characterized. encodes a novel protein with an N-myristoylation motif, is allelic to , and encodes a PTP-like protein similar to (). Notably, as is the case for (), transcriptional and translational GFP fusions of and are also specifically expressed in the XXX cells (). Translational GFP fusions of all three genes localize to the plasma membrane of the XXX cells, and double mutant combinations among all three genes do not show phenotypic enhancement, suggesting that products of these three genes may function together as a complex at the plasma membrane to promote /CYP27A1 activity and steroid hormone synthesis in the XXX cells ().

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Daf-c mutants whose phenotypes are exacerbated by cholesterol deprivation may define other components of this pathway (; ; ). encodes a Rieske oxygenase that functions upstream of in dafachronic acid synthesis (). Intriguingly, although is expressed in the hypodermis, somatic gonad, and XXX cells (; ; ), is expressed primarily in the intestine and is not present in the XXX cells (). It is not clear whether intestinal metabolites are actively transported to DAF-9-expressing tissues or whether they diffuse into neighboring tissues. Mutants of the Niemann-Pick C (NPC) homologs and are weakly Daf-c, but a double mutant has a strong Daf-c phenotype (; ). The NPC genes encode proteins thought to be involved in intracellular cholesterol trafficking (). NPC1 mutant mice exhibit decreased levels of neurosteroids (). Analogously, double mutants may undergo dauer arrest as a consequence of reduced dafachronic acid synthesis. Mutations in , a gene identified in a synthetic dauer formation screen, cause weak dauer arrest phenotypes that are rescued by overexpression of wild-type ().

Dauer arrest in mutants requires (; ), indicating that normally inhibits function. Also, ligand binding domain mutants have a Daf-c phenotype, suggesting that these mutants are insensitive to inhibition by virtue of their reduced ability to bind ligand (). Recently, endogenous steroids that are metabolites of and high-affinity ligands for have been identified. is a 3-keto-sterol-26-monooxygenase that synthesizes the ligands 4-dafachronic acid and 7-dafachronic acid (; see ).

of molecule: 1-Phenyl-3-hexanone Properties Molecule 1-Phenyl-3 ...

Singapore Other Asia/Pacific Region 3-Hexanone Synonym : Ethyl Propyl Ketone Online3-Hexanone | TCI AMERICA Choose Country/Region ...

Dauer pheromone has recently been purified from extracts and molecularly characterized. Paik and colleagues first demonstrated that the ascaroside (-)-6-(3,5-dihydroxy-6-methyltetrahydropyran-2-yloxy) heptanoic acid has dauer pheromone activity (). Recently, Jon Clardy's group has identified three distinct ascarosides in extracts with dauer pheromone activity (including the molecule identified by Paik's group). The two ascarosides distinct from that initially isolated by Paik's group, 5-O-ascarylosyl-5-hydroxy-2-hexanone and an ascaroside derivative of 8-hydroxy-2-nonenoic acid, are two orders of magnitude more potent than (-)-6-(3,5-dihydroxy-6-methyltetrahydropyran-2-yloxy) heptanoic acid at inducing dauer arrest (). These discrepancies may be a consequence of differences in the purification steps used by the two groups (; ). Furthermore, during purification, one group followed activity using a dauer formation assay (), whereas the other followed activity using a dauer recovery assay ().

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  • 2 CH 2 C H 3 3-hexanone CH 3 | CH 3 C H | C =O | CH ...

    Convenient synthesis of (3R,4S)-4-methyl-3-hexanol and (S)-4-methyl-3-hexanone, the pheromones of ants.

  • 2,2-Dibromo-3,3- dimethylbutane

    Synthesis of Bicyclo[3.1.0]-2-hexanone and Methyl Bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-1-carboxylate1

  • 1,2-Dibromo-3,3- dimethylbutane

    There are two alkynes, 2-hexyne and 3-hexyne, which can give 3-hexanone.

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2,5-Dimethyl-3-hexyne is CH3CHC CH3 CCHCH3 CH3

The simplest example, R and R´ are methyl group, is acetone (also called 2-propanone, CH3COCH3) which is one of the most important ketones used in industry (low molecular weight ketones are general purpose solvents.) In the IUPAC system, the suffix -one is used to describe ketone with the numbering of the carbon atom at the end that gives the lower number.

CCCH3 is 2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-3-hexyne CH3

For example, CH3CH2COCH2CH2CH3 is named 3-hexanone because the whole chain contains six carbon atoms and the oxygen is connected to the third carbon from the lower number.

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