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In a car, that means you need 1.5 gallons of ethanol to travel the same distance as you would on one gallon of gasoline.

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When expressing reactions as a chemical equation, it should also be expressed in a way that follows the law of conservation of matter which states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. In chemical equations, this is shown by balancing the chemical equation. Both the left side (reactants) and the right side (products) of the arrow must have the same number of atoms. The equations below demonstrate the combustion of octane and a biodiesel fuel (the middle molecule on the right side of Figure 3 is used).

How to write material balance equations for production of Biodiesel from algae

Although it is true that high octane gasoline is a big contributor to global climate change, it is still the preferred fuel for transportation. The perfect fuel that provides a large amount of clean energy that can efficiently be harnessed at low cost is yet to be discovered. Many other factors, such as economics of fuel and energy policies, must be analyzed to understand the reasons why people choose carbon contributing gasoline over cleaner fuels.

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2. Open the methane gas line to fill the funnel with methane gas. A bubble will appear at the end of the funnel.

When produced from wood or other organic materials, the resulting organic methanol (bioalcohol) has been suggested as renewable alternative to petroleum-based hydrocarbons. Low levels of methanol can be used in existing vehicles, with the use of proper cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors. The European Fuel Quality Directive allows up to 3 percent methanol with an equal amount of cosolvent to be blended in gasoline sold in Europe. Today, China uses more than one billion gallons of methanol per year as a transportation fuel in both low level blends in existing vehicles, and as high level blends in vehicles designed to accommodate the use of methanol fuels.

Balancing equations can be difficult because there is no mathematical equation that will provide the correct answer every time. However, it is possible to follow steps to get to the correct balanced equation. The first step is to write out the chemical equation with correct chemical formulas for the reactants on the left and products on the right. Then identify the atoms in the most complex substance and balance those atoms. The atoms that occur as free elements should be balanced last. Finally, if any coefficient in the balanced equation is a fraction, then the entire equation must be multiplied by the denominator of the fraction to make sure whole number coefficients are used. 27

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Chemical reactions occur when molecules change their chemical compositions. There are five general reaction types: single displacement, double displacement, decomposition, synthesis, and combustion reactions. Energy from the both high octane gas and biodiesel are released through a process called combustion. A combustion reaction occurs when an organic molecule made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms react with the oxygen molecules in the air. A spark is needed to overcome the activation energy needed to start the reaction. Once it starts, the reaction releases energy and forms carbon dioxide and water molecules as the products. 26 The general chemical equation is written below.

Once an energy reaction is written out as a balanced chemical equation, it is then possible to analyze the relationship between what is put in and what comes out of the reaction. In particular, the interest in energy reactions is the output of carbon dioxide molecules, the greenhouse gas of interest for this unit. The coefficients for the balanced equations show the mole relationships between the molecules involved in the reaction. From the examples above, we can see that two molecules of octane will produce 16 moles of carbon dioxide. The number of moles of carbon dioxide produced is 8 times greater than the number of moles of octane that is burned. In comparison, biodiesel fuel is a larger molecule and produces 19 moles of carbon dioxide for one mole of biodiesel.

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  • , biodiesel offers differences in chemical properties as well

    This means that is not possible for us to write a simple balanced chemical equation for the ..

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    20/04/2009 · What is the balanced chemical equation of CH3OH (methanol) for its complete combustion?

  • It is also used to convert fats (triglycerides) into biodiesel.

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The catalyst used for producing biodiesel in this study was derived from blood cokle shells () calcined at 800C and 900C for 10 hours. Transesterification was done using basic materials of waste cooking oil (WCO) and methanol. Theyield of biodiesel produced here can be seen in Figure . Figure a shows the effect of reaction time on the biodiesel yield. It can be seen from the figure that the yield of biodiesel increased with increasing reaction time. The longer the reaction time of transesterificationthen the more the opportunity of reactant molecules to collide, so the yield of biodiesel results increased. The optimum biodiesel resultwas obtained at a reaction time of 3 h, and a longer time the yield will decline. This is because in the early stages of the transesterification reaction, the biodiesel production took place rapidly and then the rate declined until it reaches equilibrium at the reaction time of 3 hours. If reaction time is too long it will result in the formation of glycerol and emulsion in the product, increasing the viscosity and affect the purity of biodiesel. Maximum yield biodiesel synthesized using the catalyst calcination at 800C is 79.28 %. This resultis lower than the biodiesel results obtained with the use of catalyst calcination at 900C for 10 h (82.25%). The low biodiesel obtained using catalyst calcined at 800C is due to incomplete decomposition of CaCO3 to CO2 and CaO.

How to write material balance equations for production …

The logistic constant for C. salina grown under nitrogen-repleted and -depleted experiments were evaluated using the cftool kit in MATLAB (Sivaprakash et al. ). The balance for cell growth and product formation is represented by two differential equations which can be solved by numerical integration and is available in MATLAB software as ‘ode solver’. In the present simulation work, ode23 solver is employed for simulation purpose (Sivaprakash et al. ). The error percentage was calculated for cell growth and product formation using the equation

Production of Biodiesel from algae

Fuel for vehicles
Methanol is used to fuel internal combustion engines on a limited basis, primarily because it is not nearly as flammable as gasoline. Methanol is more difficult to ignite than gasoline and produces just one-eighth of the heat. Many racing classes including drag racers and mud racers use methanol as their primary fuel source. Methanol is required with a supercharged engine in a Top Alcohol Dragster and, until the end of 2006, all vehicles in the Indianapolis 500 had to run methanol. Mud racers have mixed methanol with gasoline and nitrous oxide to produce more power than gasoline and nitrous oxide alone.

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