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T1 - Effects of NMDA on carbachol-stimulated phosphatidylinositol resynthesis in rat brain cortical slices

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Katakataka / Bryophyllum pinnatum / Angelica / Live …

Inasmuch as the exocrine pancreas is rich in manganese, these
observations suggest that manganese may act as an intracellular mediator
that coordinates the regulation of pancreatic protein synthesis with enzyme

Effects of NMDA on carbachol-stimulated phosphatidylinositol resynthesis in ..

Because 95% of protein synthesis in the pancreas is directed
toward the production of exportable digestive enzymes, manganese may thus
participate in the regulation of pancreatic enzyme synthesis.

In Vivo Reprogramming with Sendai Virus Improves …

Furthermore, the nicotinic influence on TH gene expression does not appear to require the synthesis of a protein factor for its effects.

preliminary findings indicate that the actions of manganese on protein
synthesis, like the actions of cholecystokinin and carbachol, are modulated
by Ca++.

As PI hydrolysis is thought to be important in theregulation of cell proliferation4-6, we investigated whethercellular DNA synthesis can be induced by carbachol.


We have previously shown that cholecystokinin and
carbachol, two pancreatic secretagogues that are known to act via Ca++,
also exert biphasic effects on pancreatic protein synthesis.

Inadditionto an increase in HO-1 protein expression, pentaerythritol tetranitratebut notisosorbide-5 mononitrate normalized vascular reactive oxygen speciesformationand augmented aortic protein levels of thetetrahydrobiopterin-synthesizingenzymes GTP-cyclohydrolase I and dihydrofolate reductase in angiotensinII-treated rats, thereby preventing endothelial NO synthase uncoupling.

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  • Carbachol in increasing concentrations ..

    Effects of carbachol and atropine on gastrin secretion and synthesis in rat antral organ culture.

  • Effects of carbachol and atropine on gastrin secretion …

    Carbachol - Wikipedia

  • on carbachol-stimulated phosphatidylinositol resynthesis ..

    Citicoline - Wikipedia

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Effects of carbachol and atropine on ..

We have recently determined that manganese
exerts direct effects on pancreatic enzyme secretion and protein synthesis,
enhancing synthesis at low concentrations, and inhibiting synthesis at
higher concentrations.

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